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Well I sayyyyy...

I was at a bazaar recently and I was nice enough to allow customers to try on the clothing before purchasing.

But I BELIEVE that I have my right to refuse anyone from trying on my clothes, even if they're a prospective customer. Based on reasons within reason of course. Don't you think so too?

There was a girl, really overweight, and who believes that she's the hottest thing on the planet.
Why do I say so?
Cos she walks like she's a model, talks in a very fake Brit-American accent and swings her fake LV bag around. (hello, it's not that hard to tell between a real LV to a fake one). Her tattooed shoulders (yes omg she was wearing a halter top with her fats bursting out everywhere) even reads 'hot stuff'. WTF, how tacky.
That was my impression of her, but I was nice and all smiles when she and her mousey friend stopped by my stall.

She picked a particular dress, which was 3 times smaller than her.
The material was stretchy but I doubt it was stretchy enough to fit her, seriously. And she held it, looked at it like it was love at first sight and asked me, "ini boleh try ke?" [Can this be tried on?]

I was like, "Boleh try, tapi.. err.. No offense la but I think this dress can accomodate sizes S-M only. The material is not that stretchy."

She spoke with her fake brit-american accent,"Oh, nonsense. I think it can fit me perfectly fine. After all, a size L is only slightly larger than an M size. I want to try."

If anyone had seen her, she's definitely a size XXL.

Me: Umm, sorry miss but I don't want to risk my dress being damaged. I really don't think it can accomodate you as it has a small cutting.

Her: Hey, how you know? I never try it on yet, how can you tell?

Me: So if by any chance IF the dress gets damaged like ripped or torn, then how?

Her: Hello, you're in the fashion business, don't you have a sort of back-up plan to cover damage costs?

Me: No, I don't. I buy and I sell, that's about it.

Her: That's wrong. Let me tell you, as a business major from the UK,  you cannot start a business without any back-up. Like what if your shop burned down or something and destroys your clothes? You need the insurance to cover that.

Me: [WTF] My shop's online by the way. And if my clothes got destroyed in a fire, I'll bear the cost myself. And right now, as my own way of ensuring I don't need to make any losses, I'm not allowing you to try this dress on.

She then went on a bout how unprofessional I am and yadayada, then left with her mousey friend. How rude!
I'm no business major and I don't have much knowledge on that, but I don't think I even need that sort of insurance as a part time blogshop-owner. Am I right?

Can someone clarify this with me please? Thanks.


  1. in denial in denial in denial, WTF.
    lucky you didn't let this deluded hippo try on your dress, lol. it was obvious from her tone that she was NOT going to bear the damage.

  2. You dealt this matter professionally!:)

  3. SLAP THE FAT BIATCH TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!! y talk bout insurance, wat is it relate to?? backup plan?? wat is tat?? professional business man doesn means is professional "sewer" or fashion designer, as buyer, if i know those cloths are repaired b4, i'll think twice whether i will buy this from the seller, unless it repaired nicely, i'm fine.. but i'll think y this seller has torn or damaged cloths? is she didn take care of her product? or someone wore b4??
    tell the buyer, we, seller are "The A Team", no backup, no plan B, LOL!!!

  4. two thumbs up,seller!

  5. Just put a notice: No trying. :)

  6. You had every right to deny her! Especially if the person is a fat deluded bimbo.

  7. never heard such thing as insurance plan, even if there is, which insurance company want to cover a blogshop that doesn't make money over thousands per month? =/ plus, you might not even make enough to cover the insurance payment.

  8. Did u ask her does she has a backup plan or insurance policy in case she ripped ur dress off with her "UH SOOOO HOT BODY?"

  9. Hm let her try but if the dress is damaged, then just tell her to pay for the dress.