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Oh wise ones needed #8

I am seller,selling vintage clothes and im planning to expand my business by selling vintage+new clothes and upgrade my page to .com.

however, i still in dilemma because of several reasons:

1-i notice that if we go .com, there is no rss feed, means if we update our new items, it will not appear in  the blogroll of other blogshop who link us.or can we do that even in .com?

2-i need opinions from buyer and seller. which one is better: shopping cart or just emailing order form? for me, shopping cart is convenience for the seller as all the details will be kept in database. but by emailing also actually we can know and be close to our buyer more, which i think is good because they will become our returning buyer if they like us.

3-which one is convenience for the buyer: scrolling down the page and click on older post for more items (which full detail appears on one post) or all items in one page but have to click on the item to see the details?

4-which one is better: items on real model or on mannequin? because as for me, im UK6 but mostly selling plus size items because of market demand. i did put the measurements and all the details.

5-i notice that we can create free sites on google (googlesites), but the url would be has anyone use this before? can we change the url to only or anyone know any sources that offer .com for free? :)

im sorry to have so many questions but i need opinions so that we could have a great experience in shopping online. and sorry for the bad english too. hope you guys can help me here :)

thank you SMWDY for posting this and thank you to all who give suggestions too! :)


  1. personally, i dont like blogshops with shopping cart somehow. i just stopped visiting blogshops who have changed their system to shopping cart.

  2. I prefer online shops with shopping cart, easy and convenient.

  3. 2- Order form :). I agree with what you've said. Shopping carts seem so impersonal.

    3- All items in one page like the Picasa Web Albums.

    4- On a real model.

    Good luck! :)

  4. I'm a buyer and I do not like shopping carts. I prefer emailing sellers for any orders.

    And one thing I hate is websites that uses flash to show their pictures. omg it takes soooo long to load the picture. Please don't do that. Just stick with having the good old normal posts with pictures so buyers can just scroll down.

    And lastly, items on real model please.

  5. 2 - order form

    3 - details together with posts

    4 - no preference about model or mannequin as long as the item is presented clearly

  6. yeap i prefer order forms as well, but do also state an email for enquiries purpose ya.

    and i really do hate all pictures in a page and needing to click for details. in 1 blogshop, she doesn't even provide details (such as top or skirt) and we need to click it.

    sometimes i like the top on the pic so i click for details just to find out that she's actually just selling the bottom. =.=

  7. 2 - order form. If I needed to register for a shopping cart, i'd just leave the shop. too troublesome.

    3 - scroll down and click older post (but prefer to have more posts in one page rather than having to click 'older posts' after every 5 posts, for example)

    4 - I'd prefer real model or certain types of mannequins that are made without arms/legs/head, like the cloth type, not the wooden/plastic kind.

  8. I prefer tailor mannequin (do they call this? or fabric mannequin?) rather than real model.

  9. I would prefer shopping carts. I don't know why some people here think that shopping cart is inconvenient when its really making everything a lot easier (maybe because they couldn't haggle heheh j/k) and shopping cart looks more professional.

    I agree with the anon above me. clothing looks much nicer when modeled on the fabric mannequin plus its more hygienic that way.

  10. Anon Jun 12 9:11PM, I agree on the fabric mannequin. It helps potential buyers to focus mainly on the clothes rather than the image/outlook/style on how sellers projected it to be.

  11. honestly, you shouldve done a survey form instead of asking it here.

  12. ahaahaha, true anon JUNE 13, 2010 5:39 AM

  13. agree wit June 12, 2010 9:11 PM

    who know u might buying exact cloth tat the model wore b4 on photo.. mm.. feel like not brand new cloth anymore..

  14. 1 - i have no idea. but i prefer if you just stick to blogspot. i'm just used to viewing stuffs on blogspot. not sure about others. but yeah. sometimes if you have your own site, then when you click on the tabs, it won't work. got html problem la, whatsoever blabla. so, that stinks. and its a total turn off.

    2 - i prefer emails. much better as we can ask anything. if shopping cart have to confirm your order straight. and it'll trouble those who don't have online accounts.

    3 - i prefer to click older posts for more. like what one of the anon state above, the top looks so nice and when we click for more details, they're actually selling the bottom. or vice versa. so as for me, clicking older posts is better as we can view it one by one together with the details and descriptions whatsoever.

    4 - i prefer if u use real model. as we can estimate the size on us. i'm a UK6 too. most sellers model their clothes using UK6 / UK8 models so its easy for us to estimate whether it'll fit us nicely or not. if u use mannequin for jeans (as an example), if your mannequin have no legs (sounds funny but if you get what i mean, lol) then how can we even know that its fitting or not? right? so yeah, i prefer it that way :)

    5 - have no idea, can't help u on this, sorry babe!

    hope it helps. and yeah, why don't you do a survey at your site? would be better as your customers can also vote on which is which :)

    p/s : to ANON JUNE 13 10:17 PM
    u never buy anything from retail shops is it? u think the things you buy never worn by anyone? what's the purpose of fitting room? even if its worn, its still considered brand new. no?

  15. JUNE 13, 2010 10:40 PM

    I agree, I don't get all this hygienic issue. The clothes people buy at real stores could have been tried on by 2,3 or 5 people before. What's the big deal? I don't mind if the seller sends me the clothes that she wore for the pictures. Unless she has a horrible case of BO :p.

  16. hi all, im the author here. thank you so much for your suggestions and opinions. really appreciate it :)

    im in dilemma to use mannequin/real model because im really petite but mostly selling plus size item. so sometimes, when someone purchase, the item is not like what they imagine to be because it looks different on skinny and plus size people right? thats why im planning to use mannequin, as it has the standard size. but most people want them in real model.

    yeah, i should do a survey in my site :) thank you so much for the opinion. really appreciate it! :)

  17. to reply JUNE 13, 2010 10:40 PM

    in retail shop, i will try to ask for new one if i confirm to buy, u dont?

  18. alaa..if u really like the item and it fits u like a glove don't tell me u won't take it even if it was the last piece available? takkan u can't go back and wash the piece or send to laundry before wearing it? U mean u don't wash your newly bought clothes wan ah? By the way what is brand new clothes to you? Like the fabric freshly made from the manufacturer and helm together by seamstresses at the factory then packaged in plastic bags and kept at the store right? so in between those process you are 100% sure no one else have tried it on before? I just can't help but find this kind of thinking so stupid oh must be brand new cos no one's tried it on before. hello, ppl at the store try d but tak ngam n put it back in the plastic bag they let u know or not? like some jeans after they are manufactured the end product the jeans material feel too hard n they need to wash it in the machine, so washed before still brand new or not? silly ppl..

  19. if can get new one, y not? just make myself feel better, cuz we pay for it, if dun have, i wil stil get the last pc if i like it so much, i NEVER say i wont take last pc or worn cloth, i meant i would take the best if i can.

    y do u have to b so angry? are u the seller using model to show ur cloth?? i'm just saying cloths wit mannequin looks brand new, i did buy from blogshop tat showing cloth wit model oso, pls, dun need to b so offensive my dear..

  20. anon 10:40 here.

    lets say, zara and topshop. most of the time (or is it all the time) they don't have new stocks inside their stores or whatsoever. they place everything they have in the store, at the racks. what you see, is what you get. everything is there. no 'hidden' stocks etc. okay? unless you go to some stores at sungai wang or BTS, they have tons of stocks and they keep it in stores. obviously even after you try the display piece, they'll hand you a brand new one in plastic bags. oh, good for you that you have the courtesy to ask for new stocks. but don't say its never been worn before. there's no such thing as you get new stocks from topshop / zara, and the item is in plastic bag.

    i don't know if they have it, please tell me if they do. cuz as long as i go to those shops, even i ask the sizes also they don't bother to check the stores, and they tell me that everything is there. no other sizes/colours whatsoever.

    please don't be so emotional about this. i was just voicing out. and thanks to the other anons who's with me. woot woot! :D

    we wash our clothes even if its modelled on mannequins! cuz we're hygienic and sexy like that yo! x)

    and yeah, even if the sellers model the items on mannequin, don't you think they'll at least try it on for once, take a look at the mirror, if they think its nice then they'll get a piece for them too? don't tell me there's not even any seller here owns a piece of the item they bring in to their shop. right? its common for us girls to do that. don't you think? that's why we go to fitting rooms :D

  21. you know what, sometimes even the same size,same design, same blablabla, still has the variation :/ after i had tried on that piece, i will straight away take that piece, afraid that taking a brand new one will hav variations. kakaka :D

    eh, some of them really do, know. :P

  22. @JUNE 15, 2010 3:53 PM

    if u talking about branded cloth, yes, they do, ZARA, Topshop, forever 21, coach, polo ralph lauren, fcuk, etc, etc.. they do have new stock in their store room, or at other branch, unless u buying their sales/clearance item.
    my bf asked for new stock when he buy his jeans at zara (try to ask la), n the guy patiently look for a new one for him.. =) if i like the stuff so much, and the stock is finish, i will even ask them if other branch has the stock.. =)

    this question is very subjective, some like new, some prefer straight away buy it, is not silly or hygienic or not..

  23. don't like shopping carts.
    prefer if all info is there without having to click on picture or 'more details'. picasa is a good idea too.
    i don't mind either live model or mannequin as long as the measurements are there in detail.