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How the world worked out

Kudus to this girl in

Ive started as your customer
Almost 2 years later
You're one of my BFFs

What a way to meet somebody eh?


  1. okay so where's the part where you slap her on SMWDY? O.O

  2. That's why we're all slapping the buyer (author) for submitting this anti-climax story.


  3. Whaaat? I'm so lost. Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks in advance!

  4. wthwasthat? o_O

  5. Wow, people. Rude much?

    This is a sweet story, you didn't have to be so negative. It's a breath of fresh air.

    Yes, this is the SMWDY site, but there's nothing wrong with posting something positive once in a while. And Ferocious Me approved, or else she wouldn't have published this.

  6. Yup Yup, the world isnt all about bad experiences right? The heart warming ones are the ones that keeps us all happy in this industry :D

  7. i slap the seller cause she made such a LOA friend that posts anti-climax stories in SMWDY HAHAHAHAH

    Just for fun :) :P

  8. I dont know about any of you but if I was that BFF she was referring to, I'd be quite freaked out. What's with the declaration of 'love' in public?

  9. What? You don't love your best friends?

    I don't see anything freaky about this story.

  10. Its creepy!
    If my best friend declared 'love' in a public blog to strangers, its just plain creepy!!

  11. Erm, I don't see the problem, except for this part specifically: '' >.<

    C'mon, either go all out or just write 'kudos to this seller/owner of this blogshop' XD

    There's nothing wrong with the buyer acknowledging that she met a very good friend initially through a buyer-seller relationship. That's not uncommon, I've heard it a few times before.

    She's not declaring her 'love' per se, she's just saying that she appreciates the beauty of having met a friend through online shopping.

  12. Jesus Christ!
    People and their thoughtsssss!
    its just a way to express appreciation and how beaitiful life can turn out to be, also kena kutuk, damn kao no life man the ppl!