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Still in business

I have frequently bought from this blogshop which the owner claimed that she will close the blogshop down cause someone bitched behind her back. Ended up she's still in business, and judging from her frequent overseas trip, I don't think she ever will close it down.

But anyway, so long as I like the clothes, it's non of my business whether it close or not, so I continue shopping. What irritates me is we already agreed to meet at say 11am at Mid Valley. Great!

A night before, I had to go for a sudden discussion so i informed her that my friend will be collecting the cloth for me, and I would pay her first tonight by banking in. Great. She kindly said it's alright if we postpone the meeting up but I told her it was okay cause my friend would be going to MV anyway. I gave her my friend's number. No reply. Fine.

On the agreed day and time, she did NOT appear!! After my discussion at 1pm, I called my friend to check if she took my dress. She told me the owner did not call her. I was quite pissed already, cause previous night when I reconfirm her with her she did not reply and on the very COD day itself she did not appear. So I sms her right away. No reply!!

Three hours later, she replied and say she left the phone at her house so she couldn't contact me. What a coincidence! Don't you think? And she did not apologise on her delay AT ALL.

Fine. Reschedule the COD time. And she was late for 1 hour then! When I sms / call her, she only replied, 'M on the way.'


** Editor's note : All comments will now be withheld as I am in talks with said seller. Hey takes guts to write to me and I admire that. She's not nasty like some emails I get from people that has been blasted here. Rather chatty :D so let me talk to her ok?


  1. I dont know why but I'm curious to know who this myself... author email me pls :D

  2. I know which shop that is! the clue is:"she will close the blogshop down cause someone bitched behind her back. Ended up she's still in business".
    Lol..I dunno why she likes to write about her personal feelings in her blog. "I'm sick from flying here, there"'s like she's so desperate for sympathy. I think her pics are nice only..her clothes..too eccentric for my taste. But the one time I emailed her to inquire bout something, she was quite rude. Totally different from the way she writes in her blogshop.. -.-
    I guess she's getting more cocky now that her shop's so famous.
    i'm not surprised ppl bitched behind her back.
    she's just annoying to me..
    Was waiting for her to close down..but she still updates the preview on sundays and releases the full update on monday.
    I guess most active online shoppers will know now which blogshop this is ;p

  3. I personally find her DAMN CUTE. The way she names all her clothes, and the way she models and take pictures for them.

    AHAHA, damn cute <3

    Funny, but cute. teehee.

  4. Hey, i know this person too. She's also late for my COD in Pavilion for almost an hour when she's the one who insist i be there on 1pm SHARP. And agree with anon above. What's up with her personal diary in her blogshop? At first i pity her but now kinda annoyed...

  5. omg which blog? can give some clues on what to google?

  6. yeah shes too famous nowadays till she forgets her old customers.

  7. Clue is, there are numbers in the blogshop's name.

    I appreciate the time and effort she used to take all the pics in her blog. Some are good, some are OK, but some are just.. *..... *

    The pics she put up pictures great quality of clothing although at a low price . Her price are quite reasonable assuming if she stock overseas, in comparison with other blogshops that take their stocks from Malaysia, but I don't think the quality are good. Maybe its like the saying, you pay for what you get.

    The more times I buy from her, the more I get annoyed. So I guess I'll give her blogshop a break for now.

    Just my 2cents. Feedbacks are welcomed.

  8. i can only think of one blog that has numbers and update previews on sunday and release on monday. but i haven't really noticed her "personal diary". i saw one post from sunday stating she'll be gone from the 7th. but other than that i cant find anymore. ok, i was to lazy to click older post after doing so 5 times. am i talking about the right blog?

  9. i know which one but as anon May 4, 2010 1:46 AM i just saw that post.

    anyone notice how she spells restock restcok? at first i thought its typo error but no, she even typed restcoking!


  10. hahaha.. soo easy to notice which blog this is.. never bought anything from here tho. maybe because i don't really like her looks :P (yeah slap me if u want but that's my criteria in blogshopping :)) i didnt know about her closing the blog? all i know she;s been here quite sometime and still open!

  11. truthfully, i hate it when sellers didn't put label in their post. thats why i dont ever bother to buy from her :X

  12. yeah i know who this is.. bought from her a few times and the quality is not good at all for the price i pay.

    there's one time i bought a top from her that looks and colour TOTALLY different from her picture, quite pissed but decided to let it go and never buy from her again.

  13. oh ya i still remember when she said she wanted to close down her blogshop cuz got ppl bitching abt her, she said things like:
    "if i continue with this business i got no time to go clubbing, no time to yamcha.. etc etc.. BUT if my followers reach 100 i will consider abt continuing"
    omg that was annoying to the core!!!

  14. LOL. I didn't know about that Anon 12:57pm. I only know she said cause she couldn't stand ppl bitching her back and she receive hate mails very frequently, and posts 100+ parcels so she might forget some here and there. Sheesh.

  15. am also curious. which blog is this?

    email me pls.


  16. i think her clothes may be nice but she's just plain un-professional.

    anon 1.28PM: she said that in her "closing down" called closing down only i think she was just seeking for attention -.-

  17. I am curious to know which blog? mail me

  18. Wow i didnt know she's like this. she seems so sincere and nice but it after reading this, i guess not.

    HAHA her english is terrible.
    "restcok" "reffund" "really really appreciate for the patience, very touching for ur all understanding" LOL

  19. Aiya to those who wanna know, just google la. Sooo many hints adi from the commentors above.

  20. it's quite obvious which blogshop this is based on the hints given so far. and yes, she updates every sunday evenings and her second updates are on monday nights.personally, i've bought twice from her and urm,lets just say things weren't professionally handled as what i would expect.

    first cod was at midvalley as well and our agreed time for cod was at 11am and alright i rushed there after class and called her saying i've arrived at 1055am but no replies. at 1115am i called her again no reply. at 1130am i was super pissed already and called her again and finally she picked up her phone and she sounded really sleepy over the phone though and said, oh i ask my boyfriend to cod with you yea. i'm like WTF. i decided to let it slide.

    and second time, i bought a dress from her and paid immediately on the same day of release. as i banked in via cash deposit machine which does not accept RM1/5 etc, and after i've banked in, i've smsed her telling her so and also, reminding her to post my change of rm8. and she said okay and when the parcel arrived, no rm8 change in sight and when i smsed her- she said she forgot and will bank in soon. up to this day, and mind you, it has been 6 months already! i still have not gotten my rm8 change.

    so, am and have been staying away from her blog ever since. and i just hate her pictures and her poses! makes the clothes so cheap looking.

  21. Aha, noted! Bought a few pieces back then, and well, as usual, she was pretty late during our meet ups. Didn't gave her any big fuss for her "punctuality", as I'd first thought that she's quite comel. As for her infamous 'closing down her business' blogpost, I'd felt pity for her at first, but oh well, as time passed, felt that she has this ASS (ASS = Attention Seeker Syndrome) I should say. Aisey, was that just to stir a scene to rake in more traffic? Rant la kat SMWDY, more traffic towards the blog by then... As for her demeanor when she replied me for an item I've inquired, it was oh-so-not-nice; "restock next month, u wanna wait?" Aren't you here to sell? What's with that attitude girl? Too many customers and sales till bontot kembang? Sad case...

  22. LOL, i've bought from her a few times, she's alright what. although i dont know about COD but yeah, she post in time and all.

    but her english really is terrible. :X i dont really care about it, but yeah.

  23. i bought from her once, when she first started up. She was really really nice back then, even gave me a discount because she got confused with the cod spot which made her late.sad to see how popularity got to her :(

  24. i once tried asking her nicely bout a dress i saw.
    but then she was rude. really.
    like she's not interested in doing business with me
    think she might be overloaded, thats why
    yea, she did make a big fuss about closing her blogspot.
    but still, updates coming one after another.

  25. someone should seriously ask her, when is she closing down her blog man?!

    can't stand fakes and attention seekers like her.blehhh.

  26. couldnt agree more. when i inquire also she sound kinda rude.. gimme a veryyyy veryyyy short answer as if she's really not interested to deal with her customer.

    bought once b4 from her (long time ago, back in late 2008), and she's quite OK, restock an item for me even i havent deposit anything (but of cos, i did not back out and paid her once she restocked).

    but after 1 year, i come back n interested to buy from her, and totally got turn off by the way she reply. and yeah, she didnt even include my name in her R--- ---E POINTS list. i told her bout it, TWICE and she said she will update but till now, my name never appear. Malas and arrogant ordi arh? if like that might as well she just delete that Points system right? i dont feel appreciated cos my points being left out. sigh...

  27. HAH! I know which blog is it. Oh God. didnt know she's like this! so glad I never buy anything from her before coz she looks scary.

  28. Her face, attitude, demeanor and selling ethics are ugly and terrible!
    Boycott cukup cukup!!

  29. She's quite popular though, rite? cos her items sell out very very fast. Not sure on the quality though as I've never bought from her. LOL at anon 8.44PM..she looks scary? lol..she doesn't look that bad la.

  30. wow, i still remember last year i guess when she was quite new someone said her face looks like a bulldog at her cbox. and i really really pity her. but she was really nice about it, just laughed it off, didnt even scold that person and even made a joke that her bf looked like a poodle. i thought she was really sweet and sporting then. but when reading this, wow man. looks can be deceiving. and popularity really gets to people's head it seems.

  31. Really? Someone called her a bulldog? Pity her. But now i think she is so annoying after i read her "personal diary". And she seriously over pose. I mean, do u wanna sell clothes or u secretly wanna be a model?

  32. i bought a dress from her too and she was 45 mins late for the cod.. luckily i wasn't in a rush, so it didn't seem too bad then. But she was apologetic when she came, so i guess i appreciate that?

    I think it's not that she's rude, but maybe just doesn't know how to phrase her words such that it sounds polite? and she did say she was closing down her blogshop, but a lot of people encouraged her not to, so probably that's why it's still up and running.

  33. Well at least tell us if you are still interested in doing biz right? Whats the point of spreading news around blogosphere but continue nevertheless? :S

    Anyway, i agreed with anon 10.10pm, she OVER POSE a lot sometimes! But if we say that, other people will say we complainers have nothing else better to do cause we comment and complain on every single thing possible. But really, i dun mind if she just pose like D----- w--T owners :)

  34. i think she was really seeking for attention and pity so ppl will support afterwards.i was suspecting that she does that to herself so she could get more sales!
    worse of all, it works! each time she does her thing, her stuffs sell like mad.
    you'll see she will repeat the cycle soon enough!

  35. funny though i think she's kinda nice actually.i bought a couple of stuff from her everything went well :) yes her english is bad and its really unprofessional to post about ur private stuff but oh well if u don't like it than don't visit her blog that's all.You can't possibly stop her rite? I feel like its not right to talk such bad stuff about her and destroy her business.She really wanted to quit because there were a few people who made up fake CODs with her and don't turn up and all that.Who can take things like that? But yes, she has alot of supporters and they encourage her not to close down that's why she didn't in the end.And though she seems like she has alot of haters, why is all her clothes always sold out?hmmmm.Don't be too quick at judging her and i agree with Anon 10.16pm that her english is bad and she doesn't noe how to use the write words that sound polite.

  36. She has a personal diary? I'm curious and would like to know.!

  37. I've bought from her twice and personally, I like her. Both times I bought from her were for COD and she was nice enough to come all the way to meet me even though it was slightly out of the way for her. Once I had to reschedule because I had to work late, and she was totally cool with it.

    At the second COD, I chatted with her for a 10-15 mins and she was really nice and funny. If you have read her interview with YSK, that is totally how she is in real life, very goofy and funny.

    As for her emails that are short and straight to the point, I believe it's because she's very "real", as in, she doesn't stand on ceremony and isn't those fake types who pepper their emails with "dear", "babe" etc etc. When I met her, we got to chatting right away as if we've been friends for ages.

    Regarding the quality of the clothes, yea, it could be better, but at least it's not extremely overpriced like some other shops and some of her pieces can't be found elsewhere.

  38. Anon @ May 4, 2010 11:57 PM :
    If you claim that she doesn't noe how to use the right words that sound polite, then why the hell does she sound so polite in her blogshop?
    Why is there such a big difference between her email replies and writing style in the blog?
    So all this "doesnt know how to sound polite" is just bullshit. I just don't buy the idea of it.
    Point is, she's rude when dealing with certain buyers, and judging by the response here, rude with many buyers. And this really irks me. It's like she's practicing discrimination or something.
    And i really hate it when sellers are late for CODs. 5 - 15 mins still alright la..but 30 - 45mins? Wtf? You think buyers have nothing to do but wait for you the whole day is it? Sell shit la like that. If a seller makes me wait for her that long for no valid reason, I'll just leave and not buy that item at all. Srsly, it's so unethical to make your buyer wait that long.

  39. well this was an easy guess, haha.

    agree with the fact that she does pose a little much, and i don't really fancy it (haha) but hey it's her blog, so whatever makes her happy :)

    and this is totally unrelated - but i've noticed that quite a number of her items are being sold in that re-selling blogshop.

  40. yah..many ppl are re-selling the clothes they bought from this blogshop..maybe it doesn't look good in real life.

  41. yeah, i just received my items from that blog. think am going to resell it:(

  42. Anonymous 6.17pm, why resell?

    quality not that good or it isn't as portrayed or ...?

    i haven't bought from her before but i'm curious :P

  43. u girls seriously. you're all living in dreamland.
    overseas stock? cheap prices? some her stuff can't be found anywhere?

    yea right. check out time square. 5th floor. there's this particular shop. well MOST of her stuffs are from there. and at a wayyy cheaper price. how i got to know? saw her at that shop one day looking through the clothes and squealing and jumping around all excited when choosing the clothes to sell in her blogshop. and guess what? that shop offers wholesale too.

    so her stuffs are not cheap. you should see how much she marks up. how can a physical shop in time square selling cheaper than in blogshops? i mean they need to pay rent and workers too right?

    and fyi, lots and lots of clothes selling in online blogshops can mostly be found in sg wang and time square and at the supplier place somewhere around kl. i suggest girls out there to bring a few friends and go to the supplier and get ur clothes there. wayy cheaper.

  44. clarissa,

    i know dat shop in TmSq too. i was surprised when i saw that shop selling almost 80% of her items at the blogshop! and believe me, the dresses thr-nothing more than rm39.00 in that shop. bought myself few dresses and i only laugh when i saw she charge really high on her items and pose with the same dress i had. so much for oevrsea/imported stock? my a**. im evil, i know. jus shoot me.

  45. Cynthia: the item is not the same as the ones in the picture. I don't know why but it looks hideous on me.

    Clarissa: Could you lemme know where in Times Square? Exact location please=) I want to know too=)

  46. cynthia and hellgurl, tell me where is that shop in times square???


  47. OMFGGGG!!! I know she works in Times Square as a 'beautician' BUT THIS IS TOOO MUCH~! To say that you get your stocks from overseas, when you just get it from local suppliers?? WTF is this!! I'll go check it out from Times Square and slap her kao kao here if it's true.


  48. God!! Then this must be some big conspiracy by the seller! She lies to her buyers about going overseas to get her stocks when she buys them from times square!
    God i feel so cheated! Will never ever buy from her again!
    Everyone should boycott such a seller!

  49. Hey, i think it's best that the blog shop owner shows up now to clarify this matter.

    Hello OWNER!!! Where are you???

    We want some explanation here!!!

  50. If the seller is guilty as charged, I bet my ass she can't come up with any decent explanation

  51. I have a suggestion here. Since she says her clothes are imported and all, she should put up photos of her in those places as proof beginning with her trip this 7th.


  52. as a seller, i went to bangkok before too and its quite expensive to travel there and come back, so i don't think its possible for her to go there like every 1-2 months, what more she said she even traveled to hongkong,taiwan,china to get her stock. i don't think its financially viable to travel to these places so often considering the transportation cost, unless she's buying in BULK. which she doesn't since its for her blogshop only.
    moreover, as i know, the stocks in taiwan/hongkong are EXPENSIVE! china and bangkok are cheap. so i think she is just lying abt traveling overseas!

    somemore in her latest post she said she'll go to bangkok to do some restocks and then go to hongkong to buy stocks? wow she must be making LOADS of money just to travel to bangkok to do some restocks and considering the political turmoil in bangkok now, WOW she is so noble to risk her life to travel there for restocks..

  53. i wont believe 100% of her post. Dont simply believe when she say she restock overseas. my a**. Ask her to post up the pic of her passport pages la if she really travel back n forth every week. even a much much famous blogowner doesnt travel dat much.

    btw, u girls wanna know whr? i forgot which floor (im not even living in KL, but i KNOW pretty much the shops in TmSq cos i ALWAYS shop thr).but its located somewhere the corner end, near the escalator.

    hell yeah! \m/

  54. what a liar!! im boycotting her shop from now on, unless she can provide a good explanation!

  55. I'm seller too, I do travel overseas occasionally.. no idea bout d blog mentioned above.. I personally think that is not good to talk bad about ppl when u guys dun have any evidence or prove of wat u guys complaining about.. how about SMWDY send her an email regarding to this and make things clear...?

  56. can someone tell me what blogshop is thissss????

  57. agree wit anon MAy 6,2.03pm.I don't think u guys should simply accuse her and honestly she's just trying to run a business so of course she had to set the price higher rite?even other seller do that too so why is she the only one getting attack? Besides her stuff are relatively cheaper than other blogshop

  58. almost rm50 for a top is NOT cheap.

  59. somebody email me pls!

  60. almost RM50 for a shorts is NOT cheap either.

  61. Probably SMWDY can help to email her on our behalf and ask if she really did stock from overseas, and if she can provide some prove to stop others from accusing her. :)

  62. Putting me in a tight spot now eh?... well no one has actually told me it is you know?

  63. I think the story starts with the post whereby "she will close the blogshop down cause someone bitched behind her back" and the seller not punctual for her COD. But now the story seems raising another issues regarding her "overseas restock" and "pricing".
    I'm a seller and i do go overseas for restock every one or two month. How if she really go overseas for restock as what she mentioned in her blog? But if she is lying, then she will loose her customers because she just simply cannot be trusted. Or this is just another marketing strategy for her?
    As online buyer, i understand that we want to buy something good quality with reasonable price and good service. So if we are not satisfied with their product and service, just do not buy from them anymore.
    Every individual have own opinion, maybe we saw the same dress in Times Square or Sg.Wang and think that it is not worth to buy online, but how if some customer from Sabah or Sarawak? Not everyone will able to go Times Square or Sg.Wang for shopping:)
    Anyway, i think the seller should clarify the issues here to make things clear and gain back customer's trust on her.
    I think every seller also wants to improve themselve to gain more customers rather than do not listen to any comments and forever standing in the same starting point :)

  64. All of you, just get a life.
    I've been her customer for since 2008 til now and she's a really nice person. If all of u who doesn't like her, just ignore, so free come in here and comment. Everytime all of you start trash talking about someone, please mirror yourself first.
    No one is perfect, so is u and u don't have the power to judge anyone.
    She is doing so well now, jealous is it?
    Give her a break and start acting like a grown up, COME ON!

  65. can anyone mail me the name of the blog please

    my mail ,

  66. If customers find something wrong in her, is it wrong to voice out?

    If you are a strong supporter, you support her and voice it out here FAIR ENOUGH but like you said NO ONE IS PERFECT so she HAS things that are IMPERFECT and we are only VOICING OUT our complaints because things like delay in COD, quality not on par IS TRUTH that happens as anons above has mentioned.

    If you are her strong supporter, why don't you ASK HER TO STAND OUT AND SAY SOMETHING?

    If nobody complains and the world is so good, what is the use of SMWDY?? Its the place to vent and if you're not happy with the vent, you can CLOSE THE BLOG. No one is forcing you.


    We accept that you support her but PLEASE WAKE UP and realise that GROWN UPs do ACCEPT that people are different!

  67. It's true, but all of you are going way too far than just complaining. Do you realise all of you are at the breach of defamation and tarnishing her reputation by saying things like, I think she don't even get her stuffs from Bangkok.

    I agree with you that everyone is different, but just imagine someone else is doing this to you, how would you feel?

    You are not her, you don't even know the real truth, she is currently in Hong Kong and Bangkok, how is she going to come online and say something for herself.

    I am not here to argue with anyone, but I just want you all to think before you say something here. Does it benefits you in anyway to asked people to boycott her blogshop.

    She is just trying to run a business online. Why you guys can't be considerate towards her? Stop tarnishing her reputation here by discussing things amongst yourselves here.

    I agreed with you that SMWDY exists for people to voice out, but definitely not for trash talking. Stop defaming people this way.

  68. Well well, I see someone using legal terms like defamation here. After reading all the comments above, here are my 2 cents, feel free to comment if anything is wrong. By the way.. I hope I did not assume the wrong blogshop here. :P

    To establish defamation, you would need to have

    1: a true publication that confers the defamatory statement to 'a number of people'. This number of 'people' in terms of the proportion of internet defamation is well, not to say uncountable, but you would need at least 20% of the blogosphere who actually indicates that he/she acknowledges who the person is and have believed in the defamatory statement so as to lower her reputation in the eyes of public.

    2. You would need to directly infer upon others who this person really is.

    3. The author must have the intention to defame the defamed victim so as to amount to defamatory.

    As of now, we are not sure if the current comments are defamatory or not because 1- We really do not know if the stock is from overseas / TSquare as claimed by several anons above. 2- Certainly there is a clear indication of the person but would a reasonable man finds it clear enough to describe the said person?

    Also, what is the intention of the author and anons above in voicing out their thoughts? Are they here merely to voice out their unhappinesses or are they out here to destroy the reputation of a well-established blogshop?

    Furthermore, internet defamatory cases are countless. But if no defamatory words are used so as to caused the victim's reputation to be lowered in the public's eyes, there will not be defamation. As of above, if we can prove that she has actually taken in stocks from overseas, I feel the anons who have mistaken her ought to apologise and perhaps certain comments do amount to defamation, if there is no evidence to show that she actually went all along, there should not be defamation.

    Most importantly, I did not see anything regarding 'boycott her blogshop' if Anon 12.59am is referring to anon 1.22's reply.

    And I personally find this, I quote
    " If all of u who doesn't like her, just ignore, so free come in here and comment. " rather tactless because there are bound to be judgmental people everywhere. Perhaps it is not right for them to be that harsh on a person (assuming innocent) but then again, they can have their say. If you (anon 12.59am) believe that she is a genuine girl, by all means please continue your support because some anons seemed to have lash out sharp on here.

    To the rest of anons who dislike her, perhaps some concrete prove is needed before you harp out. Don't be too harsh. Keep the blogshop community peace and strong.


  69. To anon 12.59am:

    Reputation or not, best thing that the blogowner could do is to stand out and voice out if supporters like you failed to stand out for her. Aisey. Keep skin please. I had even seen her working in times square the time she posted out that she's been away for weeks to thailand as I work in times square too ohkays! Maybe it was all misunderstandings, but well, after so many commentators on the opposing side, one should know who's to blamed and to be slapped hard on the face.

  70. to anon may 9, 2010 8:57pm

    don't show off your law knowledge here..i'm not supporting both sides but your comment has really put me off..ppl like u..

  71. to anon may 9, 2010 8:57pm

    yer, you "sao pei la" (keep skin)...we're just voicing out, no need you "pah lia" (lousy) ppl to talk about law here..

  72. LOL ! This post is getting more and more hillarious!! With people posting law stuff somemore.

    anon may 9, 2010 8:57pm and anon May 9, 2010 12:59 AM started talking about law and defamation and the latest two anons have a go with law ppl. Sorry, but I find this really funnny!!

    Pls email me the blogshop's name just to reconfirm. Thank you much.

  73. Dear All, she hv post up some explaination and clarify the issue in her blog :)

  74. the owner of the blog has cleared things in her blog. please check and don't create any fuss anymore.

  75. Who cares whether she really goes to Bangkok or HK or not.

    The main purpose for us buyers is to get cheap stuffs. Since she sold similar stuffs with the shop in Time Square. For us KL ppl y not we just go to Time Square to shop right?

    Rather than paying at a higher price and also postage which is very much more expensive.

    Don't get why her supporters still so semangat.

    Whether she gets her stuff from heaven or hell, it is still more expensive. (Compared to that shop)

    So unless the shop in Time Square aims to make a loss, the fact is that her clothes are still more expensive than it should be.

    Honestly, who really cares if the stuffs are overseas or not. as long as it is nice right?

  76. clarissa, me totally agree wif u. wakakakak.

  77. I wonder why u ppl cannot stop saying others' bad like u r all who keep judging/saying her are perfect. if not happy than dont go n visit blog la.. easy ma..
    if ever bought then feel cheated, it's an experience also. dont u ever hear about BUY WITH YOUR OWN RISK?
    some even use the rude words.. i wonder some of u just envy with her.. or... too free..

    im not on anyone's side but jz like so childish keep saying others bad til cannot stop like that.. tsk tsk..

  78. can someone email me the blogshop name?

  79. hey, am curious which blogshop is this.. mind to mail me? thanks =)

  80. emailed me the blog please =]

  81. interested to know which blogshop. email me at jacquelyn_y2k_2[at]yahoo[dot]com


  82. clarissa,

    since your main purpose for buyers is to get cheap stuff, maybe you can do a timesquare preorder spree and sell off everything at cost price to other people.

  83. dont you all realize all her so called 'supporters' have broken english? and types in the similar way? lols.

    based on my own experience, when she first started out she was nice and on time. Plus she replied all my emails in a very cheerfully way and was on time for COD at MV and Bangsar.

    I guess after fame and popularity got to her, she didnt bother doing other peoples business anymore, even for her come-back customers. She replied my mail differently, more in a demanding manner than she used too. Its like a money comes first, service comes later. I remembered the last time I bought from her, she was a tad bit late as my mum kept rushing me asking where is she and she drove a BMW Coupe for the COD. So maybe yes, she has all the money to travel?

    Anyways it is such a waste to see a potentially great blogshop gone awry. *sighs.

  84. To Clarissa and the others who compares the blog and times square price and ask people to go to times square to buy the clothes,

    Have you ever thought about the fact that not everyone stays in KL??? Not everyone can travel to KL as they want you know. What about for those who lives in Sabah and Sarawak?? I dont think there is any wrong if the blogshop owner marks up her price as she wishes. Her targeted customers might be those who does not stay in KL. If you can get it from Times Square then go get it,why bother complaining. For those buyers who stays far far away from KL, this may be the only way for them to purchase clothings.

    Im not helping the blogshop owner or anything. I just find this statement ridiculous and selfish.

    Just my 2 cents.

  85. can someone tell me which is the exact shop she takes her stock in times square. curious to see HOW MUCH she mark up ^.^

  86. Anon MAY 11, 2010 11:43 AM, your english may b perfect but perhaps you should have more moral class? lol

  87. so much woohaa here..can i have the blog name :)

  88. to Hellgurl and Clarissa,

    if you people know where's the shop she took her clothes from, then why don't you people start up a blogshop selling same stocks as hers and be her competitor la. Don't have to banyak merungut here. Earn your own money like her.

    IMO, i know some blogshops claiming imported and all those exclusivity thing. some buyers know where are the sources of the clothes and buy them at the low price and sell them at their so-called-from-the-blogshop-price in reseller blogs claiming they bought at that price from that blogshop when in fact that blogshop never sold it to them. So i think it this people are worse than the blogshops themselves. Tak mampu buka blogshop, janganlah tipu orang lain.

    How i know? easy. i inquired about an item from SG. the girl replied roughly and all that. So i ask for measurements and all that la. Very rude re-seller. Anyhows, i mailed the 'blogshop' she bought it from and hello, they do not even have a customer with her name. The reseller just used her pics and price to sell it as 're-selling' but in fact they got it cheaper elsewhere.

    So Hellgurl, are you one of those type of people i mentioned above?

  89. Dear all,

    I have read the clarifications provided by the blogshop owner in her blog and I give her the benefit of the doubt. For the rest of the remarks given (eg getting stocks from TS) we will have to wait and see if someone can really bring in concrete prove. As of now that I have understand why is she late, I have apologised and thank her for the clarification. I hope this would solve the 'mystery' too. Thank you all for your comments!

  90. To Anonymous May 11, 2010 1:41 PM who said

    "Her targeted customers might be those who does not stay in KL. If you can get it from Time Square then go get it,why bother complaining"

    u find my post ridiculous? i find you ridiculous.

    u're so smart? you know who she targets too? you know her business plan and strategy? what are you. her best friend?

    if you're not from kl then don't bother about my comments la.

    did i ever complain? i was just stating the fact that she does sell it more expensive what.

    did i point a gun to you non-kl buyers to go to Time Square to buy?? i was just merely mentioning about that shop and comparing prices. did i say this blogshop is out to con ppl's money by ridiculously marking up her price? no i did not.

    i bet the kl buyers, if they ever find out about the shop in TS will thank me loads cause i found them an alternative and cheaper prices to shop elsewhere.

    and i meant ALTERNATIVE.

    i never even thought of wanting to tell ppl not to buy from this blogshop. didn't you read my first comment? i suggested girls to go TS to get clothes. not to boycott the blogshop. i'm only here to share my information.

    wow, u're incredibly stupid it's unbelievable you exist.

    and to Anonymous May 11, 2010 3:19 PM

    why in the world would i wana start up a blogshop and be her competitor? i'm out to shop. not to sell. and since when i merungut?

    wow you know what? what the hell happened that i suggested a shop selling similar clothes with the blogshop, i get critisms and weird suggestions to open my own blogshop and be her competitor??

    this is getting more n more ridiculous.

  91. clarissa, u r just being ridiculous! its time to stop now! not even ur business d! even the author explained tat its a misunderstanding...

  92. anon MAY 11, 2010 5:19 PM, I agree with you. she is too ridiculous..too over.yuck!

  93. id like to know too please (:

  94. may i know which blogshop pls ? kizukizu (at) gmail (dot) com.

    just my two cents, i think this post had just been like a "hate thread" or somekind like that compare to other complain posts in SMWDY. here, anon1 is arguing with anon2, suddenly talking about law and arguing about law and everything. i guess if you guys meet each other in real life, it's either no one would dare to voice up to each other or there will be a cat fight. lol.

  95. business is business.
    sellers earn from buyers.
    wanna avoid losing money?
    just stop shopping then.