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You hurt my eyes

I'm all for good web designing and great looking sites but please la sellers, don't put the background of your blogshops a bright green colour and the font in stunning red.

No matter how pretty your clothes are, I'll still close the window to protect my eyes.

Do us all a favour and change the template, pretty please?


  1. People is buying clothes,not buying the background template,u can't force us to change the background for u and we also didn't force u to view our blog or buy from us!

  2. Anon 1218am,
    your thinking got problem...I totally agreed with what author said. Hello, we are not only buying clothes but your service as well!!! provide a comfort template hurt you much??? She/he is just being so kind to remind you how the buyers feel and don't lose your customer due to the poor web design. Nobody FORCE you to read what author's wrote, so why dun u just get out from here instead of barking?!

  3. lol first anonymous u must be from one of the blogshops with flashy backgrounds

  4. i'd slap the first anonymous if theres a slap button for her =S

  5. Ok, anon #1 has made themselves very clear. Take it or ***k off! let's boycott blogshops such as theirs since we have a choice not to buy from them. Hahaha.

  6. author here,
    agreed with second anonymous,
    we really do close the window if the background is amazingly bright,
    wouldn't it be a win-win situation if the sellers chose a subtle, gentle, easy-on-the eyes template?
    we will be happy and shop
    and you will be happy with sales

  7. I said 1st anonymous is right,if every buyers suggest to change different background same like the author how many times the seller want to change the background?Cause each person thinking is different and this is the seller choice to choose for their own background,The author say he/she is all for good web designing but as u known seller is not a designer can't compare with he/she..

  8. Step the Author,I shop is see service,price,quality and not the background.Don't simply comment on people blog design cause of your web designer status hun..make us consumer like very bad like that.

  9. I dont understand why people cannot take these sort of post as constructive criticism. Regardless of how you might perceive the author's choice of words, it is another way to improve your blog.
    Who is on the losing end if you remain stubborn?
    You dont need to be a web designer to fix this.
    There is always room for improvement in everything in life...

  10. dear anon at JUNE 20, 2010 10:58 AM and Jill,
    I never said I was a web designer, heck I'm still a student!
    I meant I liked webdesigns that were pretty cool but I vented for sellers to avoid using bright colours as their background,

    I am not a web designer, just an eager buyer who likes stores with web designs that dont fork my eyes out :)

  11. Wow.. no need argue la..this is her shop what she want to put is her privacy choice,no need other people to busy body for her.Example if people criticism you ugly will you might their word and go to surgery your whole face?

  12. Seller here (not the 1 with striking templates)

    I do agree with the author. I don't understand why the above seller is having problem with changing the templates to 'eye friendly' templates?

    Striking colour templates / background really does hurt our eye and also templates / background is your 1st impression on your shop, even before they're able to view your item (loading photo) they had already close your website.

    Simple yet attractive templates is the best and not too fancy as well.

    You'll have to evaluate which customer give constructive comment and whom just wanted you to change to suits her preference.

    Just keep it simple and harmonize your colour background. Don't need to have any web designer / graphic designer to do so, lotsa free templates out there for you to choose from.

  13. whoa! i like ur comment anon 1246pm! :D :D
    like esperically the surgery part. :D

  14. to anon at JUNE 20, 2010 12:46 PM
    this is not criticism,
    this is basically advice on how to be customer-friendly,
    it's fine if the seller wishes to use their original bright coloured template,
    it just means they will lose more customers,
    so it's up to them,
    maintain their ignorance and ego: lose your customers,
    be more open minded: have higher chance of sales

    like I said before,
    it's up to them and is not criticism but advice,
    why bring in plastic surgery?

  15. aiyo...apa ni???

    to open a business,etc must take alot of stuff into consideration. Not just your product must be good, so does your service, outlook of the website, etc.

    your website outlook is your 1st impression for your website, if your website background is 'pain in the eyes', customer won't even wait til the photo to load, they'll just come n go.

    to anon 12:46pm
    if the person is using her LOOKS to cari makan, then yes, she might have opt for plastic surgery so she can have more contracts / show. But still it's up to her.
    IF she's just some girl next door, why would she opt for plastic surgery if just some1 tell her tat she's ugly? Saying ppl ugly is not a constructive comment.

    As plastic surgery does have side effects and changing your background templates does not have any side effect.

    Also as said kena tengok situation ma....adoi...

    So please la...think before you speak...

  16. yea..i also like anon comment 1246pm:)
    if because of somebody needle advice of word it's keep changing make other people life more busy with this people!

  17. To author if you really want to advise the seller why don't you just straight away mail the seller and inform, No need to post at SMWDY make so many troublesome because of just a background template.

  18. LOL, why are people so defensive with this? I agree that a good web design that's pleasing on the eyes would increase the sales. But if you sellers don't want to take that advice, then don't.

  19. to anon at 4.40 pm
    how is this troublesome?
    isn't the whole point of this site to help increase awareness and knowledge of trading online?

    I posted it here just to vent and as advice to other sellers out there,
    doesn't it help other people too?

    I like what anon at 5.05 pm said,
    if you sellers don't want to take this information and use it, just don't then, if you want to gain advantage from a customer's feedback then use it.

  20. Author it you want help people don't just mention green color got many shop out there red,orange,yellow all make people eyes pain and actually doctor also say green color is good for eyes grass color,maybe you don't like green so just choose green for topic...

  21. I think the issue here is color coordination.

    Honestly my eyes swim if I see the background is black with neon pink fat stripes, lime-green words, white for terms and conditions section and striking red words for "sold out". There are just too many bright colors in a page that you can't focus on the products properly.

    Lime-green words do hurt the eyes if vision if fixed on it, especially when reading the words.

    Perhaps it's good to be striking to create an impression but sometimes it can backlash too - author will not buy anything that causes optical stress.

    Personally, I will not visit blogshops that have all these in one go (i dun really remember i encounter one before, heh) - big header that takes time to load, sentences that are in big font, bold and in caps, sentences that blink non-stop, more than 3 widgets in a page, snowflakes flying all over the screen and cute icon cursor that creates movement-shadows whenever I move my mouse. That will crash my browser! Haha..

  22. Much like everything else here, many do not understand the concept of constructive criticism.

    Nonetheless, Author, you have done some good deeds to many souls out there who are willing to take note of this.

    Colour coordination is important. I, for one agree with Author :)

    I don't think you need to clear yourself anymore. Those who can't accept constructive criticism can continue being the way they are. The others can be the better ones.

  23. I agree with author too. Don't mind those sellers who can't take constructuve critisism. Clearly they don't know what that means. They're on the losing end anyway. It seems like the commentors who are so defensive is the same person? lolol..i don't know..maybe it's her blogshop you were talking abt..hahaa

  24. why cannot take criticism one, you all???

    To the ignorant fella who said this:
    "To author if you really want to advise the seller why don't you just straight away mail the seller and inform, No need to post at SMWDY make so many troublesome because of just a background template. "

    Okay, wait, do you girls remember the time when a new blogshop appeared with blog header of a girl squashing watermelon on her face, shoulder and dress? THEN, WHY DON'T THE AUTHOR OF THAT POST ON SMWDY EMAIL THE OWNER INSTEAD OF POSTING HERE?

    Why that time nobody says that? I think that one has the same problem with this right? Come one, you all. just take it and learn. If don't like this post, you mah stay with your lay out loh. No win no lose right? Why make a big fuss out of something that has no bad intention? Damn you, kiasus.

  25. Hello,is not kiasus atleast the author should mail the seller to know what the problem,why should post at here? Who know which shop she/he talk about? The seller won't bite o.k.If the seller didn't read SMWDY blog post how could the seller know? This is what people always said CUCUK people on back without people knowledge

  26. Anon June 21 1134am,
    Hello, If everyone email the sellers directly, why we need SMWDY?? Might as well shut down this site? +_+ Besides, there maybe not only ONE seller but A LOT make his/her blogshop a bright green colour and the font in stunning red. SMWDY, do you mind to upload a picture with bright green colour and stunning red font here?? Then people will know how their eyes being hurt =_=

    Note: I am not the author but just agreed with what she said.

  27. Anon 2.
    ppl has the right that what templates they gonna put for their own blogspot okay.. u got no rights to put ur temper on them...
    since theres some blogshop's templates so fucking hurt ur eyes and u pls dun fucking go view or buy whatever things from it la okay... dun comment so much since u don't even wanna view it!!! if u r so fucking rich or good taste then mine as well u dont do blog shopping lar!


  28. Anon June 21, 2010 3:49 PM

    you are right look like the person barking is anon2,why so hot temper haha not saying her...Yup

    -Nobody FORCE you to read what author's wrote, so why dun u just get out from here instead of barking?!

    But also nobody force author to view all blog that have bright green colour and the font in stunning red.If author just accidentally open the shop have the color hurt the eyes just close it and get off easy way right? Not all pretty shop sure have good business o.k,If like this why so many SALE outside there?Is it their template hurt people eyes?

  29. TO ANON AT JUNE 21, 2010 3:25 PM,
    she described everything perfectly!

    lol calm down people
    why so worked up?

    this post is just to advise; not to defame anyone,
    I'm not even going to reveal the blogshop name so if you think you're the blogshop owner, no worries, my lips are sealed :)

    it's a general advice to other sellers out there to watch out whether their template hurts the eyes or not,

    that's all
    no need to start swearing...

  30. anon June 21, 2010 4:39 PM

    hahaha ooppsss damn sorry if u thinks tot i m barking here...
    i think u reli got the problem of reading proper english...
    can anyone see or hear ppl barking here? pity u that u can understand dog language if there is..
    anyway i just wanted to voice out...
    oh ya i m just advising the anon 2 not to view the blogshop if it is so damn annoying(i m not a blogshop owner tho)
    owh if she views it accidently then okay FINE!

  31. Pot calling kettle black.

    Barking is a metaphor, Anon June21 2010 9:32PM. In case you don't know "proper" English, I suggest you look it up.

    I don't understand why there's even a need to be defensive. Could this mean that these people are the ones who use bright neon colours against bright colours for their blogs too? And therefore felt like the Author is attacking them?

    Take a chill pill yo.

    Ah well, SMWDY have the best of both human beings. Quite a circus.

  32. Ok, I don't get it. If I'm a blogshop owner and someone was kind enough to give me free, constructive advice on how to improve sales, I wouldn't be able to thank him/her enough.

    And btw, I thought sellers would actually want to do all they can to attract customers? Seems like there are sellers who would want to turn away potential buyers.

  33. i'm a blogshop owner and i agree with the author of this post. if i opened a webpage n the color scheme was as described, i don't think i would've waited for the whole page to finish loading. i'd be so turned off to the point of not even interested to see what they have to offer. it's like, imagine u walk past a physical shop where the storefront already damn ugly, i doubt you would bother going in to check out the stuff they have rite? at least for blogshops u only gotta change the template. if its your own personal blog and ur template is shitty then i think you should defend your ugly taste..but if its a blogstore where you expect people to come visit, perhaps you should be thankful that someone is anonymously tipping you off that your template is a turn off :)


    "Slap that bitch without them knowing it"

    wasnt this the previous tagline? lol