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Dont play DJ

i love browsing 4-5 blogshops in one time.
A little slow in loading but its still Ok for me.
(and i love playing my MP3 while browsing and shopping online.)

But what annoys me when the blogshop put music in the background.

and imagine, not ONE but THREE blogshops playing 3 diff music in one time (1 playing a hiphop/rnb song, 1 playing lily allen, and 1 playing just music).
and that is SUPER ANNOYING.
i have to click 'x' to all the links cos im totally annoyed and no, i dont bother to silence my speaker.

to Blogshop owner, can you please REMOVE that music background??


  1. yeah, please all blogshop owners, we (the author and I, at least) find the music really really really annoying!!

  2. hahaha agreed, I close all windows if I hear music playing because I don't know which one it's coming from!
    also when the background is so "stunning" and bright, I immediately shut the window down,
    saves my eyes and ears the pain

  3. y got ppl slap buyer? hahhahaha

  4. yea i also feel the same. sometime just confused which blogshop playing the music as i also open some links in one time:(

  5. haha...i always feel like im in a horror or thriller movie whenever i opened up shopblogs that have music...because i would never anticipate when the music would come on...what's even worst is i love browsing after 12 with the atmosphere around me being so quite...the least i would need is some heart attack from the blaring music!! LOL!

  6. Totally agree! Like wth, are you trying to sell clothes or music??

  7. anon MAY 10, 2010 11:39 PM, these ppl slap us coz their blogs contain music haahaa

  8. AGREE!!! once i was browsing this blogshop and suddenly the music loads..and it sounded like lightning (it was instrumental type of music) and it keeps looping over and over...super annoying and scary. plus its very hard to concentrate while listening to the music that is not our choice..

  9. agree..its hard to concentrate. n i get sick cos too much diff music playing in 1 time. >_<

    n frankly, i dont like their music taste. hahahahah.

  10. LOL seriously, and I tend to open lots of tabs at once so I'm like "WHERE IS THE MUSIC COMING FROM GNAAAAH!!!" and then I usually end up putting Firefox on mute while browsing, LOL. Solves the problem, but when I want to listen to any YT music I'd have to unmute it heh.

    Blogshop owners, seriously, it's not really necessary to put any background music, it detracts from the point of your blog.

  11. i think this not only applies to blogshops, but normal everyday blogs as well..

    what blog owners cud do is,they have to have optional 'on/off/pause' button so that readers of their blogs won't have to listen to the music all the time..ya la, not evry1 is of the same taste n preference as us, rite?

    just select some music player like imeem or smtg like dat...but not from divine music kot...cos divine music are the ones who play continuously without any stop/pause button..

    so win-win me, i'm alrite with any blog owners who want to put music in their blog,even if they sell clothes as well..but with the suggestion above, readers wont get annoyed then.. ;)

    - don have music in my blog

  12. agreee!!!!! I sokong no background music for all blogs!!!!! can u imagine we curi2 tengok blog during office hour and suddenly a loud music pop up from our pc n we're sooo kalut to turn them off!!!!???? and everyone will turn their heads to look at your pc???i fucking hate that!!!!

  13. Just press the ESC key it shuts the music off