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Turning the table around

All this while I'm just the reader of SMWDY, never thought that I will be one of the authors right now.

I've been doing online shopping for quite some time and met a lot of nice, professional, high efficiency and responsible sellers. Who knows I just got into this irresponsible seller for the very first time.

Most of the time we heard a lot of backout buyers right? But this time, me as the buyer, am not the one. Fyi, I always make payment promptly after I confirm the purchase and never FFK any COD sessions.

The story started when this pair of pumps catched my attention and I've been looking hard for it. And finally I saw there's ready stock in this blogshop. Very quickly I texted the seller to enquire about the sizing and stuffs. I afraid it couldn't fit me, so I requested to try on before I buy as she stated in her blogshop that returning buyer can try out before buying. Although I'm her first time customer, still she allows me to try out. I was so happy at that moment.

Thus, I asked her to reserve that particular size for me until I meet her on Saturday. But she said there's another buyer who's interested in the same pair and same size too which is going to pay her on Wednesday. Oh Wednesday, so I told the seller to meet up on Tuesday (it's today, means I dealt with her yesterday night) around 5pm, exact time will let her know the next day. She replied yes.

Today, I texted her at 3pm something to confirm the exact time to meet up is 5pm later. I got no reply. May be she was too busy to reply. Fine, before I leave my workplace, I texted her again to inform her that I'm going to the meet up place. Yet, no reply again. I was a bit worried, but somehow I still went to the venue in case the seller went there too.

Disappointingly, I waited at the venue and called her up. At first I called twice and then I texted her saying I reach the place. But there were nothing from her. Nothing! I got no texts or whatever shit from her. At this point, what would you do? I just tried to call and call again, call until 6-7 times. Still, I got no news from her. The call was reachable but there was no one picking up the phone! And there was one time that the phone call was being ended if I'm not mistaken. Ish.... At last, seeing the road condition getting more congested at the peak hours, I decided to go back straight.

Until now, I got nothing from her, not even an apology or whatever. This is how you treat your customer? This is how your services given where you gone MIA when you are supposed to meet up with your customer? What you bring to your customer is only disappointment. How sad is that?! Your act just bring down the image of online business. Don't you know reliability is the crucial factor to run an online business?!

By the way, my bf said may be she already sold it to second buyer, that's why she dare not to pick up my call or reply me! Yea, the possibility is quite high since there's another buyer appears as she mentioned.

Alright, just to share my first bad experience during online shopping. Don't hope to meet such seller in future anymore. For both buyers and sellers out there, please be a responsible person all the time as to reduce this kind of things happen again.


  1. tell me who which blogshop this is! how irresponsible!

  2. me too :)

  3. i think the seller sold it to the other buyer as well, prolly to coz she wants to seal the deal quickly. since you requested to try it on, there might be a chance you wouldn't take it if the shoe doesn't fit.

    i guess $$$ comes first for the seller, whoever is willing to pay gets the shoes! slap seller 1000x!!

    oh and mail me please:

  4. wow the seller's really really irresponsible! mail me :

  5. To Anonymous on JUNE 8, 2010 11:43 PM

    i agree on wat u said. bt as for the try on thingy, if tat size couldn't fit, i can take other size like one size up or whatever depends on the cutting. N i did tell her tat i will consider to take another design (more sizes for dis) if da 1st pair doesn't work out.. well, i don care whether she sold to other buyer, bt at least she muz inform me abt it, and not letting me waiting there.. wasting my time only..

    alright, will email u..

  6. oh my..
    am currently dealing with a blogshop for a pumps..=/
    mail me please

  7. did the seller promise to meet u?

  8. maybe she has an emergency?

    author, shouldn't you wait until tomorrow to see if seller replies then only post your story? what if she has reasons?

  9. mail me the blogshop. thank you :)

  10. what an irresponsible seller! :(

    please mail me the blogshop too, thanks!

  11. Do email me too! :D

  12. To Anonymous on June 9, 2010 12:40 AM

    Yea, she said yes and text her if there's anything.

    To Anonymous on June 9, 2010 12:54 AM

    Well, if she has emergency or anything, she should just inform me earlier or even the night on the day itself. Not like after one day, fyi, until now I still get no response. And when the first day I texted her, she replied really fast. But on the COD day itself, she didn't even reply one single msg to me. So what do you think?

    I get to informed by others that they encountered the same problem like me.

  13. To nosembilanbelas,

    Please give me your email ya, so that I can send to you. Thanks.

  14. i wanna know too..thx

  15. dear wanna know too.

    thanks =)

  16. i wanna know too

  17. Do let me know the blogshop pls.

  18. may i know which blogshop? thanks

    mail me:

  19. mail me too

  20. please mail me too. thank you!

  21. i want to know the blogshop.
    mail me.thanks!

  22. please email me too, thanks :)

  23. me too


  24. which blogshop dear? pls tell.

    thanx. :)