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Rubies No More

 ** Shahreena of Th3 Golden Wardrobe is onboard **

Hey peeps, Wanisha has written to me with details of their agreement for a refund. I'll withhold any further comments until Wanisha has received her money.
Havent heard from Shahreena personally on my end but if she does send in proof of an amazing spam box phone, I'll post it up. Does she owe anyone else money? Time to write to her!

Last month I ordered a pair of ruby shoes from this blogshop. It's actually a pre-ordered item, so I've to wait till the shoes arrive (the owner said the shoes are directly from Australia, so have to wait until they arrive).

I've made full payment for the shoes and wait patiently. She said when the stocks have arrived, she will directly post it to me.End of April, I emailed her asking when will I receive the shoes, and she replied that I'll received mine together with the other buyers. When I asked again when is the actual date, she didn't reply.

Then about 2-3 weeks ago, I browsed her blogshop again and I was shock to see, the label for "Ruby Shoes" has been removed. I emailed her asking why she removed the label and asking for clarification whether she still selling the shoes or not. And to my surprised, she didn't reply my mail. I started to feel that I've been conned.

Recenty, I checked her blogshop again, and it is 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION'. I emailed her again, asking politey, what happen to the shoes that I've bought and reminded her that I've paid full payment for the shoes. And as I already thought, she still hasn't replied my email.

I am very upset with her acts. At least, she should inform me what is happening or let me know something. She shouldn't just go MIA like this. This is so unprofessional. Though the money that I've paid is not too much, but I still can use the money for other purposes. I hate doing business with this kind of people. When people started doing online business, you also want to own one. But you do not know how to give a  commitment. Pleaselaa weyh!!

** Sherlock Holmes Alert in comments. Kudos to you **


  1. u hve been cheated on same seller with this post

    i just browse her blog, yaa under construction..
    dia sudah tipu n now dia mau lari jauh2..

  2. May I know which blogshop is this??
    It's so freaking annoying!
    I wanna slap that seller kao kao! My gosh!

  3. Anonymous: Can u give me her blog link? Nk tau betol tak dgn blog yg tipu I ni. Here's my email:

  4. omg! i thought no one would ever bought anything from her anymore since that post.poor u dear.u must hv missed out that moment.i also ordered ruby shoes from her last two months.i waited for the shoes like crazy because she kept on ignoring my email.feels like wanna kill her!!then i emailed her like everyday asking n demanding for last she refund me n u know what.she even dare said 'please clear all my names if u ade wat statement kt mane2'.bitch!i will mail u the blogshop.

  5. i think it's same blog with the link given by 1st anon.
    i open her blog too,and it stated under construction!

  6. hi..pls email me the blog's name :) tried to google based on the clues from
    but cant find since the blog's now under construction :(

  7. kesian la,
    i hate when sellers go MIA
    it's so damn irritating,
    do you have her phone number?
    I suggest start sms-ing her and spamming her all the time,
    she'll get fed up eventually,
    good luck

  8. Wanisha - WriterMay 14, 2010 at 2:32 PM

    I didn't know about this blog until today... Baru terjumpa hr ni... So, Anon 2... How long have u been emailing her for refund money? She's really a BITCH la! She knows what she did is wrong but still she wanna keep on doing that.

  9. please please mail me too,because I think I've encountered the same problem , i just want to know whether u're talkin about the same blogshop

  10. omg. eversince the last post i was hoping that no one will go n buy from her anymore. she's really with ruby shoes but bad services. cheated on ppl money summore.

    haih!!n yet she still has the guts to continue her business n tipu orang lagi!!!!she knows that shes been talking in SMWDY but still running her business. tak tahu malu!

    to the author. so sorry. i hope she will refund u back or u will get ur ruby shoes. her going MIA is just normal. lotsa her buyers dah terkena.

    sooooo ALMARI EMAS lah sgt!!!

  11. Hey girls,

    Since this is a repeat offender, can someone confirm the seller with me and I'll go public with this. Weed out the bad I say!

  12. Oh wait! is almari emas the tip here? Hmmmmm :)

  13. Wanisha - WriterMay 14, 2010 at 3:23 PM

    I've mada a complaint to SKMM about this blog. Hopefully the SKMM side will take some actions towards my complaint.

  14. anon may14,2010 3:18pm.

  15. i'm a seller.. this idiot order a long list of wholesale order from me. After a few emails and chatting in her blog (not sure is it yahoo msg). She ask me to reserve the items for her and after 1 week time she will make payment. Alright, i thought since she is also seller, she will not backout her orders. 1 week,2 weeks, 3weeks and until now she got no respond at ALL!!! Everyone Pls do not buy from her anymore!! *this is the 1st time i scold ppl as Idiot..!!*

  16. Wanisha - WriterMay 14, 2010 at 4:29 PM

    Does anyone knows her other emails beside

  17. if you go to thriftbook (or was it SG?) there was a whole ruckus going on there, i think about the same person too. and she used her personal email with different names to put in requests and stuff, maybe to distract people from continuing the discussion about her. then she started replying the accusations. so, maybe you can find her personal email in the cbox there. was ages ago tho.

  18. waliao 100 + followers,
    arent they playing in the lion's den being a follower?
    anyway really hope this person comes forward and refunds everybody,
    hate sellers like this!

  19. Are you guys blind or plain stupid? cant you read the red colour statement that obviously stating the blog name? haih people.

  20. allah wanda
    don't marah people like that mah,
    i think that note was put after a while
    maybe the people who placed their emails commented when the note wasn't inserted yet,
    have a heart, be patient and go plant a tree.
    p.s It wasn't me, I already know who it is!

  21. haiya.. the red colour statement baru je ade la.. last i tgk masih tade okeh. no need to tht rude la --"

  22. the cheek of this girl is wayyyy too much lah. i actually left a comment on her blog. i hope everybody will read it, including her friends and family.

  23. From googling her name and phone number:

    Main blogger webpage:

    List of websites:

    Contact numbers : 0137227704 / 0177656319
    Hometown: Stated as Pasir Gudang, Johor Baru
    Student UiTM Diploma In Accountancy

    Maybank account: 151240024433
    CIMB account: 01270013805525
    Bank Islam account: 01087020317624

    Myspace account:

    I guess this doesn't violate her privacy since she already posted it all up in the internet. I just wasted abit of my time to google it out.

    Please beware when you bank in money to any of the accounts(she might be using other accounts too).

  24. wa-seh,
    stalker much?
    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA thanks for the info though :D

  25. wanda: the note was just put up la..gosh..who's the stupid one now? Go look at yourself in the mirror.

  26. why are there people buying RUBI shoes online when there's already RUBI shoes in KL? hmmm. if you're from another state that doesn't have Cotton On, then i get it. hehe.

  27. Now now... Wanda may have jumped the gun here but let's not divert the attention of this issue.

    Way to go ANON May 14, 2010 5:16 PM. This Shahreena is one busy girl eh?

  28. i dont want to preach and all
    but this just goes to show how much info you can get through the internet,
    so beware fellow readers,
    never post too many details about yourself online!
    anyone can stalk and hunt you down :o

  29. not to forget she also got myspace selling those stuffs. a big fat liar with an ugly face.

  30. Wanisha - WriterMay 14, 2010 at 5:46 PM

    Dear Anonymous May 14, 2010 5:30 PM ,

    I'm living in Kedah... so far there's no Cotton On outlets here, besides at the time I was buying the shoes from that shitty blogshop, I was looking for a flat pump shoes and I stumbled upon the blog and straightly bought one pair. I am so unlucky la terjumpa blog tu.

  31. I am the writer of Dumb & Dumber. I can't believe that there are still ppl buying stuffs from this girl. She is a freaking con, srsly!

    After the ruckus made in "I blacklist you back", I thought, no one would ever buy stuffs from her. Oh well!

  32. Sheesh! Good thing I've removed her site from the blogroll! ;)

  33. walao.. diploma in accountancy? she's soo not gonna do well in her studies! not an honest accountant later in future. that if she ever will succeed. she won't get away with this la.

    anyway i think by not refunding her buyers money meaning she has used up all the money already. don't you think so? she's sick bitch la. zzz

    how about inviting her to the next biggest bazaar like chic pop or something, and the cheated buyers work together and go disturb her shop there? slap also can. kill also can lol haha. ask police to come also. sort of a trap for her. so she can't run away then. no?

    was just a crazy idea.. hehe

  34. haha. no peeps. i ain't a stalker. but im just doing my part as a smart consumer and warn others against her. we shouldn't be letting such people to ruin the experience of blogshopping. cheers!

    note: yes, one should be puttin too much information on the internet. good thing that she deleted off all her personal blogs, if not, more dish will be dished out. guard your privacy well girls(of coz this doesn't apply to con ppl!).

  35. hey, saw she got a new phone number stated on her myspace.


    go go go! spam her order form, phone, email! till she cant run no where

  36. here's her face book.!/puteri.botique.collection

  37. I think she reads this blog regularly, google her email and it was in one of the commenters for previous post.. seems like she's busy body too =P

  38. oh anon 4.18pm.. one more thing.. she use my product photo and post in her myspace to get sales WITHOUT get any permission from me. Can she just refund all the money to buyer and close down her blog? :p

  39. found her new blog!!! beware of this one peeps!

  40. oh ya, I found her real picture, you peeps can see it here wakakaka~

  41. I just found out that she have created new blog!

    This is her new blog :

    Please be aware buyers out there!

    This is her FB acc :!/profile.php?id=100000417266141&ref=sgm


  42. Cant seems to get the blogshop from d link above le..takan she removed immediately....???

  43. GOT IT!!.....some more dare to link back the TGW blog eh...=="

  44. ehhh she's a follower of your blog leh XD keeping track of her stuff and try to cover up is it?

  45. Yeah, she's inquired bout advertising also. She'll come read this soon :D

    personal blog.

  47. Woah this freaking bitchy seller damn thick skin right? Dare to open up other blogshops to sell stuffs. *#&$(#&$9#

    I dealt with her before too. Had had bloody bad experience. I freaking hate her!

  48. Im shahreena.
    Please emailed mr for refunded.
    Tq ~~!!

  49. wat the....? till now only ask ppl email for refund ah..why buyer need to beg so hard, and bring this matter up at SMYDU to get back own money eh...ish....

  50. wow, it's becoming a hunting game!

    look! everyone lets come stalk her!


  51. Hello.
    I bukan MIA.
    More emailed masuk kt spam box.
    So, if spam mmg I delete trus.
    But ade jugak yg masuk kt mail biase.
    So I rply.
    I dh closed down my blogshop.
    If I delete trus blog, org makin ckp I menipu.
    So, do emailed me oke.
    Gmail only.

  52. if you're really nur shahreena, why take actions now only after all the things were revealed? why dont u refund at the very first place without ppl getting to you? so are u trying to run away/conning people at the very first place?

    please keep up to your words in refunding people and STOP CREATING NEW BLOGSHOPS before u settle your old problems. do yourself a favour by not getting your pictures and infos all over the net. u might not know whether one of your customers might be helping to gain more 'exposure'.

  53. this is not the first time she got caught and then comment here that she will give refund, right? Meaning that she will keep repeating and repeating her antics... like WTF.

  54. So kalau you delete terus semua spam without reading, macamana you tau banyak e-mail diorang masuk spam box? Your phone pun ada spam box ke? Agak convenient jugak ye.

  55. Look, everyone!!! She's here!!!

  56. and girl, giving an excuse of mails going to spambox is a weak defense. sellers do give reminder to buyers to CHECK SPAMBOX for replies and why can't u do so if you're sincere with it?

    what's more you yourself said tht some mails ended up at spam and you will just delete straightaway. VERY SINCERE OF U.

  57. Okee.
    I taw, kt sini je tempat yang sesuai utk bercakap.
    I mengakui, I buat byk silap.
    Kdg3 I x bagi feed back.
    But, really.
    I xpkai duet u all.
    Due to shipping, barang sangkut.
    Yes, I tau mcm mane perasaan ditipu because I pown pnh kne tpu.
    3kali yang menyebabkan kerugian hampir RM 3K.
    So now, pada sape yang xdpt barang.
    Please email I.
    So boleh bgtau nk mcm mane.
    I mintak maap sangat3 sbb dh menyusahkan semua org.
    Really sorry.
    Hope benda nie stop d cni.
    Sbb I dh buat pengakuan kt cni.
    Please emailed I.

  58. u girls are awesome...seriously u took the time to hunt her down n now the others will be getting back their money...kudos to u ladies!!!
    juz a reader...

  59. Because, I Baru check td.
    And ade 2 emailed kt sana.
    Yes HP I ade spam box.
    Btw, myazz, itu semua account lame.
    U boleh check tu sume not active.
    And dibuat dlm satu account =]

  60. so much lies.... if her barang really tersangkut then why is she making so much more new blogshops? sudah lah kalau orang tak buat repot polis pun budak ni tak serik serik.

  61. Tak pernah telefon ada SPAM BOX. SUMPAH!!!!!

    Shahreena, come on. I used a top notch Blackberry & iPhone and I swear there is no spam box for smses. Who are you trying to kid? Which jambatan did you think we all crawled out from?

  62. anon may 14 10:41pm

    hopefully she will really do so. if this is the problem from the supplier then she could tell the truth instead of keeping mum on it and opening up more new blogs like mushrooms.

    im sure blogshoppers here are kind souls that would understand her IF she comes clean and if she have difficulty paying then opt for installment payments (be sure to pay ok?).

    all the girls could actually gather themselves and make a mass report which police will not ignore since there are so many victims if she fail to keep up with the payments.

    of course this is just the very last resort. this is a reminder to all sellers out there. don't ever go MIA. even if google doesn't help getting your info, with your bank account and full name together with a police report, your details will be out public anyway. employers nowadays do google and fb background check and you wouldn't want your name to be in dispute case when the google search comes up.

  63. Oke.
    Im already explain bout my blog.
    Tu semua blog lame yang dibuat dalam satu account.
    Last year I think.
    Then, myaz thanx sbb talk nicely with me.
    Anon, yes, my phone ade spam box.
    I can show u if u want it

  64. yeah!! Pls stop giving shit reason anymore!! This is not a good reason and not acceptable at all. I dont believe so "many" emails will go to spam box.. U r LIAR!! U just dont want to face the problem and run away. Thats y u open other new blog.. Penipu Besar!!

  65. The seller said
    "Yes HP I ade spam box"
    Tudioooh....i am so curious wat so advance HP she is using..and then why cant you leave a note that your stock have problem on your blog and give a clear explain to your buyer, just went MIA...and it is pre-order items, dont you need to keep update the status from time to time?
    Mind you that your buyer've emailed you for weeks...are you rotting at somewhere else within this period??
    This is the power of internet nowadays, when you want to con ppl, think twice, buyers are not stupid too.

  66. read this link!

    scammer sent to jail for 3 months!

  67. babilah kau pompuan penipu!tipu duit org rezeki xberkat!

  68. lizlizliz, where's the link lah??

  69. woops! sorry, i dint include link?

    nah... from a singapore blog if not mistaken...
    girl went to jail after people filed a report against her.

  70. Anon May 14, 2010 8:50 PM ,

    Her ROXY wedges costs RM50++ including postage? WTH?? Other blogs selling Roxy wedges around 30/40 ++ (below 50 even after including postage fees). So expensive la... Mark up duit bnyk2 btol la..

  71. I think it's time to settle things. I'm not a customer, but since u're opening up new blogs, it wont be good to your business as well.

    Maybe u should start clarify stuffs, make update here so that others won't go publish to their blog saying that u're a cheater.

    Yes, that's what i'll do if u didn't settle the problem..

    No slapping, promise :)

  72. Shahreena darling,

    If REALLy this is your last attempt to make things right, do make all refund like you stated so boldly here within this week.
    DEADLINE 21st MAY 2010 to all that you owe to.

    I suggest to all who is still waiting for a refund or didn't receive the items to email her with your details and amount and give her a week to pay back.

    IF by 21st she fails to deliver her promise, we will lodge an official police report stating each transaction detail and case. FAIR?

  73. Anon May 14, 2010 11:23 PM ,


  74. srsly, cheating ppl money over RM 3k ? come on lah. its about time someone do a police report. enough is enough ! buyers yg kena con by this girl, i think you girls should gang up and police report.
    if you don't, she'll just repeat the whole thing again. i think she apologised at thriftbook but until now, she still hasn't refund anything.

  75. she always gives lame excuses and pretended like she's innocence baby.i'll never ever trust her!

  76. not on goldenwardrobe's side but anon 12:10 AM, shahreena said SHE got conned rm3k. that anonymous is her. i just have to agree with what another anon said on another post. this place is has lots of people who cant read/understand properly.

  77. wah!u guys sure know how to dig information eh?good job there! *salute*

  78. cik shahreena oi, canggihnye hp awak! sampai ade spam box jugak! :X

  79. Another seller here,

    I think is totally nonsense to said that you don't read / check your spam box. If you open up your business, you'll check both inbox and spam box JUST IN CASE your customer email went into the spam box and you'll lose potential customers.

    And also most of the customer used to email you, means their email should be directly sent to your inbox instead of your spam folder.

    So stop ruin our seller reputation by saying all nonsense and crap. If you don't think you can handle, then please stay away after you had settle all the mud pie that you created.

  80. Also not forgetting, since you said that your HP does have SPAM folder, and you are WILLING to show us, kindly send a print screen to SMWDY so that she could upload and ALL of us can verify that.

    Oh ya, don't think you are that smart to use any photoshop to edit and add in spam folder, we're able to detect it if you really photoshop that screen shot

  81. anon 12.35 AM, do you really believes what this shahreena girl is saying ? god knows how many more other girls she has cheated already. if she herself got conned, then what are her intentions on conning other people ? to get revenge ? o.o

  82. @anon 12.35am

    cant blame them.
    look at the language that shareena girl is using. dont mind rojak. but she should spell her words properly la.. memalukan betul! made even the very basic malay words hard to understand. wtf with 'pown'???? it's PUN laaaah...

    i nw know what i want for xmas this year...
    >> a hp that has spam box !!!! ;D

  83. no, like i said, i dont believe her. but i mean, she said she herself got conned. not she's admitting that she conned people up to RM3K. maybe she did, but its not written here, so that other anonymous is saying something she understood wrong. like u, i never said i believed her. i just said, at least understand properly first lah.

    she said: Yes, I tau mcm mane perasaan ditipu because I pown pnh kne tpu.
    3kali yang menyebabkan kerugian hampir RM 3K.

    not: Yes, I tau mcm mane perasaan ditipu because I pown pnh kne tpu.
    I pun tipu orang sampai hampir RM 3K.

    i dunno how to explain already lah.

  84. aku dan...KAWWWWWMay 15, 2010 at 2:16 AM

    i tak peduli la KAW kene tipoo braper juta ker.
    yg penting sini, apsal KAW pun ekot skali menipooo?

    tak pyh nak ber'pown pown' kat sini. myampah giler baca(aku taip ekot stail KAW pun aku dah rasa MENYAMPAH)

  85. damn, now im really scared to shop online.

  86. no wonder she didnt reply my email.bought something from her, thought of exchanging it but no replies.
    lucky never felt like shopping with her again!

  87. her domain website

  88. Anon 1:07 AM, i don't think a print screen is enuff, must ask seller to provide the hp brand and model as well..

  89. Hello.
    Im already setled this issue with the buyer.
    I rase this buyer should expose bout our conversation last nyte.
    Yes, I can proof that HP I boleh read spam box.
    Kenapa macam looked weird ke ?
    Please read carefully.

    I dh ditipu hampir 3k.
    If org nk tipu, ade ke nk expose story kt cni ?
    Then mengaku kt org dh tpu bape byk ?

    About blog plak.
    Blog I cuma 1.
    Yg laen semua dibuat tahun lepas but not active.
    I boleh lelong all roxy yang I ade for RM15 je.
    Itu semua lama.

    So this case I dh settle dengan author.
    Then I would show u yg HP I ade spam box
    plus, I bukan seorang yang hebat dalam Photoshop
    so I xkn edit ape3.

  90. One more thing, another option if she STILL tipu about refunding the $. It's stated that she is a UITM student - Diploma In Accountancy. Make a complaint there at her uni. Let all her peers know about her cheating behaviour. This lady obviously has no conscience, keep cheating over and over again. Eventhough i have not bought anything from her (THANK GOODNESS), reading all your experiences makes my blood boil.

  91. well, i think this girl is probably lying about the shipping problem coz a lot of sellers out there are getting their stuff from overseas too but they dont constantly have shipping problem. once or twice is acceptable but i think she has bigger problem than shipping. i'm also a seller and my shipping sangkut at the custom once only and u can release the stuff within a few days.

    and agreed with anon who said the spam box thingy is also a lame excuse. we sellers wudnt want to lose potential customers so we will check our spam box.

  92. Hey peeps, Wanisha has written to me with details of their agreement for a refund. I'll withhold any further comments until Wanisha has received her money.
    Havent heard from Shahreena personally on my end but if she does send in proof of an amazing spam box phone, I'll post it up.


  93. Tak payah susah-susah ambil gambar spam box

    Bagi brand dan model pun boleh

    Aku juga nak beli hp kau yang canggih tu

  94. see, when you post a complaint here in SMWDY, the issues is ALMOST settled in only 24 hours!! That's how SMWDY rawks!!!!
    Let us know when the seller already refund ALL the buyers' money.

  95. damn bitch. she changed her mailing add. i still keep the wrong item she sent me as she promised to post me the right one AFTER i return the wrong item to her.n til now, no reply.

    when i called her she dared to pretend that the phone line was disrupted.hell if i believed that. here's the "conversation" line:-

    BITCH:"hello,hello,hello? eh tak dengarlah. hello,helloo? hah apa dia? hello helloo? *toot*toot*



    also haven't got my rm2 change.i don't care even it's just a small amount.

    FOREVER i HATE u stupid freak

    aku tak halalkn duit haram kau.

  96. I guess we should all check back on May 21st to see if she has refunded all the buyers.

    All buyers who have been refunded, please inform here.

    All buyers who have NOT been refunded, please inform here too.

    And Shahreena, yes you've been saying that your phone has a spam box, don't just keep saying that you will show. Just show it already. Or give us the brand and model. Such information doesn't require hours to conjure up.

    So all buyers involved, do report your statuses here at:
    Date: 21st May 2010
    Time: 9pm

    If possible :)

  97. somebody pls post the email she's currently using:(

  98. First time I heard about a phone with a spam box.
    IF LAH kononnya her phone has a spam box,I doubt she would receive lots of messages till she would even look at it =.=
    If my phone had a spam box,I'd be curious to read it!haha

    Girl,please dont act innocent when you've aboviously did the WRONG thing. Your con victims are too much now and they would be glad to prove it and bring you down.

    So. I'm just waiting for 21st of May. Good luck girls on getting your refunds! I hope you do.
    I love a juicy story (:

    *Marion from Blogmuffins

  99. Her excuses are so lame. One time, I was busy with school and didn't have time to check my emails the whole week and when I opened my account, I had 124 emails and only 2 in the spambox.

    What an active spambox you have, Shahreena. *snort*

    I'm not one of her victims, but good luck in getting your money back, girls!

  100. To the unfortunate victims, do drop Ferocious a status update if you've been refunded. And to those who've yet received a penny by then, please stand up!

    SMWDY, kidly do us all a favour and feature the update on the list by 21st May, 9pm here.

    We will be waiting ....

  101. hey, i'm not on anyone's side here but i decided to google on spam box for handphones.

    guess what i found? SMS SPAM MANAGER FOR HANDPHONES! -.-

    but, the thing is, she can't possibly just block everyone that is not on her contacts because her clients (whom she does not has contact numbers) text her too right. so, i don't know how the seller's spam box really works though.

  102. HAHA OMG!THIS IS SO FUNNY! you girls are soooo good in digging on other people information man!hahaha some comments are sooo funny til all the things i studied went out from my brain!hahahah

  103. U gurls amazed me..Go gurls go.....
    .............i'm so out of peanut...mamak mee goreng pedas satu...teh tarik kurang manis satu...

  104. hahaha...u r rite Anon may 18, 2010 5:04 AM
    go, go, go..
    Gimme a G 'G'
    Gimme a I 'I'
    Gimme a R 'R'
    Gimme a L 'L'
    Gimme a P 'P'
    Gimme a O 'O'
    Gimme a W 'W'
    Gimme a E 'E'
    Gimme a R 'R'

    GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Wanisha - WriterMay 18, 2010 at 10:08 PM

    Hi people,

    Updated news! Shahreena just refunded my money! She finally made it to make payment before the due date which is supposed to be tomorrow. So others who still don't get your money, please contact her ya!

  106. SMWDY, she has cheated more people AGAIN. look here!/album.php?aid=30374&id=100000103056128

    Aiyooo @_@


  108. shes a fucki' jerk!not only used blogspot,also myspace n facebook to gain money from others but the facts is she never have those stuff that she claim in stock.bullshit!

  109. hi all, just few weeks back she sent me msgs on my FB wanted to buy few stuff, lucky me, i never send out items before my customer settle their payment. reading all the comments that has going on since May,i cud see that she never learnt anything from what she has done. she's still out there doing her business everyone, be extra carefull.

  110. girls, DO NOT TRUST THAT GIRL!! i dh terkena ngan dia. dia terlalu banyak alasan & mmg suke cakap tipu. mcm la dia tu bz mengalahkan perdana menteri.. call harammm nak pick up! sms pun ssh nak reply. sebab pe?? sebab tgh pikir caner nak bg alasan.cakap berbelit2 mcm ular! duit i dari bulan 4 xbayar2.PENIPU BESAR! i ade semua2 bukti yg kukuh untuk bawak dia masuk lokap & i pn ade jumpa beberapa org yg dh kena tipu ngan dia.kitorg tgu masa nk bergabung utk buat report polis.. SHAHREENA, tungggguuuuu...

  111. i pun kne tpu ngan betine ni...n fyi,i sgt trust pompuan ni dlu...since dia stu skola ngan i...damn!!x sangke dia leh wat mcm ni kat kwn sndri...this week i nk blk jb n i nk crik pompuan ni...mati la ko aku keje kan ko putut!!!!ko ingat ko leh lari ke??

  112. kenapa comments ada gap from may to july? what happened in between? did she pay back everyone? wats happening now? omg this is so drama i suka gila!

    BUT, being an online shopper myself i am SO DISGUSTED at people like this. DAHLA PAKAI TUDUNG PULAK TU TAK MALU!! ish!