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Wrong equation


I came across this pre order blogshop and asked for quotation

Here is wat stated in her blog :
All apparels and accessories are imported from *
Your order will be shipped directly from * to your door steps.

Item + shipping fee + (other fee) = $ i need to pay

Something i want is only RM 20 over if converted to Malaysian currency, somehow when she quote me is double . Not something I mind paying but what was quoted is

Item + shipping fee + (other fee) + postage fee = $ i need to pay

Just dun understand why i will need to for pay shipping twice when its stated shipped directly to me


  1. hey i think the shipping fee you need to pay is actually for the seller to ship the item from another country to Malaysia, whereas postage is what you need to pay for the seller to send the item to you.

    what i don't understand is the "other fee" though. handling fees perhaps?

  2. Don't pay.. I've never heard of preorder items where the buyer needs to pay two shipping fees. Rubbish! I think the low price tag (RM20++) is just a gimmick. After order is received, the owner adds on miscellaneous fees to hike up the price.

  3. hello dear, I came across here and gotto know that you are talking about my blogshop! LOL!

    Let me clarify here:
    If you are placing individual order, the items will be shipped directly from ** to your door steps. So the calculation would be:
    Item cost + international shipping fee + agent fee = $ you need to pay (The agent fee is for the bank transaction fee, delivery charge within xx country (because I offer services for about 20++ different stores, so I need to gather up the items from these stores) + my profit)

    And if you join shopping spree (group purchase), the calculation would be:
    Item cost + International shipping fee (RM12) + agent fee + local postage fee (RM5 flat rate)= $ u need to pay

    The objective for organizing the spree is to help the buyers to reduce their international shipping fee, some people may want to buy 1 item only, hence is not worth for them to pay RM48 (the minimum charge for EMS, if you doubt about this, you may call POS Malaysia to check the EMS rate).

    Hope my above clarification is clear for you :D

  4. Oo..I see..thanks for the clarification!
    Mind emailing ur blog name pls? Would like to pay a visit :)

  5. Oh so that's how it goes
    thats much clearer now thanks

    so slapping myself for being stupid :S

  6. i know what smwdy is all about.i can feel such a harmony environment here *grin*

  7. nice seller~

    can u email me your blogshop?

  8. Yeah! This is what we called, Happy Ending! :D
    Kudos to u, SMWDY! Have a great weekend!

  9. But shouldn't this matter be cleared up during the discussion (through email or otherwise)? I mean seller should explain how the procedure works for buyer to understand it no?

    Either ways, cheers for SMWDY for being The Geneva to all online shoppers and sellers. Woohoo.

  10. Hi Anon 1012am,

    Everything is stated on my blogshop. Maybe my blogshop layout design is too complicated or confusing, hence, buyers would missed out some info if they didn't click into those pages. :)

    After this incident I did sent mail to some of the buyers to clarify further in case they have misleading by my confusing equation. >"<

    Anyway, I really thanks to the author who brought up this issue, now I realized further clarification in email would be helpful. :)

  11. GENEVA?! - pressure...

    Thanks seller for the clarification. May your business prosper!!