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Need money for Pisang Goreng

I'm a big fan of SG or The Wearables as i love to see what ppl are reselling cos i might come across something that i like , and if im lucky i would get it at a cheaper price.but what i dont get is why would some sell their items at a margin profit of practically -0% ??

selling this PLASTIC bangle for RM2.50. PREFERS COD.
my god for only RM2.50 you're rajin enough to go to a certain COD spot and pass the item to the buyer??
and even if the buyer opts for shipping instead, the cost of the shipping would be HIGHER than the item itself!!
sigh..with the fuel and the trouble of having to deliver it yourself for merely RM2.50 , i advise you just give it to your sister or charity for FREE, would do you one good.

and im just saying, for RM2.50 it aint gonna make your piggy bank any heavier honey..



  1. lol, what's wrong with people nowadays? what's the point of going through photo-taking and posting and COD/postage for the RM2.50?

    also, this reminds me of the price some blogshop sellers set...RM36 for a playsuit? erm, isn't that close to margin price? why r u even selling it just to earn a few bucks??

    i mean, it's good for buyers like me..but it makes me laugh seeing some girls managing their business like they're playing masak-masak..

  2. She's selling her item so let her choose whatever she wants.What's wrong with you,buyer?
    Eventhough it's only RM 2.50 but she wants to sell so just let her lah!

  3. yea..why do ppl even care how much they are selling? why cant ppl just mind their own biz?? maybe is just the seller's hobby..get a life people!

  4. yalah..RM2.50 not money is it?
    sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit la
    and one man's poison is another man's meat (or something along those lines). So please la, don't make fun of ppl just because u wudn't do the same yourself

  5. god would you guys take a chill pill? everyone here's with the stick up the ass attitude. just appreciate that the author had a humorous take on something redundant to most (including me). spare the negativity.

  6. by the way, 2.50 is money if the buyer self collects as in seller duduk rumah je and doesnt have to spend money to go wherever to meet the buyer for COD. and it is money if the postage is less than 2.50. (remember to cancel out the postage fee from here ya) and the excess of the COD and postage fees that's your money. not 2.50 alright. good luck with the sikit2 lama jadi bukit. yep lama2 jadi 2.50 la tu. hahaha

  7. weirdo. high price you complain, seller selling at lower price pon you complain. apa punya manusia lah. tak appreciate langsung.

  8. To Anon 2:05 AM ..i know which blogshop you're referring to. But I remember reading that she said she's doing it because it's her hobby, not to make money. So why point out that her stuff are cheap? We as buyers should be rejoicing! It's rare to see reputable blogshop nowadays that sell clothes for less than RM40.

  9. Let her be. She can sell her bangles at whatever price she wants. Maybe she really needs the RM2.50 to buy pisang goreng :).

  10. If just her hobby then would be good, but if she just simple dump price then I hate it~

  11. if seller marks up the price,buyer keeps on complaining.if they want to sell very cheap..buyer thinks it's a joke.people people.

    maybe she's thinking of getting experience in business.who knows and who cares?

  12. hahahaha i agree with anonymous 9:18 am, you people seriously need a DOUBLE dosage of chill pills. just read em and get some laughs out of it, dont be so UPTIGHT as to jump down ppl's throat the 1st chance you get..sighhhhh DONT GET YOUR PANTIES IN A BUNCH LADIES!!!! smileeee :)

  13. hohohoho..chill people..suddenly i feel like having goreng pisang this instance!

  14. for the 1st commenter,
    why should the seller sells their jumpsuit for rm60++ if they can sell for rm36.
    sometimes, those who sell in cheaper price are whole seller.they buy in bulk so they get cheaper price.
    there one who sell in higher price mostly bought the item from wholeseller 1st, that's why the price is doubled.

    whats wrong with rm36 for a jumpsuit?

    ya lor..mahal complain, murah pon complain.

  15. i don think i'm being with uptight or anything, i'm juz shocked as well y the author yg got uptight over ppl selling items at's their penat lelah also..y u even care?

    i'm with anon #2,#3, #4 and the rest who shares our!

  16. author was just sharing her point of view ....

  17. Agree with anon 4:49 PM..I don't get ppl these can get clothes for a low price but still complain.

  18. I agree, jual murah also complain,jual mahal lagi complan on SMWYD. haiyoooooo

  19. This is farneeeee!

  20. I don't think author is complaining about how cheap the item was. She's just pointing out that seller should just donate the item to charity or give it away to a friend/sister/whoever. Do you really need to earn RM2.50?

  21. haha couldnt have said it better than Anon 11:39pm myself ! but i am soo having pisang goreng fer tea! :P

  22. I agreed with the author, if this is your hobby, just make and give it to your friends/relatives/colleagues instead of selling at this cheap price.
    RM2.50 is ridiculous for me. :S

  23. If the seller has her own preloved blog and sells other items apart from a RM2.50 bangle, then I really think it's acceptable coz buyers would get a few items at one go to make shipping/COD worthwhile.

    Mostly the ppl I know who are unhappy with low prices on blogshops are offline boutique owners and blogshop owners who are out to run a business and earn a living. Thus, buyers are happy but business-minded people get upset.

  24. this is not related to the rm2.50 story but to the 1st anon's comment

    to anon 10.29PM..oooh yes..that explains it..i kept wondering why some ppl complain that certain blogshop sells cheap clothes. they must be the sellers who hike up prices but pretending to be buyers..LOL.

  25. erm, i'm a seller and i'm not angry at all with the said seller who chooses to sell her bangle at RM2.50. don't think the author is angry either. in fact, as a seller running a blogshop fulltime to earn a living, i applaud what the said seller is doing. go la sell your RM2.50 bangle. if you can do it and really enjoy doing it why not? but i agree with author as well, why susah susah go to the extent of COD hahaha..just funny la wei..

    to anon May 27, 2010 12:36 AM , pls go and read the 'Cuss Free Discussion anyone?' post. maybe if u have an ounce of intelligence left u might be able to find the answer to ur question.