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If you insist, I wouldn't resist

Last year, I purchased a dress from a blogshop worth RM45.
At that time, they were having a promotion - you can either receive free shipping or a free mystery gift.

I emailed the seller and said I wanted to purchase the dress. Her reply:

"Thanks for your order, your dress is RM45. Since we're having promotion now, you can either have free pos ekspres, or pay for pos ekspres and receive a mystery gift.
If you want free pos ekspres, please bank in RM41 (RM45-RM4).
If you want the mystery gift, please bank in RM49 (RM45+RM4)."

At this point I went "huhhhhh?!!!" if I wanted free pos ekspres, then shouldn't I pay for the dress, which is RM45?

I emailed the seller again asking her whether she's sure that I should pay RM41 and not RM45 if I wanted free shipping. I DOUBLE checked with her, and she still insisted it was RM41!!!

So I paid RM41, got my dress and free pos ekspres! :)
Was very happy, the seller was super nice, however, I must say sadly, her maths damn fail -_-"


  1. lol! can give me the blog link?

  2. That means RM45 includes the price of postage?

    So actually, if someone opts for the mystery gift... they'll actually be paying for the dress (RM41)+ postage (RM4) + mystery gift (RM4)?!!

    Where's the 'free' in free mystery gift? Lol.

  3. The blogshop mentioned has converted to a pre-order site.

    Nope, the dress was stated as RM45, if there wasn't a promotion, then it would be RM49 with postage.

  4. Then shouldn't the final amount for free postage equal RM45 (price of dress) instead of RM41? RM41 is like getting free postage + discount.

    The difference between RM41 ("free postage") and RM49 (dress+postage)is RM8 o.0

  5. LOL~ Such a good deal! No free gift ROFL to those who always looking for free gifts! It's paid anyway! XD

    Author, would u mind sharing the blogshop with me?

    Thanks in advanced >.<