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Take note please

Ok, maybe this is just me but it annoys me when I see sellers describing their item on discounted price as sales.

Sales here sales there, sales price this sales price that.

It's just SALE without s please.

Eg: This top is on sale. XX shop is having a sale!

Sales - quantity/amount sold, the action of selling something, business of selling products.

When referring to an event for goods at reduced price concerning just your own products, it is just sale/clearance sale.

If it is used in right term it is correct but most of the time, many of the sellers misuse this word.

Thank you.


  1. lol i'm happy someone clears this "SALES" and "SALE" up.i'm confused about it myself!

  2. Oooh you're just a snitty snob :P

  3. must be the British Council doing a community service reminder here LOL.

  4. maybe they meant lotsa items are on sale? so that's why they call it sales? lol idk. my grammar is not that perfect either. but as a buyer i don't mind lah about it as long as the items are cheap hehe :P after all, we do understand what they meant. the stuffs are actually on 'sale'. right?

    peace! :D

  5. sorry lor...some sellers are not english-educated long as service is good, can communicate, then ok la.

  6. Whoopsie guilty as charged!
    Thanks for clearing that up =)
    If not I'll still be using the word 'Sale' with an 'S'.
    I'm glad I've learnt something new today. =)

  7. Love cocktails' comment!

    Not being English-educated is ALL THE MORE reason to try and improve your English.

    Just take it as how cocktails did.. learning something new each day. :)

  8. Is only a word the meaning almost same,the price low for buyer ok already ..

  9. must you comment on petty things like this? tsk...

  10. to other negative anons: so what if she wanna comment on petty things? and quit with the sarcasm.

    at least she's clearing things up for people. take what cocktails said, if it wasn't for this she'd still be using the wrong term and i know this is far stretched but what if it is used in a professional environment like at the office/meeting or such? at least now u know the right thing it can save u from future embarrassment. u'll never know when some info might be useful.

    yes we understand what sellers mean by 'sales' but whats wrong with learning new things for the better. just because ur english is not good u wanna stay that way?

  11. Well said anon 1:25AM! I hate people who are so negative or dismissive when it comes to so called petty things. Don't mind the word, just want low price and whatnots. Maybe u don't care but it is an eyesore for me as well as others with probably a good command of english.

  12. Of course it's good to learn new things, even down to basic grammar.

    I notice plural used, even in offline shops. But then, I am not annoyed.

    It's just a common mistake, no biggie peeps.

  13. I'm with Anon June 19,1:25am. It's good that the writer pointed this out. When you're conducting a business transaction, it's vital that you use the correct term to avoid misunderstanding between your customers.I've noticed that some blogshops deal with international customers.I'm sure you would want these customers to understand that you're having a sale.In other words, if you use the right term, you get the right message across to your customers(which in return,is good for business.)

  14. Agree with anon June 19, 2010 1:25AM

    I actually appreciate this :)

  15. Well, author should have worded her post in a more friendly manner instead of being a snitty know-it-all snob. I still think that she's a snitty snobby SNOB. Nuff said!

  16. I think this is a good post. To all the anons who think otherwise, well shame on you. You could've learnt something new from this post to improve youself and your blogshop but yet you chose to ignore it. Learning is a lifelong process, just because you didn't speak english when you were growing up doesn't mean that you shouldn't start now.

    Be positive, don't be so negative all the time =)

  17. lol I didn't realise the difference until I read this post,
    thanks for the heads up,
    will avoid using 'sales' in the future :)

  18. writer thanks, but next time, in your writing, plz be friendly.. i hate the way u write =)

  19. The writer of this postJune 20, 2010 at 8:57 PM

    It's a straight to the point post.

    There's please and thank you, just to point out.

    But in the end, I wrote this just to give a head's up what we all can learn from. I do not curse those who misused the term, all I did was just pointing out the obvious.

    I'm glad there are some who got something out of this post. Well done :) When you're up for improvements, you're always going to improve for the better. Kudos people!

  20. The writer of this postJune 20, 2010 at 9:03 PM

    Btw, thank you to those who understands. Thumbs up!

  21. thank god someone finally highlighted this hilarious error! everytime i come across a blogshop that uses 'SALES' it cracks me up. and there are actually more blogshops out that use 'SALES' instead of 'SALE' so its no wonder many end up thinking the 2 words are one and the same!

    i don't get why must some get so defensive about it though. dah salah just admit, learn from it and move on laa. some are saying like oh as long as customers understand it's alright, actually no, it's not alright cos you are using an incorrect term.

    what you want people outside our country to look at us and think 'waa Malaysians really suck at English isit?' sheesh..

  22. thanks for suggesting tis, i was wondering between tis 2 words when i wanna do sale.. =)

  23. OH DEAR! I SHOULD CREATE NEW BLOGSHOP cuz my current blog used 'SALES' instead of 'SALE'

    Haha. darn it! Thank u so very much for highlight this issue. Its just a word, but teaches a lot :)