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** If anyone wants to know the identity of the said seller or buyer, please leave your email add in the comment box and wait for the private message from the author.
** Any entries with names in them will automatically be deleted. Same applies for comments. Anonymity is my priority..
** I am also not married to Grissom hence I have no CSI knowledge to know which story is true or not. I am only your cut & paste typist.


You know you've made it into the A-List when you've been cloned from the forms and right down to the mini LOL tab!

Hey, no biggie but at least say hello to me you little hooters.

How are my readers treating you? ;)

** Ferocious status : They said Thank You to me via THEIR site... Look hooters, I am not out here to say you cant do what you're doing now but at the rate you are using my site's name to gain every bit of publicity it's getting a little annoying. Go ahead and run your site but could you maybe tone down on the name dropping. Oh... maybe write to me personally to say Thank you for the traffic and readers you ripped off? I am still directing traffic to your site, you know?
Please stop making feel like a celebrity!! I so love living a low profile life...

Where's my caviar and champagne? 

14th May Update : I think they are scared of me for some reason... Why else wont they talk to me? Say Thank You personally? Say Sorry for ripping emails from here personally? I cant find their email address... do they have one? Being humble wont kill you kids. 

How hard is it to go "Oh sorry babe, we'll change it to HAHA instead of LOL. You used it first so let's be original?"



  1. My Sale Hunter here, yeah me too, somebody even cloned my ad rates LOL.

  2. hehe.. i know who you're talking about! the hint is in hooters :P

  3. please. i cant seem to find it.

    let me know thru mail,

  4. oh oh i think i know which blog you're talking about. they did admit that they got my email from your blog and i thought you guys agreed to this before she/he decided to email me. :/

  5. Ish. Any clue for me? this sounds interesting.

  6. yeah they said they got my email from your blog and i wish i hadn't emptied my trash so that i can post up the email here. but unfortunately i did, so basically they emailed me to promote their blog.

    i think they copy and paste their email that they sent to me to all of those who have gotten the email from them.

    so anyone, who has the email, care to share for others including SMWDY to see?

  7. Haha... no need la. I see this coming actually. Imitation is flattery? I wish them luck :D

  8. Oh silly me... I actually got THAT email from a few readers but i missed out the part where they said they took all your email addresses from my blog.

    Wow... speechless to the core

  9. They got my email from this site too..To be honest, I like the 'watch out' loves great deals rite =)

    One thing though, I hate that I have to click to read a post cause it's not all in one page. but then again, all the posts are transparent and links to the said blogshops are shown so hurray for that.

    i still like this site though!

  10. someone mind to tell me wad is this all about? share la......

  11. I need to see this!

    And no website can beat this one :)

  12. They should thank me for the traffic that's going there tonight! I'm being generous!! :D

    My own personal SLAP ME drama. sigh

  13. owhhhh that blog. got the email too. I hate it though :\ the post navigation is not friendly. SMWDY is still the best! <3<3<3

  14. EEEEEEeeeee love love love ya'll!!
    Nevermind, it's a free country. We support also.

  15. i know who! i received that email twice! they sent it to my personal and com email. im quite sure the owner of that blog is a seller. aiyah, this is Malaysia..alot of copy cats lah. i still prefer slap support!

  16. any other clue so that we can google it?

    care to share?

  17. haha.. i sent BCC to u 1 email of me replying to the sender :P

  18. My Sale Hunter here, nope hun, no hellos nothing. But your clone even copied the email address here? O_O *speechless*

  19. lol i got the email too.

    but i don't see any big deal with it... it's freedom on the internet.

    since there are so many blogshops and reviewers mushrooming, i guess, gossips and ranting sites too need to start mushrooming?? :P

    anyway i enjoy reading stories from both sites. it's an eye opener. :p

  20. i love that website and SMWDY..
    but cant deny that ideas come from SMWDY :)
    both has own uniqueness i think :)

  21. Well I would have liked and respected the other site more if they could have just work a little harder to look for their own audience instead of sneaking around on this site and secretly sending out mails to SMYDY's readers. Unless of course they asked permission from SMYDY(which I assume they didn't) or had the slightest decency to say hello to our Miss Ferocious first hah.

    From the way I see it, It does seem like a clone to SMYDY. The only different is that they revealed the names of the blogshop and add "additional" 2-3 section. Come on!Sharing the same concept is acceptable but at least have some imagination and be a little bit more creative.

    wow I sound like a fanatic fan lah. haha. Well, maybe I am!


    I'm actually a really friendly person down to the follicles of my permed hair. Say hello to me pretty PLEASE!!

  23. i want to know the blogs larrr! pls mail me the URL of the 'real' blog n the 'copycat' blog.. ;)

  24. oooh whats this about? :)

  25. Ahhhhhhhh I know which blog this is about,
    a fellow reader here once told me about it,
    navigation's horrible though,
    I kinda gave up reading because the screen layout somehow hurt my eyes!
    And the headings also are not that creative...
    still prefer SMWDY
    but the good thing about them hooters is that they reveal the blogs' names so it's kinda juicy ;)

  26. their english quite fail

    Miss ferocious has better grammar :)

  27. honestly, i don't think they did anything wrong, because they are also sharing online gossip with the rest of us, plus good warnings as they revealed the names of the blogshops. if we only had one single online blogshop and all other blogshops are "copycats", wouldn't life be so much boring? get what i mean?

  28. i wrote something real crude on their latest post. see if they will publish it. i hate COPYCATS. I hate copycats in real life and i hate copycats in virtual life!! GTH blinding-copycat.

  29. Steady people... dont send hate mails. Its really not the copying that go to me. That they can do. Anyone can do for that matter... but dont use my site's name & resources like it was meant for you to abuse since birth.

    Agreed? Done send hate mails ok. We are cool people. Cool people stay cool.

  30. Oh I have a request...

    Can I have my LOL! button back please? Use Haha Hehe Huhu whatever but can I have my LOL! button back please?

    I'm asking nicely :D

  31. omg people..grow up...there's no such thing as "who copied who" anymore..especially in this virtual world...there is no such thing as being "original" offense a regular at your blog....but i don't find this concept as original....reminded me of Fashion Truth and some other blogs that have the same objective...but i don't care so long as it serves the help both sellers/ please stop condemning the other look immature if you do that..

    just my two cents!

  32. thank you for the mail back. :)

    after reading like the first post, i feel they should post the whole post instead of; after the post, "..Continue Reading". so annoying need to reload another page just to see. :\

  33. Can someone please post up keywords? I would rather not leave my email here at all. :<

  34. "omg people..grow up...there's no such thing as "who copied who" anymore..especially in this virtual world...there is no such thing as being "original" offense a regular at your blog....but i don't find this concept as original....reminded me of Fashion Truth and some other blogs that have the same objective...but i don't care so long as it serves the help both sellers/ please stop condemning the other look immature if you do that.."

    I condemned them? Serious? Where?

  35. You can write to me doll :D
    I'm not stingy with infos. I am directing traffic...

    Though I think I am now on a mission.

  36. UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!


    btw, SMWDY, what mission?? share share!

  37. SMWDY
    whatever it is i still support u.

    i know that u r not condemning them. like really!pls la ppl. SMWDY is not condemning them. the thing is that THEY STOLE SMWDY's readers email add n have the guts to tell us that they got it from SMWDY. i dun mind they cme out with the same idea. it's fun to have more than one GOSSIP SITE, but pls. start from bottom lah. even SMWDY pun tak copy other's email add from another famous blog and ask tht person to visit their site. ahha.

    aiyaa... but am still reading them nways. i said, nothing wrong for them to create that blog. it's just that, copying SMWDY's reader's email add is a bit annoying.

    i got their email too. the least that they can do is not to mention that they got my email add from SMWDY.

    -jenna jane

  38. Right on Jenna Jane! Its really ok to read their site. I'm directing traffic arent I? The email taking, not a big fan.

    But can I have back my LOL! button back pls? <--- that's the mission. Hahaha!

  39. I got an email from her too! :)

  40. Oh... They are very daring than SMWDY. They published the blogshops' name.

  41. i went to that 'burung' site twice, and sent the link to some friends too. it's either we are impatient or there is something wrong with the layout / posting.
    It's also a bit rude to reveal ppl's identity publicly bcos they back out from a purchase / did not reply email / call u fat/decides not to sell to u. for all u know that person may have suffered from influenza-like-illnes and needed to be admitted for more than 2 weeks. and she may recover only to find out she have her face, name, email and any other things deemed transparent revealed in the blogosphere..

  42. My Sale Hunter here:
    somebody please drop me this SMWDY's clone site link :D I need juicy stuff for my sick leave =P *blows nose*

    but exposing the blogname is not a new thing, is it? FT used to do that anyway. Well if this clone got the guts to expose the names, they better be ready for the threats/catfights FT used to get =P

  43. to Anon MAY 13, 2010 8:01 PM

    No offense la sister. FT and SMYDY may share the same objective of providing online shoppers with online shopping experiences but thats it la kot. I don't see any slap button or boo button or sticky labels or even email form on FT pun? :P

    Same objective but DIFFERENT identity and I don't remember SMYDY's being sneaky stealing other bloggger's reader to generate traffic now do they? That's just plain cheap haha. I for one found this site through someone else's twitter website.

    Like I said earlier sheesh have some imagination heh.

    You know what I think is funny? They can't even thank her personally. I went and read their post and hooter say she "respected" SMYDY. Well if she does then why couldn't she just write her personal thank you mail instead of parading it all over their blog? I just find that very distasteful and plain rude! You know its like one of those sms divorce cases LMAO. mengarut lah!

  44. hey Roti boy(or girl) good point!

  45. SMS divorce!! Hahahaha! Good one...
    Dah la tu, I doubt they are going to come say hello to me.

  46. Saya sayang Ferocious Me :) Give her back her LOL! Button, I say.

    Went to the other site expecting to have an 'owling (nudge nudge, wink wink) good time, but was disappointed. Takde la juicy sangat, penulisan hambar, layout berterabur, et cetera et cetera. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop frequenting the site though, but I strongly prefer this one.

  47. i think SMWDY is overracting over the lol button. I mean, come on, ure not the only one whos using that and obviously not the first one.

  48. Should I give them my template too? Since they have taken almost everything...

    I dont think they realised that by being humble, they probably will gain the respect and readers that they so want. Its simple manners :D

  49. errr.. but to be frank, i think they had a much better template la....

  50. I know that the LOL button is not 'registered' under SMWDY as claimed by the hooters. But hey get a life, we all know its SMWDY's trademark and they copied it for sure. So tak tahu malu, still wanna defend konon! Meluat with 'their' so called loyal readers' comments.

  51. Agree with MAY 14, 2010 12:12 AM.
    What about blogshop reviewers? Since there're so many too?
    At first I was like 'understand' SMWDY feeling, but now.. feels like too over ady la.. tsk tsk..

  52. Team SMDY vs Team Hooters

    love d dramas!

  53. SMWDY, i actually left them a comment, saying that it's fine to create an inspired version, but the problem with them is their marketing strategy, stealing emails from another site and claimed to have taken it from this site is not ethical.

    the reason why we readers put up our emails is not to accept advertising messages, i absolutely HATE emails asking me to see their blog, etc. even though there was an explanation in that email, but i still don't find that a right thing to do.

    guess what? my comment was not approved. lols! i guess they can't take the truth. the truth hurts!

  54. Can we have a new story please?
    This is getting boring. So ok, we get the drift, there's a new wannabe in town, can we just get on with business as usual?
    No new stories to publish?

  55. SMYDU...sorry seems to be the hardest prefer your site leh....

  56. Just give the poor girl her LOL! button back, FCOL!

    They obviously copied SMWDY's Slap Seller and Slap Buyer buttons with their Boo Seller and Boo Buyer buttons. The least they can do is return SMWDY's LOL! button.

    Team SMWDY :)

  57. ahuh judging from her recent comment on her blog I doubt she would say hi to you too.

    Oh well like hooter once quoted on one of her post (this was directed to other shops)

    “Work Smart and not Work Hard”. Having said that, you need to be “talented” to be able to work smart without being caught! - hooter

    are you serious? Telling other people to be talented yet the word talented doesn't even apply to you.

    By the way you know who said that? blog lifters ekeke.

    Using the LOL button is one thing(among many others that tick me off) adding the exclamation mark at the end of the LOL is another. Some more want to tunjuk poyo pfft.

    I'm with you ferocious!

  58. THEY DIDN'T APPROVE MY COMMENT! LOSERS HOOTERS!!! their template sucks la. i hate the continue reading button. =___=;; we want to read everything at one glance la. if you read personal blogs oso you hate clicking that button right? unless that post is SUPER duper LONG.

    Miss Ferocious i labyuuuu~!!!

    *edited a little*

  59. Oh come on Hooters... See how everyone is split up? If we're on friendly terms, all would be well. I'm not looking for catfight.

    Why are you showing me attitude? Why are you ignoring me?

  60. SMWDY..
    they ignore and did not approve my comment too.
    and seems like they only approve good comments praising their site. and their supporters simply marah2 me for nothing. :P
    becos of this reason, i vote for team SMWDY.

  61. I've been googling for the past half an hour. Can't find 'the blog'.
    Can reveal 'the blog's site here?

  62. agree with anon May 14, 2010 11:02 AM. I commented too but they didn't approve my comment coz i said that their template is quite difficult to read so I still like SMWDY better. so, there goes another potential reader.

  63. aiya,
    to the "hooters"
    please clean up your template a bit,
    it's kinda messy,
    and do become a bit more creative with your headings and titles la, it's not very 'exciting'

    as for the 'LOL' button, I know SMWDY came up with it first but then again, as I recall, another reader suggested it to SMWDY, it wasn't ORIGINALLY ferocious me's idea (sorry ferocious me ><) so what's the problem here? both blogs had their inspiration from someone/somewhere else, cannot really consider it as a 'stolen idea', so sorry to say, but there is serious over-reaction on this part,

    honestly, I still think that the hooters should email ferocious me and respond to this post, it's the least they should do and could even exchange links so that more sellers and buyers will be exposed to even more stories/gossip!

    it's a win-win situation :D

  64. Ah yes yes yes :D

    Hence I am directing traffic there for the ones who really want names revealed.

    The LOL! button is just the smallest issue I stand on as a form of jest to get them to talk to me. Imagine if I picked on other issues. Not pretty. Dont like ugly issues.

    Oh and Thank you to all who have emailed me. Just to clarify. While I so love you all for the support given, they are not a con site, losers or anything that has been mentioned.

    Their site has its merits. They have balls in revealing names. I'm ball-less in that arena. Just thought they could have started their great feat using better tactics.

    While I stand with open arms to welcome a fellow comrade in the quest for righteousness, it only seems fair that righteousness be fulfilled on our own doors first.

    EEEEE i hate being so serious! Come la talk to me.

  65. i smell lawsuits coming. from scorned blog shop owners that were shamelessly 'featured' at that site. haha. we all thrive on drama, don't we? keep up the good work, SMWDY!

  66. I wanna know which blogshop is this~~~

    msnaddie @ gmail

  67. Isn't there a blog for buyers to check out and verify sellers or something? I remember it from a previous post. The blog was started by xash(?) I think. Miss Ferocious (I'm assuming you're a Miss since you stated that you don't have balls, heh heh), you guys should work together, hand in hand and promote that blog. For you and for me and the entire human race. I mean, there are, people dying, something something for the living. Make a better place, for you and for me. You and for me.

    All together now from the top!!!

  68. o.O i actually sang the last few lines.

    You know what, I do remember a mention on that blog but for the love of Batman, I cant remember it now. Can anyone help? I dont think Xash started that.

    Did you Xash?

  69. Apologies if you hate that song :-P

    Ooh I actually have it bookmarked. It's

    Doesn't seem to be active though?

  70. You kidding me? Michael rocks!

    Hmmm, you're right. Does look inactive. My bad - they did approach me but I was then in the middle of SMWDY madness. Then I forgot.

  71. Time for a resurrection, I say! :-D

  72. ferocious ur inspired by FML rite, hence the 3 buttons - slap buyer/slap selle/LOL

  73. TOTALLY! But just the buttons dear and noticed they are completely unrelated to the buttons I have ;D

  74. LOL. The hooters = LAME.
    Look at their site!

  75. to Lurex..

    Heal The World
    Make It A Better Place
    For You And For Me
    And The Entire Human Race
    There Are People Dying
    If You Care Enough
    For The Living
    Make A Better Place
    For You And For Me

    I'm not correcting you..just can't help it..
    forgive me..

  76. hey, still dont know whos the hooters is,
    mind emailing me the link?

  77. I actually gave that site a visit since I got their link from SG. And boy... it's an okay site, but their replies somehow annoys me. Their english seriously needs some brushing up and frankly I don't get half the things they're trying to say... SMWDY still rocks! :)

  78. I got an email from them too promoting their blog.

    Disliked their layout and reading the posts gave me headache because although the English was alright, but I couldn't make sense of it. No one can rival SMWDY!

  79. SMWDY ftw! :)

  80. Just saw this on the hooters' "Comment Board": Communication comments between author’s post and readers will be posted. NOS do take advises from the comment board, however, advises or comment regards to the operation terms and principle rights of this blog will not be entertained further.

    Guess that's why some of your comments there are not approved? =/