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Dont be mean...

I'm really sad to know that people are giving mean comments in SMWDY.

I thought the blog owner stated that " THIS BLOG IS YOUR OUTLET TO VENT"

I mean, come on, people are just posting on how they feel, do they deserve mean comments? if you don't like then just slap them, need not to say something nasty to people.

Editor's note : Erhm, dont know where to slap. Just comment I suppose...


  1. I think those people who said mean things here is venting too. They ARE commenting on how they feel. I mean, maybe they did sent their stories but beloved SMWDY did not publish it, so they get mad. Or maybe, they just have issues. Hahaha.

    P/S I have never sent any stories to SMWDY. Yet.

  2. Hahaha. Sometimes mean comments can give great advices and make you realise things.
    Just bear with it.

  3. When you give the ability for people to post anonymously... people just tend to get a little rude sometimes.

    It's not just SMYDY but any other websites too.

  4. ya, actually those who r being somewhat "vocal" (or shud i say rude?) r those ppl who always use the name 'anonymous''s like, they're brave to talk, but they hide their name lo..this is very common in most blogs...huhu..

    but all in all, yeah, i do agree with all comments so far...sure, some comments r so rude n biting, but sometimes, they really help us to perceive the world in another perspective (cewah! ;p)

  5. It's like asking a pig to fly.

    It's unavoidable.

    Besides, for one person is seems mean, the other may not. Subjective also.

    Not everything can be black and white.

  6. Some posts really need some slap + mean comment + pour cold water onto their face!

    What is mean comments to them?! Haha...

    Writer: Please don't act innocent, ok?! :p