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Funky Allergy

I've had this blog-shop long time ago, but just started my online facebook-business like, 5hours ago. I got scared of tagging people (after all the fuss in SMYDY), but then I try my luck. I mean, not everyone hates it, ayt?

So being very careful, I just tag 1 person per pic, and different person all the time. Which means, one person will only be tagged ONCE.

When I add new 'friends', i even tell them 'Pls tell me if u don't want to be tag. I know its sometimes annoying'

Wasn't I nice? lol


So I have this 1 customer got tag to item X.
She comment "Oh no..Don't tag me with bags! Allergic!"

I thought she's just like "OMG i'm so a bag lover" etc.

But then she make a facebook status
"Don't tag me with bags anymore cuz I'm allergic!"

Oh dear. How was I to know, ayt? I apologize, but she haven't reply

So now I didn't tag anyone anymore!
And I don't know why I got so phobia about it!

When people request to be tag, i got hyper.
A guy even request to tag his sister, and I msg him saying thanks.

Gosh, tagging goes wrong!

*to THE girl who got tag, this is just to share ya? Don't be mad at me.hee


  1. A guy even request to tag his sister - i seriously think this is a joke just to get on his sister's nerve.

    do anyone really likes to be tagged? hmm

  2. hmm.. usually I dont mind adding blogshops cause you'll automatically see their updates on facebook, But if they start tagging me I will delete the blogshop.. It's very annoying.. Just cause we add u(blogshops), doesnt mean you have the right to tag us. We aint your friend! Imagine if all the blogshops do that, the amount of spam mail from facebook I will get!

  3. i'm a seller.

    and no, i don't EVER tag my customers. cus i get it from other blogshops tagging me and it's blardy hell annoying!

  4. It's really annoying to tag someone who's not even in the picture. Stop using facebook as free publicity!

  5. Maybe if tagging photos is a tricky business, why not try either posting notes in Fb, tag your potential/regular customers about updates. Or just send fb message to them all. That way, it's more professional and tactful. Indirectly you'll gain more respect from them (anything is better than to annoy your contacts).

    Go the old skool way of letting people know through messages rather than tagging for instant marketing. To have a prosper business means to have a long term marketing strategy :)

  6. I am seller in FB, I never tag people on my new arrivals photos. If anyone tag me, I will remove them immediately!! Sorry babes....

    I am not your products! I do not want your products to appear in my album too. It makes my customers confuse...

  7. I don't mind being tag. Cuz i'm not sure why's not everyone have their status updated in my main facebook?

  8. Tagging people to your products in FB is just WRONG

  9. mabbe sum people dont like it. but i do like it!

    easier to view. but i tell them to tag me in 'i.e bags' only. cuz i'm a bag-freak! yeahha


  10. SLAP seller for bad english! D:<

  11. a seller too n have fb for business as well...but i NEVER tag people...i think all the updates that you have/make on your wall will appear on those who have added you as a friend or became a fan of your do we need to tag some more? o_0 i think it'll just be redundant...

  12. u know, when you click on photos column in someone's profile, you expect to see her face or at least pictures taken by her. not some stupid dress/bag/pants/whatever clothing accessories/items for sale. damn blardy annoying. imagine i tag your face to some breasts enhancement pills or lingerie. idiots.

  13. LOL@mayz. Breast enhancement pills hahah!

    I never add blogshops on my FB, mainly because my FB account is to keep in touch with friends. However, if someone randonly tagged me without my permission, I'd definitely blacklist the blogshop. It's irritating to have some irrelevant photo in your photo album and also to have to un-tag yourself. This is as bad as spamming people's inbox to inform of new arrivals or what nots.

    Very bad business strategy!

  14. I'm a seller (and a buyer too). Seriously I don't like the blogshop owner to tag me on their products and I will not do that to my "friends" also. Is kinda annoying~

  15. i'm seller aka buyer, i dun tag ppl as well as not like to be tagged, if i nvr remove my tagged pic from online shop, tell u, my album wil b online shop album! i wont remove tat blogshop from my fren list, BUT after removing tag many times, they stil tag me, i'll remove tis blogshop.. seriously, tagging me doesn make me buy ur stuff at all, like or not, i can see and explore myself..

  16. hmm i do tag ppl at fb. and most of them don mind and ended up buying my stuffs. :D

  17. i super hate seller which tag people as they like and spam ppl's messagebox! get the hell out of here! use some better ways!!!! reli annoying!

  18. i oso don mind getting tagged..i duno y..haha! i got no problem with that... ;p

  19. Awwe u're cute (: Its okay just update ur status. No need to tag anybody ok hun!

  20. i agree, tagging ppl on photos is just not cool.

    tagging in notes is alright i suppose, but not mass-messaging on fb, because then your profile link can be viewed by everyone in the msg (kinda like not using the bcc in email)

  21. please don't abuse the function of tagging photos on facebook.

    i hate to be tagged on photos which have nothing to do with me. shouldn't the tag button supposed to work for them who were in the photos? you can promote your blogshop elsewhere. what are the use of review sites? in fact, SMWDY also still have a few ad spaces available. and yeah when you update your shop at facebook, you will appear automatically on out notifications (for those who enable the news feed function).

    so yeah, don't simply get so 'excited' when someone wants to be tagged. probably to be famous?

    hey, i appear on this blogshop's facebook page and all her friends can see me, they'll add me cuz i'm pretty! LOL!!!

  22. Hi darlings,

    Seller aka Author here :)

    I really appreciate all your negative and positive feedbacks. I just don't think it's quite right to..u know..saying all the mean words etc


    I'm new to Facebook-selling-thingy. I even tag only few people (and now already removed the tags). If u think that it's not right to do so, maybe u should say it nicely to the seller..
    People makes mistakes, and that's what I learned now.

    SMWDY used to be so fun to read, until there are times when people start saying mean words and annoying things.. It's a nice world, be nice, let's make it a better day for you and for me :)

    Well I guess in seller's mind, the reason to tag other person, is not just targeting the person who get tagged. It's not I'm tagging YOU to aimed YOU. But actually aiming your friends.

    When pictures tagged are on someone's profile, all her friends which are not my friends are able to view it as well. And that's how they start adding me. The power of Facebook :)

    Yes, u may say abusing the function of Facebook because u don't like being tagged. What if someone else doesn't mind being tagged?

    If u don't like to be tagged, I believe u should directly tell the seller nicely. No cursing or slapping needed. That's all. Right?