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Broken promise

A few month ago, i purchased a vintage blazer. Due to the seller reply my order late, she promised me to give me a free-gift.

Then "ok lah", i'm not get mad actually even she didn't give me any add-on free-gift. When the parcel arrived, the free-gift not there with the blazer. I emailed her to ensure that thing didnt drop somewhere. The she said, I will send you the free-gift later. WTF.

Did she send me the free-gift with the blazer or what?!
I don't care with her small free-gift, but i do care if the seller broke her promise!
I want to slap her with my hands=p

1 comment:

  1. yes, yes...
    i know how it makes you feel. its not we really need the gift or what, but promise is a promise.

    when things like this happen and we, buyer ask them back, they would treat us like we are so desperately need it.

    WTF. this seller is the one who desperately need buyer to ensure their business grow.