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Lost in Electronic Transition

I'm a buyer and have been purchasing stuff online for i dont remember how long. This time i've met the worse seller i've ever dealt with.

Its a pre-order site on facebook and mostly are men stuff. Before i ordered i made sure that the date it reaches me would be before my whole family leave KL back to my hometown.

Placed my order and confirmed purchase in mid-may and seller told me that it takes at least 25 days to reach. fine, done the math, i would able to receive it before i go back. Texted her last week and seller said that item will reach on the 20th of June and items will be sent out this week. Texted seller again just now, and guess what? Apparently an SMS was sent out to all buyers from this batch of items informing that the suppliers left out all our items and had to re-post it. now item will only reach us on the 5th of July, that's if the supplier is not smart enough to miss out the items AGAIN!!

So i replied the seller's sms nicely telling that i didnt receive the SMS. To my surprise, the replies i got were ubberly rude!! "but i sent out the SMS to all my buyers on the 19th, no point lying right? thx"..."so do you want me to screenshot the page to prove to you that i have sent out the SMS"...

Excuse me, if i got that msg and received it that day, wont i reply you on that instance if i cant receive it on the 5th of july? Why would i wait until today to find out this good news that the items werent sent!!

Seriously, SMS is not a perfect tool even thought it is convenient.

So what now. Do i at least deserve a sorry for the delay and the rude replies or a compensation on the postage?


  1. i hate pre-order stuffs.
    but the seller is effing rude, really.

  2. hey, may i know who is the seller?
    Similar case happened on me.

  3. yea..i hate pre-oder too.emel me the seller pls

  4. suppliers left out all items? how can that be right? not logic at all. LOL! never heard of that either. geez. the seller is soo unprofessional. slapslap seller!

  5. that wasnt the end of the story. she dare to reply me this

    "i didnt send out that msg to tell you the items are gonna reach late. i sent it out to ask whether you wana refund or wait for the item to reach next month. if u wana be angry at me then i wont reply u anymore"

    how nice of her. and apparently i was the only buyer who didnt get her sms. so i was wondering, if i was the only one, what trouble would it cause her to send another sms to me and confirm again right?..asked her that but ignored.

    conclusion, i cant refund and have to change mailing address to my other friend's house. after i confirm this to the seller, the replies transformed into a extreme nicer version!! her final reply to me was, "any enquiries pls use email. sms is only to place order and confirm payment. otherwise, we wont reply"

  6. can i know the blog name?