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Snug disaster

I had one experience with and online shop early this year. It was a dress I was dying to wear for my birthday in January, hence I ordered the dress a week before and I got it promptly after 2 or was it 3 days (I can't really recall). I even told the seller that she is my lifesaver as I haven't found the perfect dress for my party!

Excitedly, I put on the dress as soon as I got it, however, it was a bit snug. I clearly stated to the seller that I was abit busty and I normally fit into a UK10 sized clothes from Topshop. (Why do sellers state sizes on false pretenses a.k.a saying it fits from sizes UK8 to UK10 when it clearly fits a UK size 6?)

Nonetheless, I since I still fit in it anyways, I could go always go without eating the whole day just to wear it. With a smile on my face and as I happily count down the days to my birthday, I hung the dress up and stowed it in my closet – tag still intact. (Once in a while, opening up the closet to admire it :P).

And.... as the days went by...

The day finally came! You wouldn't know how excited I was!! My girlfriends planned a night out for me and I was all fired up! Dress - check! Shoes - check! Accessories - check! Bag - check! Makeup - check!


All hell broke loose when I was waiting for my friends to arrive and pick me up when.... the zipper on the back of the dress gave in! OMG this CANNOT be happening to me NOWWWWW!!!

I called my friends and literally had a panic attack while I attempted to salvage the broken zipper – to no avail!!! I texted the seller about the problem and she replied that there was nothing that she could do! I asked again, nicely if she could please help me. She said that she would try to contact her supplier. In the end my besties had to talk me into wearing another dress. ( Btw, I had a great birthday night out anyways! :D )

2 days had passed, the seller did not get back to me on the status of an exchange or a refund of the dress. Hence, I texted her. I constantly had to text her to get a reply and it went on about a week. In the end, she told me that (back to square one), there was nothing that she could do.

Perhaps it is partly my fault, but then, I felt that the seller was just ignorant to the problem and like she didn’t give a damn.  But then, I am still frustrated (who wouldn’t be?). For the amount I paid for the dress, it doesn’t size up to the quality of clothing she is selling.

I still return to her store to check out the clothes that she’s selling (she is currently trying to get rid of her own clothes now since she’s in Australia) cause no doubt I admit that she sells gorgeous clothes but I’ll never purchase anything from her ever again.


  1. Why are people slapping the buyer?!

    btw, may i know which blogshop this is?


  2. Anon 1 - I think because they think it's her fault because the author shouldn't have forced herself into a dress that she knew didn't fit her well. If I was seller, I would never allow a customer to return a torn dress.

  3. It's not the seller's fault that the buyer couldn't fit into the dress, assuming she has given the measurements and all that. Even if measurements weren't provided, I'd say it's the buyer's duty to request for it.

    Sometimes if the tag doesn't state what UK sizes the item fits, i think the best that sellers can do is estimate the UK sizes and give the measurements. Then it's up to the buyer to measure themselves and compare their measurements to the clothing sold. While UK sizes do give a rough estimate, I'd always fall back on the measurements.

    And how can a seller know how "busty" is busty? If a buyer says "I'm skinny", how skinny is skinny? Everyone's perception of skinny/plump/tall/short/busty/flat will vary from the next person. There's no absolute understanding of what's busty or what's not. So how can you blame the seller for not being able to estimate the buyer's "busty-ness"?

    So in no way is it the seller's fault that the buyer ended up bursting out of the dress, and in no way should the seller need to replace or refund for the damaged dress. If the buyer really wanted a new one and if it's restockable, just buy a new one. Don't be a loser.

  4. which blogshop is this? please mail me :)

  5. i agree with anon 3. it's not the seller's fault that buyer can't fit into the dress when measurements are given.

  6. in this case, i would be more assured to buy in a physical store... ;)

  7. I don't think it's the seller's fault. Every buyer should make sure the clothes fit before buying. Ask for measurements until you're 100% sure.

  8. What you expect from the seller when you called her for help on your broken zipper? Of course she can't do nothing on it! Takkan she has to drive to your house and sew back for you? =.=

  9. mail me the blogshop please :DD

  10. i don't believe in the sizes they provided...i always ask for the measurement...
    its not fair to blame the seller...she is not responsible for the damage of the dress...u you are trying to fit in a dress that was a bit snug (as per title - snug disaster) for you

  11. Its the buyer's fault. SHE FORCED herself into a dress that she cannot fit and now its torn, she expects a refund. WOW how CONVENIENT.

  12. it's just like if you buy a pet, then it dies only you ask for refund.

  13. are you retarded? put yourself in the sellers' shoes. i wouldn't give two fucks if i were her.

    1) obviously the definition of busty is up to ones' interpretation. how the hell is the seller supposed to know what your boob size is?

    2) even if she did tell you it wouldn't fit, given that you haven't shopped for your dress AND you already have your eyes on her piece, you'd still buy it anyway. high possibility yes?

    3) did you expect her to go to your house and sew the seams together for you???? PLUS you tried it once and it fitted so it could be that YOU broke it.

    4) u honestly expected her to call her supplier (and sew for you/refund/exchange) because of ONE piece of dress that the customer claims to be faulty?

    WOW buyer. i am impressed by how ridiculous this sounds.

  14. Haha..hey Anon Jun 13 1:13AM, chill! I guess with the preparations of her birthday celebration and the high expectations of a good party, a torn in her much anticipated birthday dress was too much for her on that day.

    To each his/her own, but I am indeed a bit surprised she wanted the seller to help her in this aspect.

  15. Doesnt matter how pricey the dress was...
    If it already snug to begin with, you cannot expect the seller to be responsible for the damage you did. Be it RM2 zipper or a diamond encrusted RM2000 zipper, they're not meant to hold in teteks one size too large for the dress.

  16. "I admit that she sells gorgeous clothes but I’ll never purchase anything from her ever again"

    Don't worry, I don't think she would sell anything to you ever again. You would probably pop the buttons on a shirt and ask her for a refund.

    I'm not insulting your bust size, I'm a busty girl myself. My advice to you is to avoid ill-fitting clothes. If it doesn't fit, don't force yourself into it.

  17. right, im her friend that convinced her to pick another outfit on that night, first of all she definitely DID NOT FORCED HERSELF INTO THE DRESS. the moderator of slapme shouldnt have titled it as SNUG DISASTER, as if my friend is like a hippo trying to fit in a size S dress or sth. For a 60-70 bucks dress that we obviously know we can get it at 20bucks at wholesale, i think the buyer deserves an explanation (eg seller replacing the broken zipper since everyone here insist its only 2 ringgit worth right?)isnt online shopping supposed to be just like any other service industry? you sellers dont come and bomb me saying things like "if you expect more why dont you just shop at retail stores etc" Just like i said, online shopping is still a service industry.

  18. OMG, seriously.

    To the author's friend above. Nobody said/implied that your friend is a hippo. We get it, she's *busty*, not *fat*.

    If you're trying to fit yourself into a dress too small for you, you ARE most definitely trying to force yourself into it.

    What is there to explain?! She's busty, the dress is too small and the zipper broke. End of story. Is that so hard to understand?

    I'm a UK6 but because I'm busty I buy clothes that are UK8/UK10 and I've never ripped the seams or broken a zipper. Use your commen sense! Jeez.

    To the author's friend, I hope you're joking because you sound like you really expected the seller to sew the zipper back for your friend.

  19. wow, didn't know sharing my experience on this site would result in so much slamming!

    anyway, i have fixed the zipper (the seamstress recommended a better quality one instead of the original one). as i had just discovered this blog, i would just like to share my past (inexperienced online shopper self then) experience.

    from what i have gathered from the comments, are you saying that sellers are not stating true information on the clothing as buyers have to actually ask sellers for exact measurements?

    and no, the seller did not provide the exact measurements as i already mentioned to the seller i FIT into a topshop UK10. and giving her the benefit of doubt, and TRUSTED her that the dress size is according to the international sizing chart. (so IF the seller knew i couldn't fit / dress zipper is faulty but still sold it to me, isn't this exploitation?)

    to those who requested for the blog url, i'm sorry that i will not be providing it as my intention was not to destroy the shop's reputation. Sorry to let you down girls!

    but before i sign off, i would like all of you to ponder,

    a) this is NOT the case where "i bought a pet and killed it after 2 days and demanding a refund" but a "i bought a pet and to find that it is actually ill, hence as a consumer, have a right to know what's going on from the seller"

    b) perhaps we don't practise much consumer rights in malaysia. we are complacent and don't bother complaining when a brand new item breaks down - we just go out and buy a new one.

    c) do blogshop sellers actually have the buyers at heart? as the saying goes, try standing in someone else's shoes for a second.

    my intention is so sellers can improve when stating the information or description of the items they are selling. online shopping is supposed to be convinient simple click & buy process where information should be abundant and accurate - why think about it - it saves time for sellers too as you don't have to reply so many emails or measure clothes everytime someone asks!

    and one rotten egg doesn't spoil the whole basket. i've learned from this particular experience and had better online shopping experiences, mind all of you.

    safe shopping, thank you and good day! :)

  20. hey author, im with u. n btw, if a pet dies within five days of purchase u do get a new one.

  21. Author's friendJune 14, 2010 at 2:08 PM

    thumbs up to author, anyway the point is i think the author deserves AN EXPLAINATION FOR THE BROKEN ZIPPER AS BUYER PAID 70 BUCKS OR SO FOR SHITTY QUALITY, to those that still insist buyer broke the zipper cause shes busty please do learn how to read/extract the main point of this post. :)

  22. the zipper wasn't already broken when the buyer got it. The zipper broke when the buyer was WEARING it. A zipper wouldn't just break for on reason. It broke because the dress was too tight on the buyer.

    And to the author. Most clothing sold online aren't tagged with any sizes, whether S or M, UK 6 or 8. And often, even someone who normally fits into UK10 may fit in a UK8 or 12 for certain cuttings. As an example, I've a mixture of XS, S and M sized tops in my wardrobe. I sometimes wear UK 6 or 8.

    Point being, even if you told the seller you fit into a Topshop UK10,
    1) the clothes don't have UK sizes tagged on them. Best she can do is estimate. If you wanted to be extra sure, you should've asked for measurements. Try holding up a piece of tag-less clothing and estimating what size it may fit and see how you fair in that department.
    2) for certain cuttings, even if it's tagged UK10, it may not fit a UK10.

    It's not that the seller is not stating true information. She's stating information to the best of her abilities, which may not always be accurate. Hence ask for measurements.

    Zipper was not faulty when she sold it to you. She wouldn't have a clue in the world if it could fit you.

  23. so actually, author, erm, what do you want the seller to do? :)
    at first i thought you want her to fix ur zipper or get a new one for you, then out of sudden you came out with the additional comment, and you say you want to know what happen to the "ill cat". err? err?
    im interested to know what's next, honestly. im a seller myself and hope to know what you guys expect :p
    or you want her to refund you RM2 so that you can get a new zipper on your own?

  24. there there, bunch of sellers trying back up one another