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Releasing a TAD bit of frustration...

All this while have been reading stories from sellers / buyers. Sorry SMWDY, if this is not the right place for a reviewer to rant. I just can't 'tahan' where some of these people is being so ignorant and rude!

So i have 2 review blogs, one for PRELOVED and one for ONLINE BLOGSHOPS (selling brand new apparels). I created 2 review sites so that it looks more tidy and is easier for me to differenciate the blogshops. I have wrote in BOLD at the T & C that the ONLINE BLOGSHOP REVIEW SITE is just for blogshops that sells brand new ready stock apparel and YET, there is sellers that's so ignorant for not reading it and sending me like 5-6 times of the linking form telling me to link her up. I even created two emails for each of the review site to make it easier for me to browse thru the linking forms. Come on people, we, reviewers are doing this for FOC. Perhaps u guys can read the T & C before sending me the linking form?

And as for the reviews, sigh.. Do understand that i'm not like 24hrs x 7 days in front of the computer, stick to my review site and immediately do a review whenever there is a site updated! I usualli review according to my time and the things which im attracted to. Please do not ORDER us to do review on how many of the items or why we don't do review on ur site... is probably i've missed it out... or there's nothing that catches my eye (sorry to say so, but to be honest, its not like there is always SOMETHING that i WILL like from the blog, isnt it?) I guess reviews is a very personal thing... if i do what you say...and simply review on all items... then it will not be MY REVIEW blog... must well make it a public platform for all of you guys to do reviews yourself...

And for those who pay for the ad service, yes i know, because u're paying us... we gotta make sure we have reviews almost everyday... and probably pay more attention to your updatez... but dear, if i have missed out ur updatez, maybe u can send me an email to notify me... instead of being so harsh telling me "HEY. I'M PAYING YOU AD FEES! Y DIDNT REVIEW MY BLOG?!" Thats a bit rude dun u thk so? Please people... yes, we reviewer probably didnt buy from u guys before but we deserve a bit of respect alright...

But there is always some sellers which is really sweet and appreciative! At least i know what i do is worth it and is BEING APPRECIATE!


  1. Hie babe, i am a reviewer as well. i totally understand about your feeling my dear!
    i don't know whether am i being too sensitive or what, i feel that it's kinda uncomfortable for the seller to send us an email saying : ' Hey, we have updated, PLEASE REVIEW.' it sounds like hey, it's a MUST for you to review my blog =.=
    and you know what babe, some famous blogshop don't even bother to say a 'Thank you' when i have reviewed their site. yea, they might probably think that, i don't even need your review, or maybe my review site is not VERY VERY famous.
    i really appreciate those sellers who reply me with a 'Thank you', this somehow means a lot to me. it make me feel that you appreciate my effort.

    Anyhow, i will still try my very best to fulfill all their needs. happy reviewing my dear:)

  2. do you email your reviewed blogs for reviewing them? if you do and they still don't bother to reply with a thank you then they are plain rude, unless if the email went to spam. but don't take it personally. some people just don't know how to say thank you.

  3. hey there, i'm sorry that you have to face this kind of problem. i'm a reviewer too and sometimes certain blogshops did thanked me for reviewing them which i really appreciate. but some didn't, which i didn't take personally bcoz maybe we only did them a small favor so they think they don't owe us much :)

  4. hi, im seller, sometimes i do reply wit thank u n sometimes i dont, is depend on wat kinda post i requested to be reviewed, let's say is contest, n they reviewed for me, i really really appreciate n wil reply wit thanks.. sometimes i didn reply bcuz we do all this quite often, reply here n there may cause ur inbox overloaded.
    anyway, i definitely wont email reviewer for not reviewing my product, it could b bcuz my product is not catching their eye or probably some other blogshop selling same stuff.. =) cheers everyone

  5. If it's so hard for you, then dont do it ! simple. ;-)