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Good question

Dear stubborn sellers,
when buyers are asking for a refund,
do you prefer us being polite and nice in our sms-es/emails
or plain bloody rude and scary to get our money back?
Which method will get your asses off the couch and return our dough?


  1. dear author, but what if they don't want to reply you like in my case in the '3 weeks game?'

  2. if she does not reply, EXPOSE HER! :)

  3. firstly, why do you want a refund?

  4. yea. some buyers are too absurd these days as well. for example, you know how studded things are made right? besi.
    anyways, one stud scratch and they demand a full refund. how absurd it is! it can't be seen anyways. ish ish ish...

  5. Anon May 10, 2010 12:40 AM, that'll just be an excuse coz the buyer discovered that the item doesn't suit/fit/look nice on her. What nonsense is it demanding a refund because of a small scratch

  6. Author, stupid question la.. of coz the sellers prefer u to be polite la.. tell me who likes to be spoken to in a rude and angry manner

  7. why are u asking a refund in the first place..
    U should know that once goods are sold they are not refundable..
    whether they are damaged or not, this is an understood risk of buying things online..
    so, its all luck..

  8. I once asked for a refund because the item I wanted was out of stock and the seller took more than three days to transfer the money to my Maybank account.

    In those three days, she had time to update her blog and answer enquiries in her chatbox, but she couldn't spare a minute to return my money? It's not like it takes hours to use Maybank2u!

  9. if seller sent the wrong item? (i'm not the author by the way)

  10. Depends on why you want a refund in the first place, I guess. Most blogs state no refunds/exchanges anyway, so after that whatever the seller wants to do is at their own discretion; some might bend the rules for you. But obviously if you're going to be nasty about it.. your chances look bleak.

  11. author here,
    I am a victim of the same seller in 3 weeks game,
    does anyone have suggestions how to deal with her?
    My situation is almost exactly the same as what the author of 3 weeks game went through,
    if you were me, would you ask for refund or not?

  12. omg, we sailing in the same boat!
    same situation almost 1 month now!

    i wana kill her -_______-

  13. author here,
    I'm the same 3rd commentor in 3 weeks game,
    I got my money back,
    hopefully she will return all of yours too ><