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Need directions to the Hall of Shame

Lately there have been many so-called buyers who initially were always very interested and enthusiastic. Responded very fast and asked a lot of questions and asked for photos of the actual products and bank account details.

BUT when it comes to actual payment, they will disappear and MIA. Emails, messages and SMS were all unresponded.

We as sellers understand that there could be last-minute change of heart. All we ask for is some courtesy to say that they are not interested anymore.

Do you think that having a blacklisted master list that the sellers can update and refer to would help? Kinda of like those that the banks use.

Frustrated, it just happening to the unfortunate me or it common nowadays?


  1. If you just read through the archives of SMWDY, you will see that there are many cases of backout buyers. We sellers do not wish to encounter them, but sadly, they are all around!
    Just yesterday I had a buyer who emailed me 3 times in a span of 20minutes. The first was to make her order. The 2nd email was to tell me that her order for the 3 items is confirmed. The 3rd email was to urge me to faster send her my bank account details. I emailed her and even smsed her to let her know that I've replied. She said TQ and will bank in soon. Today the whole day she didnt bank in, so I smsed and emailed her around 9pm tonight. Both no reply. Geram betul! Nothing I can do, but I do think that ur suggestion of having a master list of backout buyers is too extreme and not feasible.

  2. Get kena-ed from 'potential' buyers all the time.

  3. Well, I think this is common. Half of the buyers make request to me and gone disappeared after that.

  4. Yup i think its very common already nowadays. Certain days i would get few buyers saying interested in these items, then after giving banking details, no more hearing from them anymore. I was so happy to see so many buyers interested in my stuffs but turn out its just like a dream. so frustrated!!!

  5. i think the bad customer list in NOS could help

  6. I'm Anon June 16, 2010 12:28 AM.
    The buyer I wrote about has paid. Yippee for me! ;p

  7. I encounter the same thing too! ALL THE TIME! And I get really frustrated sometimes. But, sometimes I think maybe they are afraid to say that they are not interested cos some (NOT ALL) sellers can be quite unfriendly. I used to say that I'm not interested after enquiring a few things about an item on a blogshop a few years back and apologised and everything, and the buyer just didn't reply me at all. The least she could do was say "It's okay". Doesn't even have to put a smiley face there :P but, yes I agree, it's common courtesy to say that you're uninterested already and not just leave the seller wondering by not replying her email :)

  8. oh yaya, instead of paying to get those blacklisted list, go NOS to see some of the names there

  9. I'm a seller myself and I don't really have much issues with backout buyers enough to blacklist them. To make life easier, I just label all incoming mail as enquiries, and archive them. :) If the buyers don't respond, I don't hound them, instead, I'll just trash the mails. If they respond, then that's great! To me, it's ok if the buyers don't reply to an inquiry they made, though as sometimes I kesian the buyers who make excuses that sound unnatural and forced just so they won't be labelled as back-out buyers...Well, that's just my 2 cents. :P

  10. yeah, me kena all the time too!