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Natural born nonsense

I own a pre-loved blogshop selling all my pre-loved stuffs and some impulse purchase items. This day, I checked my mail before I went to bed. It was about 1am. I was replying mail that time and received one new mail from this buyer who interested in one dress.

In the mail, she said she wanted to COD and contact her ASAP through mobile phone. Immediately, I SMS her since she just sent me that mail and I assumed that she's still awake. There were about 5-6 SMS discussing about the COD venue.

She wanted to COD at Shah Alam. And in previous SMS, I already told her that I only available to COD at somewhere along LDP like Sunway and etc. Between, I stated in my blog that I will charge a minimal fees for petrol which I didn't charge on her at all.

I was thinking that I wanted to clear off my closet quickly, so I told her that I can ask my BF to COD with her at certain area of Shah Alam but had to depends on time as we are both working adults. In the next SMS she replied, it made me felt really ridiculous. She requested to send the dress directly to her house. At this point, I really couldn't stand her anymore as it's was about 2am due to her slow replies. But I still replied her very politely saying my BF will just drop by there only, so no home delivery, otherwise choose for postage. She then asked about the time to COD. After my reply, she went MIA just like that even the next day I sent her another SMS to confirm the COD.

I have no idea what is she thinking. Do you think I'm such free to deliver the dress directly to your house just like the postman? Hey, don't forget you didn't pay any transport fees to me! And yea, the dress is only RM20. =.=" It's really ridiculous! I don't understand why such people exist in this world?!


  1. slap buyer x11000000000000000 times.
    some people really think pre-loved shops means they can take all advantage. seriously get a life!

  2. oh my, this situation happened to me last two days. i own a preloved blogshop too, then she asked me to cod directly to her house. i was like =__="
    do they really understand meaning of cod?

  3. babe, my advice dont go for cod unless u want her to steal ur bf.. bad things happen during cods! well, based from story i read here.

  4. To Anonymous on June 18, 2010 3:37 AM

    haha.. in dis case, I hv no worries. doesnt mean to be racist here. but the buyer and me are different races. And, I believe not every guy is lidat. haha