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Erhm... Thank you?

Referring to the girl-who-got-cute-hamster's post.

I bought a very nice PRE-LOVED bag last week. It's really lovely and nice, bought at really bargained price and hey! I got PADS and TISSUES as free gift!

In every pocket, there's at least PADS or TISSUES. That makes it 3 tissue (new one) and 2

Maybe u pre-loved sellers should really check before post the item. If u want to give me free pads and tissues, do wrap it nicely so I feel the excitement of receiving it :P


  1. Hahahaaha that is so weird

  2. haha. very funny! maybe she forgot to check properly before posting it out x.x

    so to preloved sellers, remember to check your stuffs thoroughly before sending it out!

  3. demand for wrap it nicely?

    oi, dah dapat tu sudahlah
    lagi mau demand

  4. Anonymous May 26, 2010 10:53 AM

    I think she's just joking lah.

  5. Author of 'Livestock Included'May 26, 2010 at 11:34 AM

    Hahaha, omg I think it was probably intended to make the bag look fuller, and avoid it getting creases (cos some bags just do when flattened).
    At least it's not something that breathes, y'know?

    I took my items out and out rolled a half dead hamster, that was really scary cos it's something unexpected. And yes, there were a few hamster poo that rolled out along with him. :s

  6. i would be really happy if she left RM10 in the bag instead kekekeke! but tissues and pads is good enough for me HAHAHA! :D who knows there's emergency or something. :p

  7. anon May 26, 2010 10:53 AM just doesnt get the sarcasm.

    pad kot weh. author ckp in a sarcastic way sbb if seller tu betul2 nak kasi, wrap it nicely la. so it means seller tu lupa nak keluarkan pad dia dalam bag tu.

    but anyway, we'll never know the reason. haha

  8. this is so funny

    oh well, i never say no to free stuff :)

  9. Author here :)

    Chill out, i was just joking la you-know-who-you-are..

    have fun la sikit. asyik mau marah2 saja..

  10. should be grateful it they were clean new pads and not used ones hahahaaha

  11. OMG! you're so right! I'm thankful I didn't received the used

    cant even imagine.hahahahahahaa


  12. haha...this is one funny post... ;D

  13. Haha... at least got feebies. :)

  14. Anonymous MAY 26, 2010 10:53 AM
    did u know that not being able to recognize sarcasm is a sign of possible dementia ? u should get yourself checked.