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Check your postage

When you hear of FREE POSTAGE, you might get lil excited, do you? Well, who doesn't?! So, one day, when I saw the FREE POSTAGE offer in this online shopping store, I felt happy and bought something for my niece for her first day in school. It costs not even RM 10.

So weeks by weeks, the item hasn't arrived. I text the seller and she said she is using normal postage so it may take a lil bit of time. It means she was sending the item using an envelope with a 30sen stamp on it. It may take 2-3 weeks, isn't it? I was so shocked about the FREE NORMAL POSTAGE. I've already felt that I won't get the item.

Few months later, the item was still 'out of nowhere'. I couldn't call Pos Malaysia or check online because normal postage means you post, then whether you get it or not, NOT their prob.

So I text the seller and told her about it. She said it was the first time her customer didn't get the item through the normal postage and "Just sorry". Just like that. So I said to myself, lucky that I never buy anything pricey from her!

It's a lesson for us all to check what kind of postage method they are going to give. If not,the item you've paid may end up in the hands of stranger :)


  1. A parcel sent in a 30-cents stamped envelope?? Jeez. This is NEW. lol.


  2. sometimes seller might even claimed they sent it already when they DID NOT! beware! as there is not tracking code!

  3. Buyer should be responsible in this case too. As buyer should find out which delivery method is FREE!! Why didn't ask at the first place? Then you can choose other option. Take this as a lesson.

    Sometime we pay to learn... Sigh...

  4. Complaint WriterMay 11, 2010 at 12:56 AM

    Anon,that's absolutely freaking new.I always thought the same way.

    Lizlizliz, don't want to argue more with the seller.i just wave goodbye to her online shopping store.

    KL, it was my fault too.I admit.Hopefully it'll be a lesson for all of us.