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Useless piece of info

I add quite a fair bit of blogshop owners and pages in my facebook since I'm such a shopaholic BUT when i saw this status update on my notification, i was so turned off by this girl that I deleted her.

Shouldnt have gone COD with my BMW...

Wow, you're just an inch away from slapping people with wads of money screaming "I'M RICH! I'M RICH!" Was that really necessary?


  1. haha i know who you're talking about!

    but babe you jealous ke? :p kidding. i slapped seller!

  2. Hahha she is just Bragging.

  3. hahah i know who this is! i saw this on her fb too! i think she's just bragging -.-

  4. you know what guys, this is a classic example of looking for faults in others. that lady updated it on HER facebook page, not blogshop. she has the right to say whatever she wants! it's her facebook page, not even her blog's fb page! come on. and please, i know for certain there was more than just a "shouldnt have gone for COD in my beemer" was continued with "because buyers tend to judge". why oh why, dear author, did you leave that part out? just to make her look bad? who are you to say you know what happened during that specific COD? maybe the buyer said something mean?

    so please, lets be fair here.

  5. lol. if what anon @ 11.14pm said regarding the second bit ("because buyers tend to judge") was true, then beemer-seller was certainly proven right by this post and the reactions to it :P

  6. hahahahaha..I know who you talking about too...

    to anony 11.14pm:that's actually her/him blog 's fb too okay.I'm not sure whether she/he have a fan page or blog group,but she update all the latest arrival there also.So she/he actually have to be aware of what she/he said.

  7. Anonymous MAY 1, 2010 11:14 PM

    whatttt? there was more to that status?

  8. why in the world would she even put that in the status and then attempt to redeem herself buy stating "buyers tend to judge"? then must as well just don't update her fb status saying that she CODs in a beemer la!

    she's looking for attention, in my opinion.