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Beyond Negotiable

So what's the meaning of "price-negotiable"? Perhaps you guys already heard this before... but this happen to me for the first time after selling for almost 2 years. I owned a preloved blogshop and all this while i do allow buyers to nego the price with me as long as i think is reasonable. But still, there is this buyer, whom i think really ridiculous and wasting my time. She thought negotiable means "almost free of charge"

So this buyer like a dress from my site, which i bought it for RM 55 and selling it at RM 40. Another impulse purchase where i didnt even wear it before. Anyway, she say its a bit too expensive for her but she loves it a lot. So i told her that i can give her RM 40 inclusive of pos laju... but she say still too expensive... so i asked her at what price can fit her budget... she say RM 20!

My jaw straight drop on the floor and i can vomit a bucketful blood at that second. What the heck? I already reduce RM 15 for a piece which i didnt even wear it before... its like i open the package, take it out, look front and back, then put on top of me and look at the mirror, then put back into the plastic bag... this actions already cost me RM 15 and she asked if i can sell it at RM 20... and INCLUSIVE POS LAJU. Tell me, might as well i just give her FOC right?

But i replied her patiently telling her that the lowest price i can give her is RM 38 inclusive POS LAJU. I only get back RM 32.00 minus the postage fees. Then she asked if she can get a discount on POSTAGE! ARLOOO???? I DONT OWN THE POST OFFICE... I DONT SET THE POSTAGE FEES. HOW THE HELL I REDUCE THE POSTAGE FEES????

She says she wants the cheapest delivery way. I say registered post but she say she wont be at home to wait for the dress. At that time i feel like sharpening my butcher knife... r u kidding me? U want by post but u wont be at home to sign the package? So how i sent to u?

Den she say wat abt COD? I say i dont do COD bcos i dont have car... SHE DARE ASK ME GO TAKE LRT MEET HER AT SUNGAI WANG... ok, is not like i dun wan to do her business but if for a RM 30 item i gotta take taxi to the nearest LRT station, change to monorail just to be at SUNGAI WANG and then come back the same, i think the it just didnt worth it! So i told her, i can oni send by pos... and then the most BOILING part is when she tell me this..

"U say u didnt wear it before only. How i know if u're telling the truth!"

Wow... kacaaaang~straight to my heart. Thats it! Buying online is all abt mutual trust. If u dont trust what i have written, what's the point of buying from me the first place. I show the label, i take shots at every corner of the dress, all the specific details... and yet she dont trust me. So sorry, perhaps u can get it from another blog which U CAN TRUST! Argh!


  1. suggestion: "dun buy here if u dun trust me"..
    i think you should cut and paste this phrase. bold and make it bigger..

  2. Wah omg, I read also blood boil!!!

    This kind of buyer, totally not serious at all! If she really "loves it a lot" then she will be willing to come to a compromise! And yes, please sedar diri sikit, no money then don't go shopping.

    Slap buyer x 1000.

  3. why the hell would you even bother layaning her? she obviously not a sincere buyer. should've just told her: RM40 best price with free smiley. pre-owned items still got value what, somemore u tak pakai before. and memang pun you should not need to do business with this kind of cheapskate timewasters.

  4. hey, i did encounter the same question too which leaved me should i reply that question...though, the customer went MIA after saying she really wants it in every emails...*sigh*

  5. usually my customers who 'really want it' they will bother to read the t&c, fill up the form and make payment as soon as they receive the invoice. that to me sums up a 'really want it' customer. 'really want it' customers usually also don't ffk/mia or ask like ten million questions and then wait forever to get back to you. those are more like 'i really want it but actually i don't' customers.

  6. Ugh, she sounds terribly annoying. I'm sorry you had to deal with that kind of person.

  7. Pre-loved good also has value la.. Damn pissed by reading the 2nd paragraph d.

    COD - I will tell her straight u come to my house la. EASY. Better still I open the doors for you to rummage my closet and see whatever you wan & I give to you FOC.

  8. Gosh. when she started bargaining too much. u should have just snub her. what an annoying buyer!!!

  9. omg!i was just about to write something like this too.but as worst as your case.mine she as to reduce the price for about rm12 from the actual price.and she even dare to said,"if u give me this price i will purchase with u again next time.i promise!" gosh.u think i so desperate ah?

  10. duh...just so many typo with my previous comment. 12.15pm

    actually i wanna say

    omg!i was just about to write something like this too.but not as worst as your case.mine she ask to reduce the price for about rm12 from the actual price.and she even dare to said,"if u give me this price i will purchase with u again next time.i promise!" gosh.u think i so desperate ah?


  11. I think I met this buyer before! You can check at NOS: the Bad Customers list! She is No. 1 on this list!!

  12. author: I would like to know who is the buyer? Thanks!

  13. hahaha! sounds to me like she needs a tight slap. i've encountered these sort people before. agree with anon June 9,2010 8:32PM. i think she is the one. She has got the most vote for being a B***H

  14. Anon June 9, 2010 8:57 PM & Author:

    Yaya! I think we met the same person! She asked for irreasonable discountsssss.... and free postage! Then bargain and bargain, and then said sorry not interested!

    Wasting my time!

  15. slap buyer 10000x!!!!

    btw, i sell preloved clothes too. i've encountered some similar buyer. do note i do state that my item is not negotiable cause my item all under rm20. yet, there will still buyer who ask for discount. when i said no discount, they will ask for free postage. haih, very the annoying. i've got some previous buyer who bought 2 item and above, they dont even to bother to ask for discount or even free postage. see the diff?

  16. Maria, if you want to know what is NOS, leave your email add here. I am sure they will contact you very soon!!

    I believe that NOS drops by here very often, right SMWDY?! *wink*