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Uber motivated

I'm currently selling a chiffon dress that size at uk8-10. There is one buyer said she very like the dress and request to confirm the size from me again and she said she is looking for UK12 but this dress is only 1 size eh.

So i replied her that the only size for sale with the measurement in detail.

Few days later, this buyer said confirm to purchase the dress but i am a bit doubt, because she said she is UK12... So today i emailed her again make sure she want to purchase this dress as it is size UK8-10 only.

And i got her reply: "Yes, i am UK12, and your dress is UK8-10 only, now I am losing weight to get myself fit in this dress, so it should be FINE for me"....

Sorry not to offend as i really hope that she can fit this dress too but UK12 to UK8/10 is so big different...I dont want she complaint at me later she cant lose her weight to fit in this dress...


  1. Sorry...I can't stop laughing...XD

    why there's so many size issues and stories recently? :DD

  3. leave the buyer alone. if she wants to buy it then let her be. it's rude how you're gossiping about your customer being on the larger side. shouldn't she be applauded for trying to lose weight? tsk tsk. seller ethics please!

  4. i think you should be grateful you've made a sale. you've done your job by clarifying on the size, so biar lah! i think the buyer should read this post and back out from buying.

  5. seriously what the hell is wrong with you???

  6. chill people..if you read older posts there was something like this happen before (the buyer blame the seller because she cannot fit the dress even when the seller told her it might not fit her) maybe the seller doesnt want something like that happen to her la..aiyooo :D