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Im owner of one prelove blog..

1 day i got SMS from one owner of prelove blog too... She want to swap with me..  I search N look for her blog.. There is nothing that i like.. but i just randomly selected one item that are same price with item that she want to swap.. I told to her i want that item.. But she replied.. Ohh sory that items was booked.. Then I said to her i cant continue to swap with her.. Than she asked me to choose another items.. I dont want because there are no others items that really i want..
( that she not understand that i dont want to swap !!!)

then some days later she sms me again.. told me that she already update new items and asked me to choose.. I choose 1 of the items.. Then what she said " Tak boleh kak, baju tu kain berkualiti kak " .. So geram!!! The item that i choose is same price with the item that she want to swap.. So she try to said that my item is not good in quality... LoL..

Then I dont want to reply her SMS again..waste my credit..


  1. haha.i know whose that person.she smsed me too.
    but then,i just swap with her cause she sounded like wanted them so badly.btw,may i know ur preloved blogshop?will exchange link with u =)

    (this is not my blogshop email xD)

  2. Guess what..I sell my preloved in Low yat. And I put in my post very BIG that I dont swap. So there is this girl who is interested in my items. Almost nearly half of it. Im really really happy of course. But she want to swap and I want cash. No doubt her stuff are nice and branded but still. Preloved is preloved she sell them for freaking hundreds! Even if I give all my stuff to her it wouldnt be enough.

    The most damn annoying thing she keep sending me personal msg asking me to choose an item from her blog to swap with mine!! Not one msg but alot!!! Darn stupid girl who dont know how to read! Told her gazzilion times that I dont swap!! Hish!

  3. its really really hard to SWAP actually :)
    sometimes u like to swap, but the seller doesnt want to.
    sometimes the seller really love to swap, but u dont want to.

    if i ask 10 sellers for swapping, only 2-3 seller will agree :) and some seller also will pick some low value item n request for top up. :)