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What's with the guessing game?

I am very ANNOYED with sellers from pre-loved blogshops who put their prices as 'Offer Me' or 'You decide the price'.

Obviously, I do not know how much you paid for it originally, and thus I do not know how much you're expecting for it.
So anyways, I saw a really nice zippered skirt (never worn before except for trying) which I have been looking for. And the price was 'Offer me'.

So based on my research in the blogoshpere, it seems that prices for a skirt like that are usually about RM38 - RM60.
Seeing that the price was not set, I did what any other buyer would do, go for the LOWEST PRICE.

I emailed the seller and offered RM38 (without postage).

She replied: Sorry dear, that's too low. Try again.

Me: Okay, what about RM40?

Seller: Hmm, still too low, it's only RM2 increase.

Me: RM45 can?

Seller: Still pretty low la dear, just look at the good quality and the nice material. How is that worth RM45?

I decided at this point I do no want it anymore, but Im gonna try and see what is her expected price.

Me: Okay RM50 then.

Seller: If you purchase it at RM58 I will throw in a free gift. :)

Seriously WTFF?
Pre-loved blogshop selling this skirt wayyyy higher than blogshops selling it as brand new. For all I know she could've worn it out before.
Mind you that the RM58 she offered was not inclusive of postage either, which means I get skirt + stinking free gift for RM64.

F21 has skirts nicer & cheaper than that missy!

My final reply: You know what, your price expectation is ridiculous. Just do everyone else a favor and STATE the exact price you want and stop wasting our time. If I wasn't a serious buyer, I'd offer you RM5 for that, just for fun.


  1. i like your final reply. some seller only wants to waste our time *sigh*

  2. If she's going to decide the final price, she might just as well state the price right from the beginning. Jeez.

    What a waste of time. You email her, she emails you, you email her again, she emails you again...and so on.

  3. the seller was hoping that someone is ignorant enough to offer her a high price...if she can decline the rm38-rm50 u offer, wonder will she say "Sorry dear, that's too HIGH. Try again" if someone offer her more that what she originally pay for the skirt...
    another greedy seller

  4. these type of sellers never think, do they? She might as well just state the price that she wants in the first place..Good on you for giving her that final reply.

  5. I really dislike blogshops that make you guess the price!

    Maybe the seller wants to facilitate bargaining, but even so, state an opening price. I don't have the time to survey from shop to shop and find out the range of prices.

    At the end of the day, I'll just skip these sort of blogshops as I don't know what sort of price to offer that will be reasonable.

    Furthermore, if the final price the seller offers is too high and I decline/find a better price elsewhere, am I gonna be considered as a not serious buyer?

  6. RM58 is ridiculous for a preloved skirt. so what if quality is good, it's still second hand right? hahaha.

  7. oh my god, the seller is being ridiculous! hahaha.. i was laughing at the part where she mentioned "Sorry dear, that's too low. Try again." Its as tho u've entered a 'guess the price' contest!

    slap seller!