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Pinochio's free size

I saw this post on Diary Addictions of this very nice simple stop. And it was only RM20+

So I immediately went to the blogshop and went through her stuff. Most of her stuff are cheap and nice but I wanted the one I saw on Diary Addictions. She wrote there Free Size and I saw the model is quite an average size I think. Plus I wear UK6-UK8. I was very sure I could fit into it even if its too big. So I bought it.

I was excited when the parcel arrived. First thing that turned me off was her way of packinging. Mind you, I'm a seller too. I would have at least fold the clothes nicely even if I dont have plastic to wrap it whatsoever. She just dumped my shirt without folding it! Okay lah fine you're busy but make it more presentable la.

Oh before that, this blogshop apparently has 2owners. So since she stated that the top I wanted was last piece I quickly sms-ed the owner. So I sms-ed the first number and said "hi my name is bla bla I want that bla bla please sms me yr acc num so I can make immediate payment" guess wht she reply? Please sms the other number. WTH? Why am I the one who has to do that? She could just simply pass me the acc num whatnot and tell me to wait for her to check ke whatnot. But nvm I wanted the top so bad so fine, I sms-ed the other number. Luckily the owner was all nice and she sold it to me.

Anw, I was happy when it arrived and when I took it out from the envelope, I knew I couldn't fit into it because it was tagged XXL? Hello? It was tagged XXL and yet you wrote on your blog it was free size. Come on la. I was upset so I sms-ed her. I said, "Hi, the top is really big. I thought it is supposed to be a free size. I can't fit into it because its XXL and I wear S-M only"

She replied, "Dear it is free size only the tag says XXL"

Come on I know how XXL looks like. And it was big. Please lah. The least THEY could do it to tell me the truth. PLus their blogshop was reviewed.

Theres no need to lie.


  1. which blogshop? wanna know..mail me

  2. Since when does XXL became free size? ergh hate dealing with people like this.

  3. author,

    if we're talking about the same blog, is it the basic tank which is sold out in other colours but only available in purple? i'm planning to buy it too but now i'm second guessing.

    hit me back if we're talking about the same blog.
    thanks :)

  4. hi can i know who is it?

  5. If what anon may12 6:07pm assumed is right, then i know which blogshop too. check out diary addictions past entries to find out ;)

  6. which blogshop? pls email me. thank u.

  7. I scrolled Diary till at least 10 pages of older entries and i only see 1 highlight that has a RM20 offer. Yup it fits the description of the 'only purple left' but seriously i'm god smacked!

    I didn't know the owner was like that at all, i've bought from her once before and she's nice plus her shop always sells things cheaper than others too. hmm, i am indeed surprise. maybe its not that shop lar, but really i can't find another that fits the description in Diary.

  8. hi.
    wow. like that also can.
    damn. please email me the blogshop.

  9. i can't seem to find it anymore. even tried searching with purple+free size or only purple left. maybe diary author deleted it already?

    mail me please!


  10. which site? do tell. . thx

  11. it's so easy to find the mentioned tank. go search la dear.

    and regarding the issue, that was quite surprising. it's a a famous blogshop right? :\ famous till never bother to care all the little things anymore?

  12. isn't this blogshop been complained before at a post regarding "famous for selling bodycon/panel skirt"?

  13. which blogshop? ;p

  14. i found that! gosh! its in my own bookmark! i can't believe its that bad! >.< i mean the cutting, coz the pic looks so fine wei! with the mannequin. hmm~