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Who is this again?

I bought from this blogshop and I am so pissed off with the owners.

I initially wanted to get a bag, and opted for registered post. It was written at RM3 for 1-2 items on her site, but she told me to pay RM5 instead as it was a bag. It was a small and light bag, but fine, I paid RM5 instead of the RM3 stated. I also told her to hold on to it for me and to inform me when a dress that was being restocked arrived, as I wanted everything to be sent together.

A few weeks later, no word from her. I e-mailed her once or twice just to check, in case she forgot, and she just said she doesn't have the dress in stock yet. One day, I decided to check her blog - lo and behold, she has updated with the dress and sure enough, did not e-mail me. She doesn't really care about her business, does she? I had to e-mail her politely to remind her to add that to my order together with another item, making it 3 items altogether.

She told me to add another RM1 for registered post, making the postage charge a total of RM6. The shocker was, when I received my parcel, she actually sent it using the RM2.50 domestic parcel! She's actually making MORE THAN 100% PROFIT ON POSTAGE ALONE!

I was furious at being cheated like that. If you intend to use domestic parcel, why charge me RM6?!

I e-mailed them twice and texted them a week ago, and till now no reply (although they seem to be able to update their blogshop several times!). They're so totally avoiding this.

Yes, this cheater of a blogshop has been mentioned on SMWDY before. This is the blogshop who pins her loose clothes to make it look body-fitting when it's actually not, mentioned by reader Cynthia in one of the posts. I've checked with Cynthia and it looks like we're talking about the same seller here.

I'm choosing not to expose my email (although the blogshop would know exactly who I am, but who cares) and Cynthia has agreed that whoever who would like to know this blogshop's name/url, can email her at


  1. Hey Writer... there is registration fees charged for registered mail, so the actual calculation would be stamp fees + registration fees = actual postage charge... hope it help up for you :)

    one more thing.. hehe :P actually I personally dun c anything wrong with pinning the clothes, as the blog seller's body size are not tat "flexible" to fit in for clothes between UK 4-14.. sometimes seller might getting clothe for plus size ppl… (there’s demand in Malaysia market) n the seller might be in UK 4/6.. which definitely can’t fit into UK 10/14… u got wat I mean..? hehe :P BUT.. before tis.. d seller MUST provide the measurement..? did she..? if she din.. then too bad… :S by d way I do believe all the branded online website do pin up their dresses to fit into the modal n they even Photoshop it :P

    is jus a general sharing… :)

  2. registered post and e-parcel(domestic parcel) is different.

    From what I know, usually registred post is faster and safer for smaller parcels according to the post office assistant. As if you use e-parcel, the smaller parcels tend to get lost with all the bulky parcels.
    Registered post limit is up to 2kg only and largest size is probably around a size of a shoe box. Any more bigger they will ask you to use e-parcel.

    Register post requires - Stamp + tracking sticker label. Usually around RM3 for stamp(depending on weight) and RM1.70 for the tracking label.
    delivery period - 5-7 working days

    E-parcel requires - e-parcel form. Same as post laju form. Starts around RM2.00 for 500g. and RM1 for Every 500g. Quite cheap if you're ordering many items / bulky parcels.
    delivery period - 5-10 working days

    But then again, post laju is the safest delivery option. ;)

  3. what is a domestic parcel? is it the same as registered post? it doesn't seem like it from the author's story..
    what do they call it in malay at the pos malaysia post office?

  4. It baffles me how a top can fit uk4-14. How the hell is that even possible? That means it's too big for the smaller size and pinning it means deceiving the customers of the cutting.

    UK4 cannot wear UK10 because the cutting is sooooooo big, and UK14 cannot wear UK8 for the same reason. Of course for UK4, it's possible to alter to fit perfectly, but if it's to small then it's wasted la. Get that into the head will ya.

  5. I agree with Anon. 2:30pm. Y can't the model just use a mannequin and if not, wear it as it is or DO STATE clearly that it FITS which size better. Perhaps measurements is the best for the buyers to judge for themselves. Its midleading if u use pin to pin the clothes so it looks nicer or uses a belt or cardigan to wear on top so it looks better. I mean buyers gotta know exactly how it looks like. I like it wen some sellers model the dress alone and the 2nd picture is usualli wit accessories. And as for the postage charges, come on... i've seen this topic thousand of times... if you want to charge a little xtra for ur "walking fees" / petrol / time / energy... watever reason, we dun mind if is like RM 1-2... but must be reasonable lar. Takkan i buy a dress, wanted to use pos laju then u charge me RM 10 right? I once bought a dress from this blogshop, i mentioned i wanted pos laju, so it shud be RM 6.. and i knw the charges is not exactly rm 6... probably oni RM 5.69... and i'm already giving her extra... she say she wanted me to pay RM 8 instead... that is almost can send to sabah / sarawak di... but im staying in kl... so i asked her whats with the additional RM 2? And she say her charges is different from pos office... Okaaaaaayy.. y different? Her's is pos 'cheating' is it? I also dun wan argue with her... i also paid the RM 2... so i expect la she deliver on time as she stated lar... but i waited for like 4 days.. so scared i kena con lor.. den she say is postman problem... ok, now postman problem... u mean her pos 'cheating' postman problem... i guess so she will say that... she didnt even dare write down de date so i didnt knw wen she deliver... crapz... im starting to get sick of all this dishonest ppl..

  6. to anon June 8, 2010 2:06 PM, i think the commentor before you Lizlizliz already answered your question. if you go post office and ask the guy in Malay, he will still tell u it's called e-Parcel. there are 2 types of e-Parcel, local and international. for local e-Parcel deliveries, the charge starts from RM2.50 and seller fills up the form and have to provide both sender and recipient's full contact details. hence in a way, it is safer than registered post.

    e-Parcel is actually for 'bunkusan besar' or what we called bulky parcels, so if the parcel is small, as liz mentioned, it might get lost. so far i've only experienced a lost parcel, which apparently was not lost in transit, but was signed by someone who isn't the recipient.

    from what the author said, it seems the seller was quite dishonest and just want to earn a few bucks from the postage. seller should know if buyer can ask for registered post, 9 out of 10 times the buyer wanna save on postage, so for sure the buyer will notice if you trying to rip them off. all i can say is seller in this case also bodoh. i think earning from postage is stupid anyway, this kind of seller is not thinking business in the long run.

    as for pinning the clothes, i think it is pretty common practice, since styling usually requires either accessorizing with a belt or something. to those complaining about this, please tell me how the hell you propose to style a plus size garment on a standard size UK8 mannequin if you don't pin it or cinch it with a belt? so just leave the garment on the mannequin hanging like a tent isit? abit dumb right? if we don't style the item, it doesn't look good and won't attract your attention right?

    for sellers who put UK4 to UK14, these ppl should be shot for being so goddamn lazy and irresponsible la, i mean at least state best fit sizes or logically will look good sizes laa. and buyers, if you see the seller put this kind of vague sizes, i suggest you give it a pass to avoid disappointment la, instead of taking the risk n then complain sad case.

  7. Hi Anon June 8, 2010 6:12 PM, thanks for the explanation. Anyway, when I posted my comment at 2.06pm today, SMWDY haven't posted lizlizliz's comment

  8. i hate those sellers who pin their clothes big time! for God's sake! just state la fit what size, fits from US4-US14? are you kidding me? :\ definitely look funny in a US4 or too tight for US14 lor.. either way >.< pinning their clothes meaning there's a problem with the cutting, so its a big No-No for me!

    reg post and e parcel definitely different.. but ever since i get to know about e parcel, i prefer e-parcel coz its cheaper, and it has this receipt like poslaju (i think it requires signature of the recipient, no?) but safe or not, i cant tell, however, so far all my buyers received them :)

    yes! i can't bear to see those sellers charge the buyers higher price than usual! if its RM5 for post express (ok la, just make it easier to bank in rite?) but like, you're sending a poslaju for RM5.70 and charging them for RM10? why don't you just put a higher price of the clothes instead? :/

    anyway, no offence ya, just a thought of mines. :)

  9. That's how postage works on eBay people, when they are selling the item at a cheaper price, postage fees are charged at a higher price to cover what it should have been for that item.

    Don't be such a big fuss. If you are unwilling to pay for postage, why not just go to a retail shop and get the item for 2-3times more for what you would have been paying without all these blogshops around you.

    And FYI, clothes on mannequins in retail shops are pinned up to, even for the high end brands. Just ask for measurements next time, and if measurements have already been provided but you still can't fit, then... either lose some weight or gain some weight.

  10. hahahaha..have to agree with anon June 10, 2010 7:19 PM !

  11. Anonymous 7.19pm, charging more than 100% on postage is just like hidden charges. Don't tell me you actually like being cheated like that?

    The point is, the author willingly paid the price of the clothes but is unhappy because she paid for Postage Type A and got Postage Type B because the unethical seller wanted to earn a bit more profit.

    Understood? sheesh

  12. Anon June 11, 2010 8:37 AM u r totally rite..

    Anon June 10, 2010 7:19 PM, readlah!!

  13. Hey, can i please know the blogshop who did this?

    Thank you :)