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Permanent HIATUS

This pretty reputable Singaporean shoes customization blogshop claimed they are on hiatus. But come on! If you've promised your customers who have placed order and made payment before your announcement that you will get the orders done and sent out please do so!

I made my order and paid full amount back in June last year. She said approximately it will take about 2 months to get the customization done. But I requested for her to send them over to me in about 1 month or so seeing that I'll be moving from the said mailing address soon plus the design was ready-template design all she needs to do was to replicate it. A month past, I moved to another state but I told my mum to keep a lookout for a package from the said shoe blogshop.

2 months later, I emailed her to check on the progress(by then the blog was announced 'on hiatus'). She was suppose to return from this so called 'hiatus' or MIA by November 2009 so I waited like a fool for months and months to pass hoping that she will finally reply my tonnes of email sent to her but all I got is this f***ing on hiatus automated reply. Soon I found out from a friend of a friend whom also dealt with this certain shoe customization blogshop where she too did not receive her order. I'm not too sure when she placed her order and everything but it was definitely just a month or so after I did.

I can officially celebrate my 1 year anniversary of being cheated by this 'was famous' blogshop. Before this I still do check on her site every now and then to see if she has return but tonight, before I started on this story I googled her blogshop and not to be surprised this popped up:


Lesson learnt I guess. I'm mad coz it was my first online purchase and what more a purchased made in $SG. Tell me how many 'on hiatus' blogshops you can depend on to return or to have a clean ending before taking a break?


  1. If you have enough proof and her banking details or more you can report to the singapore police, I think their system is more effiecient then here in Malaysia =P

  2. can we ban this silly billy hiatus blogshop?

  3. i agree with the first anonymous. I've read somewhere about a singaporean blogshop owner got jailed for 3 months if im not mistaken for cheating people's money for up to SGD 1K plus plus. So i think you should report to the singaporean police to teach this type of people a valuable lesson.

  4. bloody stupid singaporean and they are proud to be singaporean for brain