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Your skirt's on fire!

There's this customer who wanted to order 2 items and she came up with 1001 excuses of not wanting to pay full. As i'm doing pre order and also ready stock, i told her it won't be fair to others if you pay half only where others paid full. She then said she's broke.

I told her to order for the next batch. She said no, she wants it asap like in 1 1/2 months time. Then she said, it's her FIRST time shopping.

Fine, since she begged like mad i agreed but I told her that I will forfeit the deposit if she ever backout on it. Good thing she didn't back out.

But I came across her email is SG and THC reselling so many clothes of hers. So called for being first timer shopping online. What a liar! There were post of her reselling items last year! Such hassle people go through just to lie their way out. GRRR!

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