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The ultimate NO LIFER

I've recently received emails from sellers confirming my purchase when I did not even sent an order form! normally I'll email them myself.

Worse of all, all the items ordered via order form are always a lot and expensive! and sometimes when I ask the seller, they always say either someone sent in an order form or leave a message in chatbox with MY email!

So when I explain to the sellers saying i never ordered, some is nice and understanding, some just fire back to me with

"You think this is funny ah? don't lie lah, and stop playing with the order form!"

It's really annoying, some more most of the time is the same seller, really pity her :(

So to the person whose playing with my email, stop it!


  1. wanted to slap.. but really dunno which box should i click!! lol! ;p

  2. have u ever thought that someone out there is trying to sabotage u?

  3. yea..might be an enemy who hates u.. coz if the one being sabotaged is the seller and not u, then the perpetrator would've sent in different order forms with many different emails.