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Penny for your thoughts... anyone?

Not a rant, but would like to get people's opinion on what to do.

I run sprees and take partial payments as deposit. There's 1 customer who ordered about RM1k worth of stuff, and paid the deposit of RM800 quite quickly (before it was due).

She was a great customer. Didn't rush us, didn't harass us for updates (though we do send updates to her quite frequently) and totally understood when her stuff got delayed (some stuff got damaged and we had to get replacements reshipped).

Finally her items arrived to our hands (a couple of days before the due date we set) and we emailed her about it to get the final payment before we sent her stuff out.

There's where the headaches started.

We emailed her multiple times (she used to reply within 3 days) but no reply. Then we SMSed and emailed, no reply. We got impatient by the third week and emailed and SMSed her saying that we need to know when she can pay us, or we'll forfeit her deposit.

A few days later she replied via SMS saying that she forgot about it (RM800 paid can forget ah?) and would pay us by the end of the week.

Nothing for the next two weeks.

We sent another email and SMS which were basically repeats of the previous one, but with a due date set. We also put in a note that if she can't pay us by then, she should get back to us on when she can and we'll hold her items for her until then.

Again, she replied only a few days later saying she will pay us within the following week.

So, we agreed and even gave her a few more days to pay up.

That day was today, but no sign of the money.

Now her stuff has been sitting in my room all nicely packed up for the past 1.5 months.

Should I give her another chance? Frankly I'm fed up already since I've given her >5 chances, but then again it's a lot of money to forfeit.


I was helping my sister to buy an iPhone cover on eBay cause i told her its cheap but good and i got my phone covers 2 weeks after i paid so i trusted eBay.

HOWEVER! this particular seller actually got me annoyed at the very beginning already. he replied my emails so late and i was very anxious to pay and get it fast. but it was a nice cover so i proceeded with paying thru Pay Pal anyways.

Paid, waited 3 weeks. Haven't gotten it. Emailed the seller and he said sometimes parcel gets delayed. Okay fine wait somemore. 2 weeks later, still haven't gotten it (thats 1 month and 1 week), he said he'll check on it and at the mean time, let him know if i received it. UH NO. What happened to checking on it? He didn't come back to me on that!

Just last week I emailed him again, and that was already more than 2 months, saying that I got my items coming all the way from HK thru NORMAL air mail which is free postage only 2 weeks after i paid. And I said i wanted a refund (i knew i wasn't gonna get a refund).

Until today he did not reply, and i decided to go to his page on eBay to give him his feedback he wanted a month ago. AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW! he's no longer a member on eBay. GREAAAAAAAAT! >:(

before buying, i saw "Item Location : KL"

SO YEAY i thought, i told him i wanted pos laju since i'm also from KL. he said "oh sorry the item from HK."

uh, why the false info? (clearly a con there already)

okay fine i proceeded anyways. another thing i read on the information part, "Tracking code will be provided only if customer pay".

Uh why is that? don't you get your tracking code once you send out items? Why must I pay you for it? -.-

SO NOW IT MAKES SENSE. He's from KL. The item is IN KL. If he gives out the tracking codes, people would know that he's posting out from MALAYSIA. Cause you know you can tell from tracking codes, i send out stuff so i'd know how postages tracking codes are like.

So yes. I got conned and i dont want any of you to get conned the way i did. Be smart! Don't believe the buyer if he says the item is actually not where it is stated to be. If he replies really slow, don't bother! The other eBay buyers i bought from replies fast. SERIOUSLY!

RM22 iPhone casing btw. so much for a cheaper casing.

Update :  Seller is indeed AWOLed
Ebay ID : sos77
Email :

Having the LAST say

We sell bras in big quantity to international ebay sellers, who will in return sell them in their local market.

I recently had a buyer from Australia who turn out to be quite silly actually.

She was interested in a few models which we are offering and ask me to send her more photos of their labels and described in detailed how the brand names were cut/removed.(we sell off season branded bras so we have to cut the labels away).

I took all the photos and did what she requested and in return, she asked me if I could show her more models since she wanted to buy more.

Happily I obliged because I tot I could make a bigger sale, so I referred her directly to our website.

Then a few days later, she emailed me to ask for samples, saying that she will pay for sample fee but will not pay for postage.

I was already thinking in my head, you want 2 samples and it's only USD 4.00 but I have to pay for postage to send to Australia. So immediately I told her we don't give free samples nor we fork out the postage from our own pocket. But to be nice and professional, I added, "why don't you pay for the postage as well, and when you place an order with us, I will deduct this amount from your total invoice?"

Fair right?

She then replied and say that she only wants to buy 12 pieces out of each model. Meaning 2 x 12 = 24 pieces of bras!!!

What a joke!!!!

With this small quantity, I wonder why she is expecting such a high level of service? Furthermore, this is her first purchase, she doesn't have a rapport with us like a regular buyer yet.

I told her that our last buyer from Australia bought USD 600 and asked politely if she could keep her demands to reasonable level since she is a first time buyer and her quantity was small.

She took offends and said that she was a power seller and that I should specify that I don't do small sales. She said she was not going to buy from us anymore.

Ok, I lost a sale. So I ignore the email and move on with my life. Since she was no longer a potential buyer, I shouldn't waste time on her anymore. Her ego is not mine to stroke since she was not buying from me.

I think she must have felt insulted that I didn't give her face or didn't email to save the situation. As if she still deserve my attention, she emailed me 1 day later to tell me to NOT TO EMAIL HER ANYMORE.

Some ppl are just sour grapes.

Uber motivated

I'm currently selling a chiffon dress that size at uk8-10. There is one buyer said she very like the dress and request to confirm the size from me again and she said she is looking for UK12 but this dress is only 1 size eh.

So i replied her that the only size for sale with the measurement in detail.

Few days later, this buyer said confirm to purchase the dress but i am a bit doubt, because she said she is UK12... So today i emailed her again make sure she want to purchase this dress as it is size UK8-10 only.

And i got her reply: "Yes, i am UK12, and your dress is UK8-10 only, now I am losing weight to get myself fit in this dress, so it should be FINE for me"....

Sorry not to offend as i really hope that she can fit this dress too but UK12 to UK8/10 is so big different...I dont want she complaint at me later she cant lose her weight to fit in this dress...

Obnoxious Nilai-an

So yesterday, was Urbanscapes.

There was this customer who walked into my booth, and started to pick off clothes from the rack. I was so happy cos she chose bout 8 pcs.

The total amount was RM340.

Buyer: Ok i pay you half. The other half i pay you when you deliver it to my house.
Me: May i know where exactly is your house?
Buyer: Nilai
Me: Er... i'm so sorry but that's too far. Im afraid i cant deliver it to you. Why don't you bank in the remaining and i will mail the items to you (assuming that maybe she don't have enuf cash right now)
Buyer: Ok i pay u full now, you come and deliver it to my house on Wednesday, 3pm.
Me: I'm so sorry but Nilai is really too far and i dont know my way there. And plus, I've got work on weekdays. Can i mail it to you via pos laju? I'll give you a free postage. *smiles*
Buyer: Don't know the way then find your way la! i will give you address what! What work on weekdays? Isn't this shop your work and your responsibility as well?
Me: (and then i suddenly realised) -  If you can pay full for the clothes, you can bring back the clothes now.
Buyer: No. I don't wanna bring it home right now. i want it to be delivered to me. on wednesday, 3pm. Gimme pen n paper i give u address now.
Me: Really sorry but i'm really not going to deliver it to your house.
Buyer: Eh! I'm paying for these clothes ok and i have the right to request for a home delivery.
Me: *Grabs all the clothes back from her hand and put back into rack*

That crazy biatch was shocked with me grabbing back the clothes, she just stood there staring at me hanging back the clothes. My neighbour vendor witnessed this, and she came over and said to the buyer:

"Eh excuse me, you are blocking the way of our potential customers la. Can please go go go!??"

Weird ppl.

Should I Should't I?

Someone commented on one of my sold out item: "This is nice, you should restock this!"

Why should I? You want to buy meh? If you are interested, send an email to me to request for restock. If you are not, then why should I restock and keep stock?

Do you buyers know that we seller's money are stuck on the stock we have?

Well I sayyyyy...

I was at a bazaar recently and I was nice enough to allow customers to try on the clothing before purchasing.

But I BELIEVE that I have my right to refuse anyone from trying on my clothes, even if they're a prospective customer. Based on reasons within reason of course. Don't you think so too?

There was a girl, really overweight, and who believes that she's the hottest thing on the planet.
Why do I say so?
Cos she walks like she's a model, talks in a very fake Brit-American accent and swings her fake LV bag around. (hello, it's not that hard to tell between a real LV to a fake one). Her tattooed shoulders (yes omg she was wearing a halter top with her fats bursting out everywhere) even reads 'hot stuff'. WTF, how tacky.
That was my impression of her, but I was nice and all smiles when she and her mousey friend stopped by my stall.

She picked a particular dress, which was 3 times smaller than her.
The material was stretchy but I doubt it was stretchy enough to fit her, seriously. And she held it, looked at it like it was love at first sight and asked me, "ini boleh try ke?" [Can this be tried on?]

I was like, "Boleh try, tapi.. err.. No offense la but I think this dress can accomodate sizes S-M only. The material is not that stretchy."

She spoke with her fake brit-american accent,"Oh, nonsense. I think it can fit me perfectly fine. After all, a size L is only slightly larger than an M size. I want to try."

If anyone had seen her, she's definitely a size XXL.

Me: Umm, sorry miss but I don't want to risk my dress being damaged. I really don't think it can accomodate you as it has a small cutting.

Her: Hey, how you know? I never try it on yet, how can you tell?

Me: So if by any chance IF the dress gets damaged like ripped or torn, then how?

Her: Hello, you're in the fashion business, don't you have a sort of back-up plan to cover damage costs?

Me: No, I don't. I buy and I sell, that's about it.

Her: That's wrong. Let me tell you, as a business major from the UK,  you cannot start a business without any back-up. Like what if your shop burned down or something and destroys your clothes? You need the insurance to cover that.

Me: [WTF] My shop's online by the way. And if my clothes got destroyed in a fire, I'll bear the cost myself. And right now, as my own way of ensuring I don't need to make any losses, I'm not allowing you to try this dress on.

She then went on a bout how unprofessional I am and yadayada, then left with her mousey friend. How rude!
I'm no business major and I don't have much knowledge on that, but I don't think I even need that sort of insurance as a part time blogshop-owner. Am I right?

Can someone clarify this with me please? Thanks.

You dont care?

I'm kind of frustrated now because there's this seller is super ridiculous. Here's the story:

I'm interested in one of her dress which is branded and brand new. She bought it in hong kong and guarantee every item in her blog is authentic.

Her price is really attractive, yes. I planned to buy 3 dresses from her and guess how much of postage fee she charge me? RM18. All 3 dresses don't add up to more than 500g also and she's sending through pos laju, why charge so expensive?? Maths seriously fail.

A rude one too. I texted her today saying i'm interested to add on orders, she replied me rudely!

me: but your blog didn't say anything about charging RM6 per item (including pins/hairbands etc) :/
her: I don't care whether you can find it or not, my policy is like that.

Such a great turn off. Slap me if you want but the charges for postage is preposterous.

Lost in Electronic Transition

I'm a buyer and have been purchasing stuff online for i dont remember how long. This time i've met the worse seller i've ever dealt with.

Its a pre-order site on facebook and mostly are men stuff. Before i ordered i made sure that the date it reaches me would be before my whole family leave KL back to my hometown.

Placed my order and confirmed purchase in mid-may and seller told me that it takes at least 25 days to reach. fine, done the math, i would able to receive it before i go back. Texted her last week and seller said that item will reach on the 20th of June and items will be sent out this week. Texted seller again just now, and guess what? Apparently an SMS was sent out to all buyers from this batch of items informing that the suppliers left out all our items and had to re-post it. now item will only reach us on the 5th of July, that's if the supplier is not smart enough to miss out the items AGAIN!!

So i replied the seller's sms nicely telling that i didnt receive the SMS. To my surprise, the replies i got were ubberly rude!! "but i sent out the SMS to all my buyers on the 19th, no point lying right? thx"..."so do you want me to screenshot the page to prove to you that i have sent out the SMS"...

Excuse me, if i got that msg and received it that day, wont i reply you on that instance if i cant receive it on the 5th of july? Why would i wait until today to find out this good news that the items werent sent!!

Seriously, SMS is not a perfect tool even thought it is convenient.

So what now. Do i at least deserve a sorry for the delay and the rude replies or a compensation on the postage?

There are such people around...

There's this buyer who kept asking me on sold out items. After the 7th email (all asking for different item) i ignored her.

After about a month, she strikes back. But not wanting to offend or ignore any potential customer, i politely replied her enquiries and request. And finally, she bought a dress (and i was like FINALLLYYY!!!).

and then for some unfortunate reason, after 4 days, she emailed me asking me why i had not send out the parcel.

I replied her that i already sent it the very next working day after her payment, and even emailed her to the delivery tracking number on that day! So i tracked her parcel online, and cut and paste the status of the parcel to show her. It's stated "Item arrived at processing center", and advised her to call the hotline and find out the reason of delay (as im from KL, and the parcel is already in Sarawak)

After 2 days, she mailed me again telling me that she still haven't receive the parcel.

I really wanna provide my customers good service, so i called Poslaju for her. Filed a report, and updated her. I gave her the complain repoert numbr (so that if she wants to call and know the status of the parcel, she'll just have to give them the report number), and told her and Poslaju will take 3 days to rectify the problem.

And plus, since the parcel is already in Sarawak, it would be easier that Poslaju contact the recipient straight in any case. So i provided her number and person in charged and everything.

1 day later after that, she email me again she havent got the parcel. i asked her whether did she receive my mail earlier on the update, she just reply "Oh yea... im just waiting..."

2 days later after that, she continue to bug me. i don't know what's so hard to read  "POS LAJU WILL TAKE 3 WORKING DAYS TO RECTIFY PROBLEM". My dad don't own Pos Laju helllooo!!! and if she's so concern why can't she just CALL herself la!

Thank God that she received the parcel after 3 days.

And this is her mail to me:

"Hey i received the parcel! Just it's the WRONG dress! This is not what i wanted! i ordered the wrong dress! Can i send it back to you and change it please please please! I really want to change it! Oh please!"

Do you all think i should let her exchange?

Over Accommodated

I run an online blogshop and I think the pricing of the clothes I sell are very reasonable.

I had this customer who was very interested in a dress I was selling. She said she was away for the week and begged me to reserve it for her till she gets back to COD. I thought whattheheck, it's just 1 week so I reserved it for her.

Texted her the next week and we agreed to COD at place A on Friday during her lunch break. I informed her that I was on my way 10 minutes before I arrived and she said 'Okay'. Called her when I got there, and she said she's having lunch at place B. It was 10minutes away, so I thought okay nevermind, I'll go meet her there as I didn't want to really make her stop eating her food and drive up to place A just to meet me.

When I reached place B, I called her up, and she said she and her colleagues changed their minds and they're all now having lunch at place C! It's someplace I wasn't very familiar with, but she insisted to give directions and that I meet her there. Fed up, I just agreed. It was at least another 10minutes before I got there.

She checked the dress, said it was really pretty BUT, she didn't have enough cash on her atm!! She suggested that I give her the dress, she'll give me a RM20 deposit there and then, and cash deposit the balance when she gets a chance to. She begged and begged because she needed to use the dress the next day(Saturday) for a themed party she was attending. She seemed nice and innocent and since she didn't ask rudely, I agreed.

Gave her the dress and my bank details. She said she'll make payment on Sunday. Waited for payment, nothing. Contacted her on Sunday night. She told me that she spilled juice on the dress(even gave me a photo to prove it) and that the dress was stained(it was) and can no longer be worn so she'll not pay the balance.

I was bloody furious, but told her politely that it wasn't my problem that SHE ruined the dress and not me. Then she started telling me the quality of the dress was bad and it was only worth the amount she already paid, RM20. HELLO?!

She AGREED to buy it earlier at it's original price, she has touched and held it before making the deposit, she has worn it, and now she's telling me it's made of bad quality when SHE was the one who ruined it? And yet she thinks I'm dumb enough to not know that she's just giving me excuses not to pay up the balance that she owes?

I was being nice agreeing to drive around because she changed COD location THREE times, I let her deposit RM20 because she REALLY needed the dress, and she's blaming me for HER mistakes? What does bad quality have anything to do with how SHE stained it anyway? PFFT.

And yes, obviously she's gone MIA and is now completely uncontactable.

So bling?


I see a lot of japan/taiwan pre order/ready stock items with the description:-

Material: crystal ma

What type of fabric is crystal ma? Anyone care to enlighten me?

Like my props?


So, what's the point of posing with your LV, Gucci, Dior, Burberry bags when really, they are actually not for sales?

What are you trying to proof?

Peace Call

To all Sellers,
Let's all say NO to price war okay?

I'm a seller and there are some recent hot pieces which one blogshop brought them in first selling at RM45, then another one updated and selling them at RM40, then another one selling them at RM35.

Please, if you only want to earn RM5 for a piece, then might as well ask your customers to buy in bulk from your suppliers.

Price war is not good for anyone of us, because if you sell at this cheap, your customer expects you to sell at this price range even when some pieces you bring in are in margin price range of RM30-RM35. Then what are you gonna do? Sell them at margin price?

No slapping required. Just a friendly advice to sellers out there (who are doing this).

Thank you.

You hurt my eyes

I'm all for good web designing and great looking sites but please la sellers, don't put the background of your blogshops a bright green colour and the font in stunning red.

No matter how pretty your clothes are, I'll still close the window to protect my eyes.

Do us all a favour and change the template, pretty please?

Little princess got angry

I sell contact lenses , so last week , I had a customer. She ordered three pairs .

Then we met at Curve, she brought her 10 year old daughter (around that age lah , not sure) along . I was complimenting her daughter, saying how beautiful she would look when she grows up and wears my contacts ( i was being cheesy , cos i am always that way ;) ) and then , her daughter said , OH YEAH? WELL , WHY DONT I TRY THE CONTACTS NOW ? "

Then the mother, which is my customer said "oh darl no you're just too young. The daughter went mad and broke my contacts into two. The mother said to me, this is all your fault! If you hadn't compliment her she wouldn't try the contacts and break it! I want my refund! Now!"

I said no, you cant do that, then she started complaining so I just gave her the refund and told her that the other two pairs are still okay, so i should just pay 35.


Sorry for being so rude to a such gorgeous lady, but being unfair is not my thang .

Who's having the last laugh?

Me and my friend like blogshops. So one day my friend just opened her on blogshop. I was really eager to see what she sells and to be honest, it wasnt what i expected.

She wrote in her description clothes, shoes, and other merchandises are in good condition but it turns out to be really defected. I told her she can't sell those kind of stuff cause it's not right and she was all "oh b**** I know you're jealous of me cause i've opened a blogshop before you did and you wouldnt want me to successful hah?!" and I WAS LIKE WUTT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?

I mean, I'm her bestfriend. She should know that i'm saying is for her own good. She shouldnt be rude. No wonder she hasnt received any orders these days. RUDE MUCH!

Anyways, I opened my OWN blogshop under MY name and my friend, the rude one, said, oh we should really share that blogshop and share the money! Dont you think so? I mean, my blogshop is closing, cause no one purchased anything" and i was like, uhhh you were so mad at me back then and now when your blogshop is going down you want me to help?

Oh c'mon. thats why, think before you act/speak. I said no, because since im so 'jealous' of her i should make her 'jealous' too.

Take note please

Ok, maybe this is just me but it annoys me when I see sellers describing their item on discounted price as sales.

Sales here sales there, sales price this sales price that.

It's just SALE without s please.

Eg: This top is on sale. XX shop is having a sale!

Sales - quantity/amount sold, the action of selling something, business of selling products.

When referring to an event for goods at reduced price concerning just your own products, it is just sale/clearance sale.

If it is used in right term it is correct but most of the time, many of the sellers misuse this word.

Thank you.

One topi penyet coming up!


This blogshop selling straw hats but dont send out in a box. 

Doesn't make sense right? You're selling things, of course you want people to wear it.

If it's smashed... what's the point?

Offline Rudeness

Not an online shopping story but I guess this could be an example for all shop owners to watch their motor mouths.

My sister always frequent this boutique near to our apartment. I went there twice and I really do not like the way the owner talks because she is really snobby and whatever you wear she will say nice nice nice nice and convinced my sister to buy it although she looks horrid in that dress.

One Sunday, as usual, during my weekend, I am too lazy to put on make up, contact lens and even dress up pretty coz I do that every day on weekdays. I don't know if it applies to you girls, but sometimes can get real tired of dressing up.

So I tied my hair up nicely, wore dark-rimmed spectacles, a loose top and a pair of my favourite jegging. and somehow I followed my sister to the stupid boutique. Then as my sister and I were browsing through her items, she said this really loudly : "You know, Farah*(not really my sister's name), your sister is not as fashionable as you!"


I was this close to buying a RM89 boho skirt from her. Then I decided that I would rather give the money to a beggar on the road side who said that I am pretty instead of her.

Yes yes yes, I am vain and cannot receive criticism blah blah. But seriously, WHAT makes you think that you have a right to say that I am not fashionable when you only see me once every 6 months? I may not be a trend setter but I dress as casually and comfortable as I like. I also dress as suitable as I can. Unlike you, 3-foot midget who wore maxi dress that is obviously too long for you, fake tan and hair color that suits your stupidity.

That's why I love dealing online than frequent a boutique because you can buy whatever you like and you can look like a piece of shit in front of your monitor and nobody will discriminate you. I will never ever step into that midget's shop anymore.

Stating the wrong size

I bought this stripey dress from an unknown blogshop. She told me the size was L.

I am fat, so yeah i said okay well thats good.  Then when she sent me the dress at starbucks, she just took my money, said thanks and walked away. So i went home tried on the dress and it was TOOOO SMALLLL. 

It couldnt even pass thru my leg. Texted her, she said oh didnt you read the policies? I said no refunds. and you should've known i said S. (WTF YOU SAID L!!)

So i said that she said L, then she didnt reply and now i cant find her blogshop cos she changed the name. ugh, FML. I spent 95 for it.

I'm on my way you fool!

I had some bad experiences with this blogshop which i wanted to buy dresses from them. TWICE!

We had already agreed to meet up for COD about 3 days before the particular COD date.

Only on the very last minute before the agreed time they will only sms me telling me that the item had sold out! Which I'm already on my way to the place. =.=

You're not funny!

I don't know whether I'm at fault or not but this is what happened. I saw a top selling at a pre-loved blogshop. The top as she claimed is brand new and I'm really interested so I sms her. The top is priced at RM75 and Beside the price she wrote is negotiable. So this is what happen :

me : Hi dear, I'm interested in top A, may I know is it negotiable? thanks.

seller: Hey babe. the top is negotiable. whats the price you can give?

me: Is it ok RM70 excluding postage?

seller : Sorry my dear, thats too low. i'm already making a loss

me: Oh, ok , then may I know whats your best price? :)

seller : Sorry RM75 (without postage) is the best price I can give.

HUH?! I thought you said its negotiable? Then now you tell me RM75 is the best price?!

Might as well tell me earlier then I will not need to send so many sms wat!!

Stolen property

When i was at a reviewer's site, i happened to notice this blogshop at the sidebar using a picture i modelled, so i clicked to have a look.

That blogshop used ALL the pictures that i took, and she didnt even buy that from me. Ok, thats still fine with me but here's the punch- this blogshop sold her item at a much higher price than mine when SHE DIDNT EVEN PUT ANY EFFORT OR TAKE ANY PICTURES.

All she did was use MY pictures and some from another blogshop and she had the cheek to put much higher than mine -_- slap me if im wrong, but yeah..just annoyed.

The ultimate NO LIFER

I've recently received emails from sellers confirming my purchase when I did not even sent an order form! normally I'll email them myself.

Worse of all, all the items ordered via order form are always a lot and expensive! and sometimes when I ask the seller, they always say either someone sent in an order form or leave a message in chatbox with MY email!

So when I explain to the sellers saying i never ordered, some is nice and understanding, some just fire back to me with

"You think this is funny ah? don't lie lah, and stop playing with the order form!"

It's really annoying, some more most of the time is the same seller, really pity her :(

So to the person whose playing with my email, stop it!

A little extreme...

I chanced upon this blog having a mega sales now. The prices are really slashed low but below its blogshop banner, there's this really big announcement stating on the sales and there's a sentence that goes like this:

"Customers with fussy questions requesting measurements and additional pictures are NOT entitled for the lowest price placed. No offense. Thanks! :)"

Asking for measurements is rated as fussy? Asking for measurements and extra pictures are not allowed to be given the discounted price?

I'm offended but then again, I won't buy anything from her with this kind of condition. No way.

No offense too. Ha!

Not a charity program

I'm this seller, selling preloved stuffs in a reasonable price, example a over thousand ringgit high end clothing I'm letting go at RM150, reasonable enough? ;) So I have this case, that this girl, she wants to purchase two tops from me. Now, this girl is also a seller herself but she's an unpopular one cause there are stories about her in SMWDY.

At first she agreed to COD but she wants me to go all the way to her place with no additional charges. I refused cause even the clothing price itself cannot cover the petrol charges. So I ask her to opt for postage instead but she said she's leaving to the airport soon. Then I told her I can only go down to a place near hers, she might as well meet me there cause I have a meeting scheduled there. She doesn't want to. I know you girl would think why couldn't I just drive to her place and all but her place is seriously far and out of the way plus I have to rush back home for dinner.

So she said she wanna buy one RM30 top for her friend and I said okay. She ask for postage charges for pos express and I told her its additional RM5. Guess what. She ask if I can discount the postage charges or not! Pos express rate has been increased to RM4.50 and the pos office is far from my house and I'm being reasonable right? Plus that top cost me few hundred bucks and I'm willing to sell it at RM30 is already very nice of me, now she's asking for postage discount?? My gosh, I can't discount it for her even if I want to cause I don't own Pos Malaysia =.=

** Editor's note : I know this is just another repetitive post but 2 things here. I'm curious who this buyer is since she's been ousted here. THEN, I'm a silly shopaholic. I'm ALL for "thousand ringgit high end clothing I'm letting go at RM150". I'm HORRIBLE, I know!! Mail me love!

Medic Alert

I inquired about an item from a blogshop and the owner informed me that it's available. However, a few minutes later she emailed me to say that the last piece is not in a very good condition and she rather not sell to me. "However, i will let u know if anyone blacks out ok? thanks!"

LOL..I'm tempted to tell her that I'm not a nurse or a doctor.

I know it's a typo but it's really kinda funny ;p

The other girl??!

My friend introduced me to this site and I love it!
I wanna share one of my bad experience here.

Earlier this year, I had to COD with a customer, but I can't make it cos I have a rehearsal class in KL and she wanna COD at KDU college, which is very far and jam. So that morning I pass the clothes to my BF cos he live in Bandar Utama, very near.

And you know what? End of the day I got my money, but I lose my BF!

I keep calling and calling him all evening and he just text me back saying 'sorry, busy now.'
Later I keep asking, he said 'im in the movies now, talk later.'
And he was in there with HER!

Later at night he came and pass me my money and he say that he found his true love! WHAT THE HELL?
And guess what, it's my buyer! And he gonna leave me for a girl he met less than one day!  How is this love la?!
Dunno what kinda jampi she put on him, could it be nasi kangkang? Or a love potion? I dunno, that girl use black magic i think.

But whatever, karma will come for them.
Never am i sending any future BFs out to COD again.


Editor's note : OMG... Are you the other girl from the post Well Hello There Boyfriend??

Updates #7 ~ Still a no show

This is from the post Patience The Size of Grand Canyon

Since the time of post till now, apparently the seller is still a no show. I have even personally emailed her myself seeking for a closure. Nyahhdah!

So, here a public cry for attention (if you may call it that)

Anyone knows the owner of Twenty Bow Boutique?

Need directions to the Hall of Shame

Lately there have been many so-called buyers who initially were always very interested and enthusiastic. Responded very fast and asked a lot of questions and asked for photos of the actual products and bank account details.

BUT when it comes to actual payment, they will disappear and MIA. Emails, messages and SMS were all unresponded.

We as sellers understand that there could be last-minute change of heart. All we ask for is some courtesy to say that they are not interested anymore.

Do you think that having a blacklisted master list that the sellers can update and refer to would help? Kinda of like those that the banks use.

Frustrated, it just happening to the unfortunate me or it common nowadays?

Natural born nonsense

I own a pre-loved blogshop selling all my pre-loved stuffs and some impulse purchase items. This day, I checked my mail before I went to bed. It was about 1am. I was replying mail that time and received one new mail from this buyer who interested in one dress.

In the mail, she said she wanted to COD and contact her ASAP through mobile phone. Immediately, I SMS her since she just sent me that mail and I assumed that she's still awake. There were about 5-6 SMS discussing about the COD venue.

She wanted to COD at Shah Alam. And in previous SMS, I already told her that I only available to COD at somewhere along LDP like Sunway and etc. Between, I stated in my blog that I will charge a minimal fees for petrol which I didn't charge on her at all.

I was thinking that I wanted to clear off my closet quickly, so I told her that I can ask my BF to COD with her at certain area of Shah Alam but had to depends on time as we are both working adults. In the next SMS she replied, it made me felt really ridiculous. She requested to send the dress directly to her house. At this point, I really couldn't stand her anymore as it's was about 2am due to her slow replies. But I still replied her very politely saying my BF will just drop by there only, so no home delivery, otherwise choose for postage. She then asked about the time to COD. After my reply, she went MIA just like that even the next day I sent her another SMS to confirm the COD.

I have no idea what is she thinking. Do you think I'm such free to deliver the dress directly to your house just like the postman? Hey, don't forget you didn't pay any transport fees to me! And yea, the dress is only RM20. =.=" It's really ridiculous! I don't understand why such people exist in this world?!

How the world worked out

Kudus to this girl in

Ive started as your customer
Almost 2 years later
You're one of my BFFs

What a way to meet somebody eh?

If you insist, I wouldn't resist

Last year, I purchased a dress from a blogshop worth RM45.
At that time, they were having a promotion - you can either receive free shipping or a free mystery gift.

I emailed the seller and said I wanted to purchase the dress. Her reply:

"Thanks for your order, your dress is RM45. Since we're having promotion now, you can either have free pos ekspres, or pay for pos ekspres and receive a mystery gift.
If you want free pos ekspres, please bank in RM41 (RM45-RM4).
If you want the mystery gift, please bank in RM49 (RM45+RM4)."

At this point I went "huhhhhh?!!!" if I wanted free pos ekspres, then shouldn't I pay for the dress, which is RM45?

I emailed the seller again asking her whether she's sure that I should pay RM41 and not RM45 if I wanted free shipping. I DOUBLE checked with her, and she still insisted it was RM41!!!

So I paid RM41, got my dress and free pos ekspres! :)
Was very happy, the seller was super nice, however, I must say sadly, her maths damn fail -_-"

Yet another Refund MIA


I had a bad experience with this blogshop. Firstly, my friend was interested with the cardis that she was selling. She asked me to help her to buy that cardi using my email.

me : Hi is it white and dark grey cardi still avail?

seller : is.


me : Hi. I already bank in RM90.

seller : Thx. dear, i'm so sorry the dark grey cardi is a bit torn. so, i dont want to sell it to you. Would u like to buy other cardi?

me : My friend says, no. She doesnt want the other cardi.

seller : Alright. I'll send out the white only ya.. and i'll refund the balance. Please gimme ur friend acc no.

me : Here's her acc no. ******

Few days later

me: Hi dear, u ady refund? My friend really need cash rite now.

seller : Yes. I ady refund RM40. Please wait for 3days working.

After one week

me : Dear, till now, my friend still didn't get her money back.

seller : I'm so sorry dear. My friend salah refund. Thank god that user account is deactive ( boleh ke macam tu ?? ).  I'll give u free postage for the next purchasing  ( ANYONE WANT HER FREE POSTAGE?? HAHA)

me : Its okey. Please inform me once u refund.

Few days later

seller : Hi. I ady refund. This is the transaction no. ***

1 week later. Me and my friend checked again. Still, there's no transaction into her account! OMG.

me : Dear, there's no transaction into her acc. Are u sure u ady refund??

No reply

Until now, she still didn't refund my friend's money and I had to pay back RM40 on behalf of that liar seller! geezzzz.


Where's your manners? #2

i hate it when sellers dont say THANKS when we purchase something from them. its like, common courtesy for gods sake. i bet the buyers say thanks more than the sellers themselves. whats so hard abt typing up the 6-letter-word when replying your customers? JEEEEZ!

exhibit A, i bought an item from this blogshop, known for its PRICEY goods, always a notch higher than the rest and lately it keeps updating PRE ORDER designer inspired heels. i managed to say thank you at the end of every email but the seller, even after i paid promptly for my top simply said OK GOT IT and thats that. no 'THANKS' at all, NOT EVEN ONCE in our back-and-forth emails. i know it aint a big deal for some of you, but it just bugs me so much! cos saying please and thanks are supposed to come naturally. ya know?


Oh wise ones needed #8

I am seller,selling vintage clothes and im planning to expand my business by selling vintage+new clothes and upgrade my page to .com.

however, i still in dilemma because of several reasons:

1-i notice that if we go .com, there is no rss feed, means if we update our new items, it will not appear in  the blogroll of other blogshop who link us.or can we do that even in .com?

2-i need opinions from buyer and seller. which one is better: shopping cart or just emailing order form? for me, shopping cart is convenience for the seller as all the details will be kept in database. but by emailing also actually we can know and be close to our buyer more, which i think is good because they will become our returning buyer if they like us.

3-which one is convenience for the buyer: scrolling down the page and click on older post for more items (which full detail appears on one post) or all items in one page but have to click on the item to see the details?

4-which one is better: items on real model or on mannequin? because as for me, im UK6 but mostly selling plus size items because of market demand. i did put the measurements and all the details.

5-i notice that we can create free sites on google (googlesites), but the url would be has anyone use this before? can we change the url to only or anyone know any sources that offer .com for free? :)

im sorry to have so many questions but i need opinions so that we could have a great experience in shopping online. and sorry for the bad english too. hope you guys can help me here :)

thank you SMWDY for posting this and thank you to all who give suggestions too! :)

Snug disaster

I had one experience with and online shop early this year. It was a dress I was dying to wear for my birthday in January, hence I ordered the dress a week before and I got it promptly after 2 or was it 3 days (I can't really recall). I even told the seller that she is my lifesaver as I haven't found the perfect dress for my party!

Excitedly, I put on the dress as soon as I got it, however, it was a bit snug. I clearly stated to the seller that I was abit busty and I normally fit into a UK10 sized clothes from Topshop. (Why do sellers state sizes on false pretenses a.k.a saying it fits from sizes UK8 to UK10 when it clearly fits a UK size 6?)

Nonetheless, I since I still fit in it anyways, I could go always go without eating the whole day just to wear it. With a smile on my face and as I happily count down the days to my birthday, I hung the dress up and stowed it in my closet – tag still intact. (Once in a while, opening up the closet to admire it :P).

And.... as the days went by...

The day finally came! You wouldn't know how excited I was!! My girlfriends planned a night out for me and I was all fired up! Dress - check! Shoes - check! Accessories - check! Bag - check! Makeup - check!


All hell broke loose when I was waiting for my friends to arrive and pick me up when.... the zipper on the back of the dress gave in! OMG this CANNOT be happening to me NOWWWWW!!!

I called my friends and literally had a panic attack while I attempted to salvage the broken zipper – to no avail!!! I texted the seller about the problem and she replied that there was nothing that she could do! I asked again, nicely if she could please help me. She said that she would try to contact her supplier. In the end my besties had to talk me into wearing another dress. ( Btw, I had a great birthday night out anyways! :D )

2 days had passed, the seller did not get back to me on the status of an exchange or a refund of the dress. Hence, I texted her. I constantly had to text her to get a reply and it went on about a week. In the end, she told me that (back to square one), there was nothing that she could do.

Perhaps it is partly my fault, but then, I felt that the seller was just ignorant to the problem and like she didn’t give a damn.  But then, I am still frustrated (who wouldn’t be?). For the amount I paid for the dress, it doesn’t size up to the quality of clothing she is selling.

I still return to her store to check out the clothes that she’s selling (she is currently trying to get rid of her own clothes now since she’s in Australia) cause no doubt I admit that she sells gorgeous clothes but I’ll never purchase anything from her ever again.

Clinch me!!


I (speaking on behalf of the people who feel the same)
hate it when theres a nice dress, but we cant really see the details because you place big chunky cinchers on it, and in every photo is a pic of you modelling it with the cinchers..which BY THE WAY!!! DONT COME WITH THE DRESS.

Is the dress that fugly that you have to disguise it with cinchers in every of the 5 photos you post up of said dress?

Releasing a TAD bit of frustration...

All this while have been reading stories from sellers / buyers. Sorry SMWDY, if this is not the right place for a reviewer to rant. I just can't 'tahan' where some of these people is being so ignorant and rude!

So i have 2 review blogs, one for PRELOVED and one for ONLINE BLOGSHOPS (selling brand new apparels). I created 2 review sites so that it looks more tidy and is easier for me to differenciate the blogshops. I have wrote in BOLD at the T & C that the ONLINE BLOGSHOP REVIEW SITE is just for blogshops that sells brand new ready stock apparel and YET, there is sellers that's so ignorant for not reading it and sending me like 5-6 times of the linking form telling me to link her up. I even created two emails for each of the review site to make it easier for me to browse thru the linking forms. Come on people, we, reviewers are doing this for FOC. Perhaps u guys can read the T & C before sending me the linking form?

And as for the reviews, sigh.. Do understand that i'm not like 24hrs x 7 days in front of the computer, stick to my review site and immediately do a review whenever there is a site updated! I usualli review according to my time and the things which im attracted to. Please do not ORDER us to do review on how many of the items or why we don't do review on ur site... is probably i've missed it out... or there's nothing that catches my eye (sorry to say so, but to be honest, its not like there is always SOMETHING that i WILL like from the blog, isnt it?) I guess reviews is a very personal thing... if i do what you say...and simply review on all items... then it will not be MY REVIEW blog... must well make it a public platform for all of you guys to do reviews yourself...

And for those who pay for the ad service, yes i know, because u're paying us... we gotta make sure we have reviews almost everyday... and probably pay more attention to your updatez... but dear, if i have missed out ur updatez, maybe u can send me an email to notify me... instead of being so harsh telling me "HEY. I'M PAYING YOU AD FEES! Y DIDNT REVIEW MY BLOG?!" Thats a bit rude dun u thk so? Please people... yes, we reviewer probably didnt buy from u guys before but we deserve a bit of respect alright...

But there is always some sellers which is really sweet and appreciative! At least i know what i do is worth it and is BEING APPRECIATE!

What's with the guessing game?

I am very ANNOYED with sellers from pre-loved blogshops who put their prices as 'Offer Me' or 'You decide the price'.

Obviously, I do not know how much you paid for it originally, and thus I do not know how much you're expecting for it.
So anyways, I saw a really nice zippered skirt (never worn before except for trying) which I have been looking for. And the price was 'Offer me'.

So based on my research in the blogoshpere, it seems that prices for a skirt like that are usually about RM38 - RM60.
Seeing that the price was not set, I did what any other buyer would do, go for the LOWEST PRICE.

I emailed the seller and offered RM38 (without postage).

She replied: Sorry dear, that's too low. Try again.

Me: Okay, what about RM40?

Seller: Hmm, still too low, it's only RM2 increase.

Me: RM45 can?

Seller: Still pretty low la dear, just look at the good quality and the nice material. How is that worth RM45?

I decided at this point I do no want it anymore, but Im gonna try and see what is her expected price.

Me: Okay RM50 then.

Seller: If you purchase it at RM58 I will throw in a free gift. :)

Seriously WTFF?
Pre-loved blogshop selling this skirt wayyyy higher than blogshops selling it as brand new. For all I know she could've worn it out before.
Mind you that the RM58 she offered was not inclusive of postage either, which means I get skirt + stinking free gift for RM64.

F21 has skirts nicer & cheaper than that missy!

My final reply: You know what, your price expectation is ridiculous. Just do everyone else a favor and STATE the exact price you want and stop wasting our time. If I wasn't a serious buyer, I'd offer you RM5 for that, just for fun.

Permanent HIATUS

This pretty reputable Singaporean shoes customization blogshop claimed they are on hiatus. But come on! If you've promised your customers who have placed order and made payment before your announcement that you will get the orders done and sent out please do so!

I made my order and paid full amount back in June last year. She said approximately it will take about 2 months to get the customization done. But I requested for her to send them over to me in about 1 month or so seeing that I'll be moving from the said mailing address soon plus the design was ready-template design all she needs to do was to replicate it. A month past, I moved to another state but I told my mum to keep a lookout for a package from the said shoe blogshop.

2 months later, I emailed her to check on the progress(by then the blog was announced 'on hiatus'). She was suppose to return from this so called 'hiatus' or MIA by November 2009 so I waited like a fool for months and months to pass hoping that she will finally reply my tonnes of email sent to her but all I got is this f***ing on hiatus automated reply. Soon I found out from a friend of a friend whom also dealt with this certain shoe customization blogshop where she too did not receive her order. I'm not too sure when she placed her order and everything but it was definitely just a month or so after I did.

I can officially celebrate my 1 year anniversary of being cheated by this 'was famous' blogshop. Before this I still do check on her site every now and then to see if she has return but tonight, before I started on this story I googled her blogshop and not to be surprised this popped up:


Lesson learnt I guess. I'm mad coz it was my first online purchase and what more a purchased made in $SG. Tell me how many 'on hiatus' blogshops you can depend on to return or to have a clean ending before taking a break?

Turning the table around

All this while I'm just the reader of SMWDY, never thought that I will be one of the authors right now.

I've been doing online shopping for quite some time and met a lot of nice, professional, high efficiency and responsible sellers. Who knows I just got into this irresponsible seller for the very first time.

Most of the time we heard a lot of backout buyers right? But this time, me as the buyer, am not the one. Fyi, I always make payment promptly after I confirm the purchase and never FFK any COD sessions.

The story started when this pair of pumps catched my attention and I've been looking hard for it. And finally I saw there's ready stock in this blogshop. Very quickly I texted the seller to enquire about the sizing and stuffs. I afraid it couldn't fit me, so I requested to try on before I buy as she stated in her blogshop that returning buyer can try out before buying. Although I'm her first time customer, still she allows me to try out. I was so happy at that moment.

Thus, I asked her to reserve that particular size for me until I meet her on Saturday. But she said there's another buyer who's interested in the same pair and same size too which is going to pay her on Wednesday. Oh Wednesday, so I told the seller to meet up on Tuesday (it's today, means I dealt with her yesterday night) around 5pm, exact time will let her know the next day. She replied yes.

Today, I texted her at 3pm something to confirm the exact time to meet up is 5pm later. I got no reply. May be she was too busy to reply. Fine, before I leave my workplace, I texted her again to inform her that I'm going to the meet up place. Yet, no reply again. I was a bit worried, but somehow I still went to the venue in case the seller went there too.

Disappointingly, I waited at the venue and called her up. At first I called twice and then I texted her saying I reach the place. But there were nothing from her. Nothing! I got no texts or whatever shit from her. At this point, what would you do? I just tried to call and call again, call until 6-7 times. Still, I got no news from her. The call was reachable but there was no one picking up the phone! And there was one time that the phone call was being ended if I'm not mistaken. Ish.... At last, seeing the road condition getting more congested at the peak hours, I decided to go back straight.

Until now, I got nothing from her, not even an apology or whatever. This is how you treat your customer? This is how your services given where you gone MIA when you are supposed to meet up with your customer? What you bring to your customer is only disappointment. How sad is that?! Your act just bring down the image of online business. Don't you know reliability is the crucial factor to run an online business?!

By the way, my bf said may be she already sold it to second buyer, that's why she dare not to pick up my call or reply me! Yea, the possibility is quite high since there's another buyer appears as she mentioned.

Alright, just to share my first bad experience during online shopping. Don't hope to meet such seller in future anymore. For both buyers and sellers out there, please be a responsible person all the time as to reduce this kind of things happen again.

Beyond Negotiable

So what's the meaning of "price-negotiable"? Perhaps you guys already heard this before... but this happen to me for the first time after selling for almost 2 years. I owned a preloved blogshop and all this while i do allow buyers to nego the price with me as long as i think is reasonable. But still, there is this buyer, whom i think really ridiculous and wasting my time. She thought negotiable means "almost free of charge"

So this buyer like a dress from my site, which i bought it for RM 55 and selling it at RM 40. Another impulse purchase where i didnt even wear it before. Anyway, she say its a bit too expensive for her but she loves it a lot. So i told her that i can give her RM 40 inclusive of pos laju... but she say still too expensive... so i asked her at what price can fit her budget... she say RM 20!

My jaw straight drop on the floor and i can vomit a bucketful blood at that second. What the heck? I already reduce RM 15 for a piece which i didnt even wear it before... its like i open the package, take it out, look front and back, then put on top of me and look at the mirror, then put back into the plastic bag... this actions already cost me RM 15 and she asked if i can sell it at RM 20... and INCLUSIVE POS LAJU. Tell me, might as well i just give her FOC right?

But i replied her patiently telling her that the lowest price i can give her is RM 38 inclusive POS LAJU. I only get back RM 32.00 minus the postage fees. Then she asked if she can get a discount on POSTAGE! ARLOOO???? I DONT OWN THE POST OFFICE... I DONT SET THE POSTAGE FEES. HOW THE HELL I REDUCE THE POSTAGE FEES????

She says she wants the cheapest delivery way. I say registered post but she say she wont be at home to wait for the dress. At that time i feel like sharpening my butcher knife... r u kidding me? U want by post but u wont be at home to sign the package? So how i sent to u?

Den she say wat abt COD? I say i dont do COD bcos i dont have car... SHE DARE ASK ME GO TAKE LRT MEET HER AT SUNGAI WANG... ok, is not like i dun wan to do her business but if for a RM 30 item i gotta take taxi to the nearest LRT station, change to monorail just to be at SUNGAI WANG and then come back the same, i think the it just didnt worth it! So i told her, i can oni send by pos... and then the most BOILING part is when she tell me this..

"U say u didnt wear it before only. How i know if u're telling the truth!"

Wow... kacaaaang~straight to my heart. Thats it! Buying online is all abt mutual trust. If u dont trust what i have written, what's the point of buying from me the first place. I show the label, i take shots at every corner of the dress, all the specific details... and yet she dont trust me. So sorry, perhaps u can get it from another blog which U CAN TRUST! Argh!

Who is this again?

I bought from this blogshop and I am so pissed off with the owners.

I initially wanted to get a bag, and opted for registered post. It was written at RM3 for 1-2 items on her site, but she told me to pay RM5 instead as it was a bag. It was a small and light bag, but fine, I paid RM5 instead of the RM3 stated. I also told her to hold on to it for me and to inform me when a dress that was being restocked arrived, as I wanted everything to be sent together.

A few weeks later, no word from her. I e-mailed her once or twice just to check, in case she forgot, and she just said she doesn't have the dress in stock yet. One day, I decided to check her blog - lo and behold, she has updated with the dress and sure enough, did not e-mail me. She doesn't really care about her business, does she? I had to e-mail her politely to remind her to add that to my order together with another item, making it 3 items altogether.

She told me to add another RM1 for registered post, making the postage charge a total of RM6. The shocker was, when I received my parcel, she actually sent it using the RM2.50 domestic parcel! She's actually making MORE THAN 100% PROFIT ON POSTAGE ALONE!

I was furious at being cheated like that. If you intend to use domestic parcel, why charge me RM6?!

I e-mailed them twice and texted them a week ago, and till now no reply (although they seem to be able to update their blogshop several times!). They're so totally avoiding this.

Yes, this cheater of a blogshop has been mentioned on SMWDY before. This is the blogshop who pins her loose clothes to make it look body-fitting when it's actually not, mentioned by reader Cynthia in one of the posts. I've checked with Cynthia and it looks like we're talking about the same seller here.

I'm choosing not to expose my email (although the blogshop would know exactly who I am, but who cares) and Cynthia has agreed that whoever who would like to know this blogshop's name/url, can email her at

Dumb Blonde

I am seller of a not so famous blogshop, but I guess I'm selling items at reasonable prices.

This one girl add me through YM and asked me whether I can GIVE MY Supplier's' NUMBER to her. She said,

"I really loveee dresses and your dresses are quite cheap. If i can buy in bulk with u, I can get cheaper price, right? Oh Oh! WHY NOT, U GIVE ME YOUR SUPPLIERs NUMBER so i can BUY FOR MYSELF. I really need a lot of dresses. Pleaseeeeeee Pleaseeeeeeeee Pleaseeeeeeee"


Patience the size of Grand Canyon

I've bought a dress and sling bag from a blogshop.
I know that she is working, and only post the item ordered by customer on saturday. But, it has been 1 months. She has received my fully payment, and promise me to post it last 4 weeks. I never had a glimpse of the items i bought. I guess this is a situation where, patience is a virtue.

Your chance has been revoked

I've recently purchased from this blogshop who was made famous due to the announcement of closing down her blogshop. i've read her apology on her blog and thought, fine everyone deserves a second chance. My first experience shopping from her blogshop wasn't a pleasant one as well.

I made prompt payment for this item that i've purchased from her and up to date, it has been 11 days and i've still yet to receive my item!

Emails sent to her were not replied as well. and thankfully, based on the advise of the pos malaysia staff that i called via their hotline, she advised me to file a complaint regarding this incident.

And i got a call from pos malaysia this afternoon and guess what? she wrote my shipping address wrongly omg! and that's why i still haven't receive my item to date.

And the pos malaysia staff who called me saying attempt made to call the 'recipient' number which was her number by the way, were futile. and what got me mad as well was i've given her my contact number and why didn't she fill the recipient's number as mine. At least, i would have known there's problem with the delivery.

Last chance taken back! Change- yea right!

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