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You're not funny!

I don't know whether I'm at fault or not but this is what happened. I saw a top selling at a pre-loved blogshop. The top as she claimed is brand new and I'm really interested so I sms her. The top is priced at RM75 and Beside the price she wrote is negotiable. So this is what happen :

me : Hi dear, I'm interested in top A, may I know is it negotiable? thanks.

seller: Hey babe. the top is negotiable. whats the price you can give?

me: Is it ok RM70 excluding postage?

seller : Sorry my dear, thats too low. i'm already making a loss

me: Oh, ok , then may I know whats your best price? :)

seller : Sorry RM75 (without postage) is the best price I can give.

HUH?! I thought you said its negotiable? Then now you tell me RM75 is the best price?!

Might as well tell me earlier then I will not need to send so many sms wat!!


  1. maybe she mean it is negotiable if u wanna offer a higher price?

  2. hahahahaha.. good one anon 1! XD

  3. Anon 1, that's bidding edi. LOL. not negotiating.

  4. I think the seller is really ridiculous. funny.

    tell people can nego then in the end cannot.

  5. that seller must be aiyakarambaa! =D