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Livestock included!

I know many of you are gonna think I made this story up but I AM NOT.
I swear. It really happened and I am just in utter disbelief.

I received a package that comes with a hamster!
I only bought like a top and leggings, but it came with a hamster.
I'm not the kind who's grossed out by animals, and the clothes are in a plastic wrap.
But I pity the hamster, it looked so scared and half-dead when I opened the package. Can you imagine it being transported from the post office to the post-van all the way to my house?
Thank goodness I was home to receive the package otherwise it would have died.
I'm really pissed with the seller for being such a useless owner, how can you allow a hamster to get into a parcel?!

I called her up and pretty much scolded her for being a lousy owner.
She said she didn't notice (until i called only she realize), what the hell?!

She DARED to ask for her hamster back from me. I asked her to come to my place cos I sort of wanted to punish her for being so useless.

And you know what?
She asked me to send it to her by POST and that she'll bear the postage fees! WTF?

What makes you think I'll send you a living thing by post?

I told her off and said that I won't be giving her the hamster cos she doesnt deserve it. I kept him and named him Parcel. (awwwww...)

Of course she's pissed, but what can she do? She has my address but I doubt she has the balls to even come over and demand for her hamster anyways. I was right.

She messaged and emailed me non-stop for 3 days asking for her hamster and after that.. nothing. Na da.
Until now, which is a month later, still nothing.

See how fast she got over Parcel?
What a useless person. I hope you're reading this you loser.



  1. OMGGGGG!!!! report this person to SPCA. See the button on the left? I hope you kept all the emails/sms of her asking for it back via post.

    this person needs to be punished!!!

  2. pity Parcel, thank God you took a good care of it :)

    *pat on the buyer's back*

  3. OMFG!
    I want to complain to PETA, SPCA, PAWS, and bla bla

    Don't ever give her back the hammy, she does not even know how to take care of it
    Poor hammy, being in the envelope for two days...
    Sob sob

    Hope you will take good care of the 'parcel' k?
    Glad that parcel has new master now.

    Can tell me which blogshop is that?
    I will not buy from that blogshop anyway

    *Sorry for being a bit 'over' but I am an extreme animal lover

  4. OMG She di'nt! >;[

    Yeah i agree with Anon May 21, 2010 4:36 PM.
    You should make a report about that. She even had the cheek to ask you post that poor hamster back to her via POST! Jeez. That it utterly ridiculous and st*pid! I mean, it's obviously illogical, right??

    Anyways, so cute you named it PARCEL!
    Take good care of Parcel, alright? ;)

  5. omg poor little fella.
    eventho its just animal.. he has feelings too..
    kesian tauu... i pon dont have the heart to do that... tsk tsk...

  6. poor hamster...thank god the hamster didn't die if not the seller will be a murderer.
    never ever give her back the hamster !!!
    slap the seller zillion times..

  7. Hey I wanna know the blogshop too. This is by far the most ridiculous online purchase incident I ever heard of.

  8. wow!i want one too!but not via post laju of course.pity that hamster.but it such a relief that it can make it until it reaches your house.gambatteh parcel!
    btw emel me the seller's blogshop please

  9. proud owner of 3 cute hamsterMay 21, 2010 at 5:18 PM

    omg this real? i really pity the hamster. thank god parcel the hamster is in good hands now. slap slap slap seller.

    y la let the hamster wonder around while packing for parcels in the 1st place.

  10. Hey Author, could you send a pix of Parcel to me so I can post it up. Let everyone see how adorable that little munchkin is :D

    Be great if you can!

  11. omg please show us the cute parcel!!! XD

  12. OMG!
    Poor the hamster :(((((
    I really pity the hamster
    Take good care of Parcel.

    The shop owner should be punished for being so careless,how can she not notice the hamster was in the parcel ?

  13. Omg! This is like the most LOL post here! My eyes went O.O when the seller asked the author to send it back by post. Its so weird and..speechless she even had this thought!

    Let me know which blogshop is this? Thankx.

  14. She even dare to ask you to post back the hamster? Gosh!!

  15. im gonna have my whole sistahood boycotting this freaking irresponsible blogshop!

    Mail me the URL!

  16. If the hamster crawled in by himself, then in a flurry of orders wrapping and address scribbling, the seller is memang negligent, but not entirely at fault. Just careless.


  17. Bless little Parcel. You survived the journey for a reason...

  18. OMFG!!!! THAT IS WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! Poor parcel :( cuba imagine if it was a cat! Ohhh. so stupid la that seller!! SLAPPPPP HER!!! WHO IN THE F*CKING WORLD WOULD SLAP THE BUYER HAAAAA?? bodoh betul.

  19. you, buyer, gives me hope. :') i pity the little hammy. D; to have such an owner.

  20. hehe..i'm the same with anon may 21,2010; 8.07 a.m... i would be very2 disturbed if it's a cute little kitty..

    but poor Parcel's such a relief that God gave him a chance to live... ;')

  21. oh my goodness..she has the cheek to ask you to send it by post? seriously she expecting you to put the hamster in a pos express envelope and send it to her place?! how ridiculous! Good for you that you didn't give it back to her. She really didn't deserve to keep a pet.

  22. Awwwww, poor Parcel :(.

    If the seller does come for him, don't give him back. He's better off without her.

  23. HAHAHAHHA this story is so friggin funny
    mail me the blogshop too!

  24. This story is not funny at all, it's such a sad story! :(
    Such a pitiful hamster. And the seller has the audacity to ask u to send it back through post. Is she just really stupid or does she really wanna kill the hamster?
    U must take real good care of Parcel after all it had been through :)

  25. oh my goodness gracious heavens!!!! SSSSSLLAAAAAPPPP THE SELLER A MILLION TIMES OVER!!!! HOW COULD SHE!!!! @#%&*#*&@

    Seriously!! My first thoughts were also to report to SPCA!!!! Thank goodness you kept little Parcel.. Poor thing!! Imagine it being handled as a THING when in the envelope, might have even been crushed by other parcels and stuff!!! It's a miracle it survived at all!!

    little parcel.. thank God you're alive! And thank God for your new owner.. probably God's plan of giving you a new and loving owner. Who knows, it might have been 'abused' by its previous owner. Maybe good came out of all this.

    Good job buyer!! I'm DEFINITELY on your side, no doubt about that. *high five*

    Mail me the blogshop's name. I SWEAR I will NEVER buy anything from her! and I'll tell all my friends too!

  26. This is the best story in SMWDY by far..i mean, who in the world is so damn BODOH like that??? Even the assistant from the story My Boss is a Poster and I See Thru You seems making a lot more sense..

    well, i'm sure the seller accidentally sent "Parcel" away, and I wouldn't blame her with that, but when she told you to post out "Parcel" again, I think she's not in her right mind. Or maybe she's crazy. Or maybe she really wanted to kill "Parcel"

    What happened to people these days?? Dah takde otak ke????


    Seller obviously has a problem. How could you NOT realise that your pet is lost for days? Lack of responsibility and care. Seller just shouldn't rare any animals or they might suffer to death easily. Poor parcel, glads it found an owner good enough to care for it now.


  28. OMG. i feel so sorry for the hamster? how could it's former owner be so selfish and heartless to not even realise that her hamster was missing? bloody stupid or what! she can't be that 'busy' to not notice. ppfffft. no excuses from her should be accepted!

    Poor Parcel! i'm so glad it has a caring new owner like you!

    i'd like to know which blog it is please!

  29. i would like to know who is the seller!
    mail me please :

    anyway, its reallyy cute of you naming it Parcel!!!

    Parcel, Parcel, glad you finally found somewhere better than before! :)

  30. HAHAHAHAHAH come to think about it, pos malaysia is quite good lah kan??? they manage to deliver the HAMSTER ALIVE!!!!!!!dlm kotak pulak tu!hahahahahahah kudos to pos malaysia! :D

  31. awwwwwww... lovely :) shud have posted parcel's pic up!

  32. This is by far the most unbelievable story I've came across. I read this story with ultimate shock and disbelief. LOL. I simply must know this blogshop! Please email me at Thanks! :)

  33. omg, I cant believe that.poor hammy..
    i would like to know that blogshop too!!

  34. sounds a bit unbelievable that the hamster is still ALIVE? i mean the postman or post office ppl sure stacked up the parcels during the handling and delivery process rite? unless coincidentally the parcel with the hamster is placed on the top all the time, i doubt the hamster will survive ><

  35. OMG so stupid this owner. SLAP HER a gazillion times!! *angry*

  36. Erm , Hamsters usually bite their way's in an envelope right?

  37. mail me toooo!

  38. Can you email the blogshop too? how ridiculous is she!! kesian parcel :( :(, i'm so going to boycott this shop too. do inform me

  39. LOL, bullshit much? Can somebody pls tell me how it is possible for that hamster to be alive and running after days of being squashed by parcels after parcels. I cannot possibly comprehend. It makes no sense, and plus wouldn't the hamster bite its way out? hmm

    very ridiculous post imo, if your intentions are to bring down the 'said' blogshop, i say get a life.

  40. i wonder too, how the hamster can survive. got enough oxygen in there? this is quite ridiculous if u said the seller, the post office and pos laju staff didn't realize there is hamster in the parcel! i mean, every poslaju parcel will be weighed first for the delivery charge. and seller must claimed what is inside the parcel (e.g : clothes, bag n etc).the parcel must be slightly heavy with the hamster inside it!
    i will only believe if the whole story was true, if there's a prove :
    1) the sms/email between u and seller.
    2) SMWDY should ask the seller and confirm with her.
    3) the hamster pix


  41. yeahlar! if the hamster is in the envelope it'll move around rite or scratch the envelope or bite its way out, sure the seller or post office staff will realize la! this story makes no sense, why so many ppl believing ah :S :S :S

  42. Hi, this is the Author here.

    I've just sent a photo of Parcel to SMWDY. Will definitely take good care of him.
    As for the few Anons who think it's a story to bring the blogshop down, I am not doing such a thing. Hence I will not be revealing the blogshop's name either as she had seen this post and she's asked me to not reveal her blogshop. The seller sounded really sorry and she allowed me to keep Parcel after all so I will at least spare her blogshop.

    And I don't know why the hamster survived, but he was barely alive and very weak when I found him. As to why no one noticed him in the parcel, well Pos malaysia do not have an x-ray scanner like airports do, so how do I know how he even survived. I cannot answer that but all I can say is that it's a miracle. :)

  43. Ohmygod it's so cute! How can anyone misplace or even lose parcel?!
    Take good care of parcel! ;)

  44. To the three anons who dont believe it, please go somewhere else la. Hamsters are not as weak as u think ok! And like the Author replied here, NO X-RAY MACHINE in post office! Of cos la no one noticed.

  45. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the cutest Parcel anyone could received!

  46. to the anons who think its to bring down the blogshop, im sure the author isnt so lifeless. my hamster once wandered out of his cage and got lost for a few days. he crawled back to his cage 3 days later. he survived his little adventure without food and water. so hamsters arent as weak as you think. and take good care of Parcel, hes so cute!

  47. tho' i don agree with the seller's action, i still think..gurls, give her a break..she also might not know or realize her hamster's in the box whn she posted the item to buyer..

    who knows, rite? we all know know small n feisty some hamsters r...maybe the hamster happened to crawl around the item when the packing was done...give the seller a break la, that she also had aplogized n all..and the hamster's win-win r.. ;)

    - a fellow reader

  48. The problem here is that the seller asked her to POST it back to her. not about the hamster crawling in there. anyway..what's done is done..The hamster looks happy now =)

  49. OMG!can you email the blogshop to me?

  50. OMFG.. WHAT THE FUCK! THAT'S ANIMAL CRUELTY! OMG! This is insanity. I feel so bad for the parcel. :( Poor little guy.

  51. AWWWW!! MY heart melted when i see Parcel's picture...pls take good care of that poor thing. Good thing she found an owner like you, good to be away from that physcho seller!!

  52. Lets slap the seller hard ! How could you pack your pet in the parcel?!!
    Its really reckless fellow in the world !
    You should pray thats your Pet still alive.
    Otherwise you become a KILLER!~
    Please let it become the FUNNY JOKE in Guinness record~Thumbs up to this stupid fellow!

  53. Its quite possible that the hamster be accidentally caught in the parcel, so she made a mistake(could be in a rush), but "parcel" could have been her sibling's, which explains how she noticed it late & "got over it" so fast.

    Plus, mailing non stop for 3 days is A LOT of effort. i would know. I think, it's a bit harsh for you to slam her like this. especially since SHE MADE EFFORT to get it back.

    Asking to mail back through post is also TOO MUCH on the part of the seller, but shouldn't you be willing to discuss the matters out so that "parcel" can return to its real owner rather than being taken hostage?

    Ps, i really doubt the owner intentfully packed "parcel" together with the parcel. lol. who would do that? HONESTLY.