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Invisible prices

I was browsing one day and I came across this blog shop with an announcement that said:

"Please email us if you are interested in any of the items and we will inform you the PRICES."

Sure enough when I scrolled down further, no prices were displayed along with the items sold. What I don't understand is why does the owner want buyers to email her for the price instead of displaying it for all to see?

Maybe this is some new marketing strategy, but it sure does not work on me!


  1. invisible price means they can name their price,
    3 customer email, 3 different prices

  2. LOL I think I know which blogshop it is,
    I forgot their name though
    but I do remember about the pricing thing haha

  3. I'm annoyed by these blogshop as well
    it's so inconvenient
    plus, it make me feel cheated in a way
    cause they can just call a price

    so blogshops out there, it's not a cute thing, so quit it

  4. I know one blog who do this, i even email them to ask the price and yes, the price is damn expensive than other frustrating

  5. if it's me, i won't even bother to mail the seller. online shopping is suppose to be convenience for everyone! meaning spending less time on shopping! but if we have to wait for hours or days (if the seller not online) just to know the price, heck! no need lah!

  6. lols.. i know this blogshop..

    i emailed the owner last saturday to enquire about 2 items that i interested with.. she only replied two days later..

    not only the owner doesn't include the price.. she also doesn't include the size or measurement..

    & yes the price really expensive.. better shop at the mall la..

  7. I saw many blogshops in FB are like that too! Esp those who are selling pre-order clothes! Too many competitors what to do!