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Yet another Refund MIA


I had a bad experience with this blogshop. Firstly, my friend was interested with the cardis that she was selling. She asked me to help her to buy that cardi using my email.

me : Hi is it white and dark grey cardi still avail?

seller : is.


me : Hi. I already bank in RM90.

seller : Thx. dear, i'm so sorry the dark grey cardi is a bit torn. so, i dont want to sell it to you. Would u like to buy other cardi?

me : My friend says, no. She doesnt want the other cardi.

seller : Alright. I'll send out the white only ya.. and i'll refund the balance. Please gimme ur friend acc no.

me : Here's her acc no. ******

Few days later

me: Hi dear, u ady refund? My friend really need cash rite now.

seller : Yes. I ady refund RM40. Please wait for 3days working.

After one week

me : Dear, till now, my friend still didn't get her money back.

seller : I'm so sorry dear. My friend salah refund. Thank god that user account is deactive ( boleh ke macam tu ?? ).  I'll give u free postage for the next purchasing  ( ANYONE WANT HER FREE POSTAGE?? HAHA)

me : Its okey. Please inform me once u refund.

Few days later

seller : Hi. I ady refund. This is the transaction no. ***

1 week later. Me and my friend checked again. Still, there's no transaction into her account! OMG.

me : Dear, there's no transaction into her acc. Are u sure u ady refund??

No reply

Until now, she still didn't refund my friend's money and I had to pay back RM40 on behalf of that liar seller! geezzzz.



  1. Why couldn't your friend buy it herself? Why did she want to use your email?

  2. You should have let your friend settle the issue with the seller herself. You didn't have to pay your friend with your own money. It's not your fault the seller didn't return your friend's balance. Don't be a pushover babe.

  3. my friend dont know how to e-shopping :(

  4. even if your friend doesn't know anything about e-shopping, you shouldn't have to bear the RM40. She's the one who didn't get the refund, not you.

  5. which blogshop?

  6. hey, how come you had to refund your friend?
    you're just doing your friend a favour right? so this clearly isn't your fault at all..i think you should continue to pester the seller until she gets annoyed heehee.

    you sound like a great friend though. :D

  7. please tell me the name of the me at

  8. which blogshop is this?
    pls email me...


  9. pls email me the blogshop too, thx!

  10. which blogshop is this? Please email me... tq

  11. hehehe. YES! i am a great friend :P.
    hurm.. i'm feel guilty lor..

  12. Hi dear,

    On 8 May, i already reply to your mail that ive refund you already.

    I also emailed you (copy paste) the details about the refund.
    Since it is an interbank transfer, yup, it takes time for you to receive it.
    And i'm sure, she should received it by now..
    I think u need to ask your friend, because i still keep the banking details(refund) with me.

    No reply from your last mail (15 may), you said you will ask your friend.


  13. Sorry,

    I did not said i refund RM40..It is RM39..
    still keep all mail with me though..


  14. Plus, you said i didnt reply you? :(

    I replied to your last mail, you're saying that your friend did not received the refund.

    Then on 15 May, you said u'll ask her..
    Till then, i dunt receive any mail from you.

    I thought everythings settle, and your friend edi get the money.

    Hurm, inform me first la before u're making any complaint.. because i really did refund to your given account number, and all is correct.

  15. I applaud seller,
    at least she doesn't fall off her chair and start attacking the author in a harsh tone compared to all the others we've faced.

    this my dear readers is how a seller should react if she/he faces something like this - polite, controlled and still a professional.


  16. hi dear, i do emailed u again after that. u din receive my email? if u ady refund, why till now my friend din get her money? aiyo.. puzzled suda

  17. Hi,

    Erm, last mail from you is on 15 May..

    Will you email me again?

    You said you wanna check with Public Bank.. how was it? check edi? I'm sending it from Maybank..

    Maybe you can bring the transaction/reference number i gave you, you can check with the bank(Public Bank).

    If still not there, meaning i hv to check with Maybank.

  18. hmm maybe your friend received the money but didn't want to let you know?

  19. lol @ anon june 15 12:04 am! xD

    who knows right :P maybe she's not really a friend after all! experienced that with this bitch before. maybe because i'm too kind. but its not an online shopping thingy. so this is what we get after being so nice...... hate that feeling!