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Updates #7 ~ Still a no show

This is from the post Patience The Size of Grand Canyon

Since the time of post till now, apparently the seller is still a no show. I have even personally emailed her myself seeking for a closure. Nyahhdah!

So, here a public cry for attention (if you may call it that)

Anyone knows the owner of Twenty Bow Boutique?


  1. omg! i didn't know that post was referring to that blogshop! i shopped there once. it was terrible! when i paid in full, i texted her and she said that she was going to post it out the next day. i think it was on monday. after a week only the post office called me to collect my parcel. i know one week is not that long but she should have at least inform me that she couldnt make it the next day. after that i deleted her phone number, damn it! otherwise, im sure i can help this poor buyer out!

  2. haha the blogshop linked smwdy on their site! how ironic :P

  3. oh gosh, i was planning to buy from her. however its weird that she's not replying my email tho.

    thanks smwdy for posting this up..

  4. oh wait im anon 12:22am. the reason that the post office called me n didn't send the parcel straight to me because my university management only let registered post to be sent straight to the university. for pos laju n pos express we have to collect it ourselves. n the post office will call us right after our parcel has reached the post office. so, obviously the blog owner posted my item out a week after the day she promised n did not send me a single sms or email.

  5. she is MIA, isn't she. sobsob.
    though the amount i've paid is not that much,
    but please don't break promises.
    kinda sad.
    she should clarify things.
    if she doesn't want to do business,
    tell others, don't simply keep silent. *sigh*

  6. gosh..what a waste..

    her blogshop has a lot of nice stuffs and their prices are reasonable too!

    She attached her FB badge in the blog. Maybe u can try tracking her via fb.

  7. hello! she updated her fb evryday!
    find her there!

  8. thanks for the info everybody! just sent her message through there.
    never realise the badge, stupid me.

  9. hye, i once bought a wedges with her. luckily everything goes very well.
    she did replied my emails and sent my order promptly.
    but oh so sorry, cant help u. i dont have her number :(

  10. nah, she didn't even reply my message. let's not buy from her.