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MAYDAY - Anyone else missing a few handbags?

The owner of the blog ignore my sms, emails and comments I wrote on her blog.

I don't remember where I saw this blog, but I'm pretty sure on some reviewers' site. She offers awesome designs of handmade bags, clutches, etc. I ordered my items on March 18 - 21 (made order, add up 1 new order, made the payment and asked her to change my original order where the bag supposed to be zip to button), she said my items (I ordered a bag & small purse) will take about 2 weeks. So I waited up until 2 weeks and asked her about my items.

She then replied me saying that my items will be posted on Monday (April 5). But then, I didn't receive my item. I mailed her on April 7 for tracking number she only replied, 'yah, sure dear' on April 8 but no tracking number provided.

Asked her again when will she send out my item on April 14, when she replied on April 20 saying that she hasn't finished doing my bag, only done with my clutch. I asked her to inform if there's any problem with my items where she replied ok.

Then on April 28, she said she will be posting my clutch as she's busy with her FYP and will post my bag later. I agreed but up until now I haven't received anything. Mailed her on May 8 asking for the status of my items but she didn't reply me.

Then I sms-ed her asking the same thing again (I don't remember when as something wrong with my phone and all the sms were gone but I think I sms-ed her last week) when she said she will be posting it out as she got problem with her Internet and couldn't online to check on her customers details.

Waited again but still no items. I sms-ed her again asking whether she already send out my items but no reply. I went to her website asking the same thing again on May 15, she replied on May 17 saying that she'll be updating her website with tracking numbers that night.

But up until now, no updates. Now I'm worried that I've been cheated as I never experienced something like this before (I started shopping online last year, never experienced something like this. The very late the items were posted to me 1-2 weeks late).

I wanna know who else has bought bags from that shop and how long do they usually receive their items? I've checked her website again just now, there's 2 people who faced the same problem as I am.

Email buyer here : AMIE


  1. i guess since the bags are handmade, there is a probability that she took wayyy too many orders that she has not been able to finish up 'em on time as promised. it is pretty common scenario actually when u're ordering made to order stuff esp handmade ones.
    usually the sellers are students who decides that they wanna do business because then they'll have extra pocket money but little do they know that running a business is a full time job and it demands your full commitment.
    So my suggestion is for you to keep emailing her or even texting her (if you have her number) and demand for her to tell you the truth. if she is overwhelmed with orders, then suggest to her for a refund or something. i hope things will work out better for u. good luck!

  2. yeah, i think those students think having an online business is easy but they do not know how much effort and responsibility you have to offer

  3. i think so too on 'she took wayyy too many orders that she has not been able to finish up 'em on time as promised'
    is there anyone else who has bought items from that blog and still hasn't receive it? please let me know..i'll inform you guys if the seller reply me later..

  4. hi all, the owner of the blog has replied me..she just posted my item yesterday..pheww, thank God! after so long!