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Well hello there Boyfriend....

I once bought from a blogshop via COD. The owner couldn't make it to meet me as she only covers the Subang area, and I was only able to meet her in my college at KDU. So she sent her boyfriend to meet me instead.

Big mistake.

We met for the COD and it was raining heavily. Since I was heading to One Utama, he asked for a lift there as his friend had dropped him off and gone off. Sure, I said. I didn't mind cos I was heading there anyways, and he wasn't bad looking too. (angular features, buff, tall, etc)

We drove over and one thing lead to another. (Starbucks, movies, dinner, shopping, phone calls)

You can say I got more than just the clothes I paid for in the end. Given, the blogshop owner is pretty darn pissed with the both of us, but some things are just meant to be.

So ladies, in future, if you don't want your boyfriends to get stolen by your customers, don't send them off to do your CODs. Just a little piece of advice.

Slap me hard if you like! XD


  1. I can sense the wave of cat fights coming in to get a piece of this... so much for wanting to sleep early tonight.

    dont blame the gurls!
    blame the guys for being horny and cheapskate (dating the customer of your gf??as if u got no one to pick on!).


    wad comes around, sure goes around. so be careful writer!

  3. The only thing I could say outloud while reading this was "OMG" repeatedly over and over again,
    that would really suck for the blog owner! poor
    But I guess they really shouldnt send their boyfriends over for CODs... tsk tsk tsk..

  4. very nice... =)

  5. HHAHAHA good comeback from the 2nd anonymous!

    Yea! maybe the boyfriend isnt that worth it if he's so easily attracted to his girlfriend's customer LMAOOOO


  6. Buy one item FREE one boyfriend!
    This is one deal we all would totally love! He sounds like a hunk too from the descriptions.

    Hey writer, you both still together? Or has karma come for you yet? :p

  7. He probably still do a few "COD" a day aside from you... skank

  8. which button is to slap the boyfriend? -_-" hahahhaa

  9. One thing i totally hate is cheaters, both of you totally deserve 10 slaps in real life! Oh well, what goes around comes around. :)

  10. @Love Bug:
    We've been together a year now. He was only with her for a mere 3 months anyways, so it couldnt have hurt that much.
    She was mostly pissed.

    A skank is someone who sleeps around with other people's boyfriends. Get your vocab straight before you speak.
    And no, he doesn't COD because I don't own a blogshop.

  11. A skank is someone who sleeps around with other people's boyfriends.

    I rest my case!

  12. it still would have hurt nonetheless!
    3 months or not, you still STOLE her boyfriend!

  13. the fact that he cheated on her for you means that he might cheat on you again. a cheater is a cheater. just saying.

  14. @Anonymous:
    I didn't STEAL him, he came willingly. Neither did I seduce him.
    She texted me that I'll be meeting her boyfriend. When we met for the COD, he introduced himself as her friend.
    Point is he made the first move.

  15. HAHA!

    But you know, just because he left you for her, doesn't mean he won't leave you for another girl. Bad thing about boys who leave their gfs for you. THEY WILL ALWAYS DO THE SAME TO YOU.

  16. My dear... were you honestly expecting praises when you wrote this post?

  17. OKAY. should i cheers u and say good job?

  18. yeah, even though you've been together a year, who knows he's part time working for a blogshop, cod-ing. lalala

  19. so according to you, whoever made the first move, you should just go for it? sounds a bit cheap doesnt it? you should've respected the fact he was with the seller in the first place. instead you encouraged him. the poor seller!

  20. ehhh... but you did admit in your post that you stole her bf!!!

    "if you don't want your boyfriends to get stolen by your customers"

  21. Awwh shingz! HAHA

  22. maybe i should go find and buy something from a blogshop,request for COD and request for her bf to deliver the item. who knows i might get a hunk too! LOL.

  23. oh, a really weird love story. -_-"
    can i just slap three of you? the buyer, blogshop owner and the boyfriend?

  24. sure you didn't intend for him to become your boyfriend, but it still does show you've taken someone else's guy,
    But since this happened last year, and you two are still together,
    Let's just hope and pray he wouldn't be COD-ing with someone else..
    I'm sorry dear, but all feedback to you will be negative and not congratulatory messages

  25. Hhahha sorry SMWDY admin, looks like this will be an active topic till the wee hours of the morning

  26. times like these i wished i had an android... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. Whatever all your opinions may be, I don't really care. I never expected to be given any congrajulatory feedbacks from any of you. I'm here for you to slap away. I hope owner of said blogshop would be reading this here and giving me a good slap too. Last I heard, she's still single and ready to mingle. Any hunks out there who might wanna be her escort? Leave your emails and I'll direct you to her blogshop. Cheers.

  28. Wow like stealing her bf is not u wanna act good by introducing guys for her? Gosh SLUT to the max...ooops...

  29. Its not a good thing what you did. And who knows, maybe at that time when you guys met, he was COD-ing with other girls also. Maybe the days before and after he met you (when he was with his ex). Well thats his job ryte if his ex couldnt COD? think about it. Yea sure he started it but you hafto know ur limit. From this u know what kind of bf he is dun u? well who am i to judge, but im just saying and just be careful.

    Never be the 3rd person of a relationship. I know how it felt to be hurt also :(

  30. So proud of being a third party; now jitter on the ex for being single? What's the point? To prove u r better off or u are sluttier?

    Bet seller would be laughing her arse off coz you've just taken over the shit she disposed off and bragging loudly in this forum.

    What a loser.

  31. wau..
    this what i called entertainment of the day..!!

    it always takes 2 person for this thing to you cannot say something like he make his own move...
    if you happy..good for you and all the best but remember God is fair and karma is always there...

  32. Seriously, i think u are so full of yourself and u must be thinking how good you are cos u managed to steal the guy away from the seller. U know what, probably the guy thinks u're a skank too cos u gave it away so easily...don quite understand why ppl like u actually exist.

    And one more thing, what is the point of u writing in to have this story published anyway??

  33. "if you don't want your boyfriends to get stolen by your customers, don't send them off to do your CODs. Just a little piece of advice."

    So the next time when I can't make it to a COD, I should tell my customer, "I'm sorry I can't make it, and I can't send my bf to COD with you as well coz I'm afraid you might STEAL him."

    Am I right, author of this post?

  34. well, i've met guys like this. he left his gf 4 u, then he'll leave u for someone else.its just a matter of time.and this kinda guy, never really worth the writer, have fun while u r at it, but dont put too much emotion on this relationship, coz the time will definitely come, sooner or later.

  35. I think she's trying to prove that she is a better slut. Seller must also be thanking God that she got away early

  36. She's obviously writing in to gloat about it. She does not deserve all this attention. B*tch.

  37. c'mon guyssss.chill!lol! she was just giving us an advice! dont have to attack her like that! lol. and no need to call her skank! my godness! after all, this blog is a laughing machine for y'all!

    i wasnt mad when i was reading this. i was practically LAUGHING my ass off! gosh! hahaha

    im a blogshop owner, NOW i know i shld never ever send my BF for COD!hahahaha

  38. So what if he made the first move? You reciprocated no? I won't waste my energy slapping you. I hope karma bites you back in the arse.

  39. I agree with anonymous directly above me. she took the words right out of my mouth.

    There's nothing to be proud of this. This WILL come back to you someday in someway. Be prepared. I sure as hell know it'll knock you right over


  40. @julee

    I have to say that this is the most surprising story I've came across in the line of Online Shopping and I am sincerely saying that there's nobody's fault really because every relationship out there ends when either there's no more love or either party met someone else and knew that he or she is the right one. It always starts from there where you met someone first, get to know and fall in love.

    It is not the buyer's fault for "stealing" the owner's bf because all she did was just cod the fella, gave him a lift, they became friends and from there they both liked each other and so ends another relationship and started one beautiful one.

    If the owner was the right one for him then he wouldnt even stare twice at another girl, am I not right? And now that they've almost been together for 1year, doesnt that mean that they genuinely like each other and if the owner and the guy wasnt even right for each other in the first place, the guy would have left her with or without meeting the buyer.

    Dont waste time blaming everybody in this because it is for a fact that it happened to everyone of you too. You have a bf, you met another guy and then u like him, and then u tell ur bf things r not working out and you be with the other guy. Same thing!

    So look yourself in the mirror next time before you start throwing flames at other people.

    I rest my case.

  41. All I can say is, "birds of the same feathers flock together."
    I really don't know what else to comment, but I figured if someone is not meant to be yours, they will never be.
    The blogshop owner should get over it and get someone who will appreciate her more!

  42. gosh writer you sound almost defiant and happy that you met your boyfriend through this way. yes everyone deserves their chance at happiness and love but the way you guys got together surely won't go down in the annals of history as the best love story ever told.

    and yah, think of the karma, woman!

  43. Goodness gracious, what is wrong with girls these days? Don't you feel embarrassed writer? Geez, you bring shame to the women society, srsly. If I were you, I wouldn't even posted this here. You sounded so proud man! Jesus Christ!

  44. Sometimes, I feel that certain stories posted here were just merely created by lifeless writers. But oh well, if this is true, the writer is such a b!tch and slut. Hope Karma bites you back in a big way!

  45. sometimes, when a person are meant to be together; they are meant to be. nothing can stop that I suppose?

  46. dear author, you are a bitch for sure.

  47. author is sooo terrible ! :(.

  48. @passerby: sure ... you can talk about "meant to be" and all sorts of that fairytale love crap BUT my main issue is how proud the writer is about the way she "caught" her boyfriend.

    PLUS she has the nerve to write that the seller is still single and on the prowl and she will gladly send on "contacts" to said seller *grr*

  49. I personally think that it's acceptable if you found someone who's meant to be with you and he left someone for you. I mean, all's fair in love and war right? Maybe this guy really is someone who is right for you and that he was never good for the seller anyways.

    But the problem here is your lack of moral and conscience. You actually seem PROUD of your doing! You seem to revel in the fact that you managed to snag a guy from someone, break that poor girl's heart and watch her stay single for so long. You really don't feel guilty at all? Not even a lil?

  50. well, im blaming the man cos he's the one who started the move while he's still in relationship!

  51. Ouch!!! Wut A BeautiFool world.wish author n de guy happily ever after May God Bless u ..hopefully de guy wont dump u for anothr women,even if tat happen i guess tat wont hurt u much rite u seem to like easy cum easy go..if i get this kind of guy as bf i will be blessed n thankful for de lose...LMAO
    imma speechless

  52. even if they were just together for 3 months, the first few months are probably the time where the girl must've liked him alot.

    the first few months are always d most romantic months. and you stole him away like that.

    if he can leave his previous girlfriend for another girl so easily, what happens when he meets another girl he like ?

    just my 2 cents.

  53. I once bought from a blogshop via COD. The owner couldn't make it to meet me as she only covers the Subang area, and I was only able to meet her in my college at KDU. So she sent her boyfriend to meet me instead.

    don slap the seller, she was being nice somemore. trying to accomodate to where this slut can cod. -.-

  54. I hope you both stay together for the rest of your loser lives because you obviously deserve each other =)

  55. *tsk tsk* some ppl just look for love in all the wrong places.. like a COD session! LMAO

  56. No more comments author? Cat got your tongue?

  57. lol...still skank to the max! who knws whether ure slping with the douchebag.not that we care.
    if he leaves his ex for you,he will leave you for another girl.


  58. what a slut

  59. slap the author! she is so proud of it! it's the time for you to grow up babe! =P

  60. hmm... now i m curious to know how the guy looks like.

  61. Wow, you people have a real load to say. Im guessing the majority of you are speaking out of your own bad experience since most of you sound so bitter. It's true I sound a little 'proud' but it was mostly the sarcasm speaking because I already guessed that most of you would start with all that name calling and so on.

    And for the record, I did not steal him on the spot. the day we COD-ed, we just had a drink at Starbucks and then a movie to pass the time since it was raining heavily after that. His dad couldn't pick him up after the movie, and his girlfriend at that time was too busy getting ready for a night out at the clubs, so I offered to send him back to his place. His dad invited me for dinner, and that was that. He only broke it off with her the next day cos apparently she was too drunk to call, and his feelings had changed.

    I think most of you are too quick to judge when my point of writing my story in the first place was to say that sometimes things may happen/turn out badly if you're not careful. I used the term 'steal' her boyfriend as a figure of speech, not that I literally grabbed him and stole him.

    Skanks & sluts are for people who sleep around with more than one guy at a period of time, not exactly one of my hobbies and not one that I had condoned either.

    Those of you who says that if he leaves his gf for me, he'd leave me for another. That might happen if we have a fight in future and someone better comes along, just like what happened with his ex. But that would require me to make him feel like leaving first, and if he does, he has a good reason to. But I actually think he's a genuinely nice guy, and he didnt leave his ex for nuts. I definitely wont reveal her name/blogshop now (not even if you leave your email), but she has a serious drinking problem. She's been deemed as a somewhat irresponsible seller too by her own customers, which is why I dont like her very much either. And I wasnt the first customer he had to COD with.

    Im not writing this to clear my name from whatever you girls think I am. I just think that most of you just call others bad names just cos you're given the option of anonymity. Dont think those of you name callers are that bold in real life, most of you anyways. So slap me, call me whatever you want. I wrote this for slaps-sake after all. Bring it on bitches. ;)

  62. I think its cute that they end up together. Its not like the blogshop owner is the buyer's BFF. It would be a different thing then. Like if Paris Hilton steal the Madden dude from Nichole Richie. Chill people.. Why so serious..?

  63. Yeah, chill people. A girl has got her rights to date.
    It's not like he's a married dude. It' only 3 months for goodness sake!

    Sure it hurts, but that's what life is about.
    There are more fishes in the sea, why settle with just one?

    It is darn cute that they ended up together. What a way to meet your future boyfriend.

  64. I think alot of us girls here don't speak from just mere experiences. quite surprise to see that alot of us girls are mature enough to know that we should'nt do this to anyone, and being PROUD of it :)

  65. EH,

    Author, i have a question. To you, skanks and sluts are people who sleep around right?

    So if i flirt tremendously around with your boyfriend, I'm not a slut/skank! Correct? :)

    Also, wahhhhh you damn geng loh. First day of COD, you barely know the guy and you're already watching a movie/having coffee with him? WAHHHH FAMILY DINNER ALREADY AHH?? WAHHHH. GENG.

    OR NOT, maybe you're too easy. Easy? Geng? WAHHH!!!!

  66. Right on, that's called a flirt. Glad to finally see people using foul words correctly. It's one thing to swear, but to swear without knowing your english, that's just embarassing.

    Well, he was nice and we had a lot in common so coffee and movie is definitely pleasant. I sent him home, his dad treated me dinner in return, and i accepted out of courtesy. I don't see what's so sinful about that. Nice to know you don't practice courtesy my dear. You really should.

  67. Dear author,
    thank you for bringing up such an entertaining post to read, it really kept me laughing with all the comments!

    I also see your point as to what happened...
    I guess you two just connected and things moved on from there on..

    To other readers out there,
    put yourself in the author's position, would you let someone whom you've connected and had a really good time with just slide by?

    Maybe.. maybe not..

    Things just happen, it's hard for us humans to control everything..

    this is just my 2 cents on the matter, please no tomato-throwing at me :D

  68. Author,
    I support you entirely. Everything happens for a reason. If a woman does not care for her bf, its no surprise that the man would leave her for someone better.

    Its not like the author and the blogshop owner were friends. The author is not in any position to feel bad for dating someone else's ex. So people, just back off, and enjoy the story without any name-calling.

    Seriously, you people got nothing better to do, is it? Jealousy is in the air, I guess :)

  69. And my golden trap opens...

    You know what, these comments could have been avoided if author was alot more clear in the situation. All the while she did come across as one arrogant thing which irked everyone. Cant blame them. Now that we do know the other side of the story, i wish you all the best love.

    *tone down on the attitude a little doll. You're probably not as in your face as you portray yourself to be. I sense a tad bit of resentment still with the ex but hey... I'm no Aunt Agony. This is a bitch slap blog! Come on people... gimme stories!!

    Get that atrocious Asia's biggest losers stage out of my head. The RTM lighting, the selipar jepuns, the anorexic winner, Sarimah's hair extentions!

    Slap Slap!

  70. Haha SMWDY rules!

  71. err.. had a movie with someone u just got to know for less than a day??

    had a dinner with his family? what a nice family he has then.. old is he aaa,(his father couldnt pick him up?? I mean, his father?????after the movie?
    does it mean if before the movie his father could? )
    Aiya, why didnt u just send him back to his house after the 'starbuck'scene..

    He broke up with his ex on the next day? ya, what a coincidence..

    Yeah, maybe u did not steal her bf.... -_____-

    p/s* Author, are u an english teacher? just curious. please correct my english too because I believe your grammar/ english is better than all of us (n_n)

  72. Ha...yea u r not skanks but u definitely an easy come easy go slut :)
    First day of meet but already tempted by his good looking as u said, n then offers a ride + movie + coffee? woW.. interesting, coincidence or just u flirtatious?
    Worst of all..laughing the seller for being single?
    If u r so good, u don't need to steal other's bf ;)
    We r waiting to c ur karma, bitch :)

  73. ya man. You damn easy.


    You would have never known. But really, kudos to you. Would you kiss a beggar out of courtesy too if the beggar called you leng lui? I honestly think you would. SRSLY.

  74. Oh I'm double majoring in English btw, not exactly a teacher but gee, thanks for noticing. There's definitely a lot to correct in your usage of grammar but I shall refrain myself as I'm no teacher.

    And yet another tedious explanation.
    His dad's car was in the workshop so he had to use his car which left him with no car. I did mention that his friend dropped him off at my college. And that it was raining heavily while we were sipping our coffee. Jam in OU around the rush hour period is crap, so hence the movie. He asked, I didn't have anything to do so why not. Truth is, we really connected over coffee so I don't see why I should miss out on a movie with a nice guy. No hand holding or whatsoever, we just shared popcorn. Does that make me a slut yet?

    And nope, him breaking up with his ex was not planned, it was a total coincidence. Swear I didn't plan that from day one. And honestly, I didn't even know bout it till the day after they broke up. I didn't even have his number. He called his dad from my phone so I'm guessing that's where he got it from. Still think I'm a slutty skank? Oh well, too bad I guess.

    Note to SMWDY:
    I guess I could've written the whole lovey dovey story from the very beginning but hey, this wasn't meant to be a Romeo & Juliet saga. I didn't think clarification was necessary but I couldn't resist clarifying the real story after all those similar slut/skank comments. It's too much of a waste not to let people know they judge others too much without seeing themselves inthe mirror.
    Why so serious people, seriously?

  75. haha. ENUFF ppl!

  76. this is getting boring. new stories please!

  77. Nice.. I dont blame the author nor either one of them. But 2 thumbs up for the guy for being a Romeo.. rofl

  78. Dear Author,

    I really do understand your rather sticky situation, and I feel for you. Through this experience I guess you've turned out to be pretty much tragically misunderstood. I'm not too sure what I can say to cheer you up with all the ongoing castigation but I hope it helps to know that someone out there understands.

    I believe that sometimes who we're with NOW, may not always be THE ONE. Like in the seller + boyfriend's case...the seller may not be right for the boyfriend, and the boyfriend may not be right for the seller! And then by being able to connect with you, that's when he knows he's found the right one. I mean, isn't connection's what's important? Sometimes people get boyfriends/girlfriends to fit in, or get into a relationship with a certain person to fulfill certain expectations and by doing that people make mistakes.

    I pray and hope he is doing right by you. Love is a really inexplicable thing...and you can't really apologise for these things...apologise for hurting feelings, yes, but some just can't, because it is beyond words and human understanding. No one should be blame; not you, not the boyfriend, not the seller either.

    No one else can understand what goes on between the two of you, only the two of you will. So by holding on to that thought, it doesn't really matter what thrash people are hurling in your direction. As long as you and him know the truth, it is more than enough. Applies to every kind of relationship, I should think.

    I sincerely wish you, the boyfriend and the seller happiness. :)

  79. hm, why brought up the story in the first place if u didnt want to get those 'nicknames' la lady, it was 4 sure that the outcome's gonna be like this..

    u couldnt expect those readers to slap you and then simply went off. if u think what u did was right, fine, but please do not drag the story of his ex. who is she to you la, leave her alone.. broken english?? aiya.. can u tell me how many person at your college speak correct english all the time? even 'orang putih' pun their grammar was terrible. not an issue la.. but i could understand your situation since you are majoring in english that's y you couldnt resist to correct others.

    hope you guys live happily ever after. happy?

  80. yeah, welcome to the real world ~
    that's it.

  81. rather pointless post, so called "advising sellers not to send their bf for COD if they don't want to be stolen". But even you yourself point out in your comments that they already got problem in the first place =/ so even if there's no COD between you both, they're gonna break up anyway.

    conclusion: break up due to COD, no. Break up due to relationship problems, yes.

    so aside from gloating, rubbing salt into the ex's wound (if she read this) and attention seeking, I don't see the point of this post at all.

    and no I am not going to be a saint and wish you happily ever after, already pass by one year still want to bring this up in public, shame on you.

    **slap the writer**

  82. aww...i think its sweet how both of u met.... in a way.... things juz happen... ya noe... its hard to avoid .... then again...who would avoid such a wonderful click..:).... anywho...all the best to writter....^^....

    p/s: mayb karma will come n hint for u one day...but....f**k it ....enjoy life gurl...:)

  83. I have not idea what you think you'll gain from sending in this post, author. But I can't wait for karma to hit. And when it does, it ain't gonna be pretty. XD
    Roll in the next drama post SMWDY! :)

  84. Lol the writer only corrected "anonymous"'s english because
    "anonymous" asked her to. But that's beside the point :P

  85. The only thing I am expecting to gain from this post are plentiful of slaps & LOLs.
    Goal achieved with some extra 'advice' and 'opinions' from all you lovely ladies here.
    Good to see some of you at least had a good laugh, aside from the bitter majority who are taking things way too seriously. This is a SMWDY site, not some Dear Dora column so lighten up with all the opinions & karma jabs.

    Karma happens & in time i'll take it with a pinch of salt & grace. For now, Im just gonna ride off into the sunset with my beau. Last comment from me, time to focus on other stories dear readers.

    Peace. :D

  86. aiyerrrrrrr people.... why la? stop calling ppl names will yah? :)

    suka hati diaaa laaa nak cerita apa! its not like she's dating your boyfriends right? eiiyerrrr... what laaaaaaaaaaa...

    why so serious want? things happen for a reason. if this were ever to happen to you in the future, i swear u will come back to SMWDY n start posting stories on how u met ur bf n u were wrong yadayadayada...

    can we just end this silly comments n start a new story? :D :D :D

    people people... like kids lah... tak puas hati jumpa the author.. im pretty sure ur tongue will get twisted also..

    lets be HAPPY! :D :D :D :D

  87. i'm sure the author posted tat title for gimmick purpose. this is just 4 entertainment purpose and ya all. esp to those with "karma" comments, u ppl scolding her a slut or a skank will get the "karma" too. LOLs.i'm not defending anyone. just that in the same position as the author, would anyone of you out there not did the same thing? i mean, cum on. gif her a break.

  88. Well well... i have to agree to all the above comments... both party is at wrong...well author u have to admit it... but karma will strike one either both of you...just be prepared aight... it ain't gonna be good... Take care n good luck in ur new love life!!!

  89. Hello,

    This is what I think:

    First of all, the post was written not to vent nor giving/asking advices. It's certainly not written to share 'puke-blood' online shopping experience. For everyone who follows through this post, author was not ashamed about it.

    The follow-ups completely went out of context. One's life cannot be judged unless you're in her/his world. Furthermore it concerns personal matters - more so on the affairs of the heart. I don't see any reason to throw judgments online without first knowing the assumed perpetrator and victim personally.

    Secondly, SMWDY has predicted cat fights in the comments after after posting it up. I am aware SMWDY does not publish all stories sent to them so since this post does not serve any purpose in venting, sharing online shopping experiences, asking or giving relevant advices and knowing it will generate a lot of fights - why did SMWDY post it up? In my opinion, any irrelevant stories should be filtered. Look at what happened now, name-calling, arguments, defending etc all come out in public. Worse, all came from individuals without really knowing each other.

    If author would like to share this experience, personally I think she should put it in her blog or diary if she has one. The girl was subjected to all sorts of insults and the rest of the souls were also infected with author's sarcasms.

    How can one treat this post for laughs and entertainment? It's not funny when bad things happened to relationships. Even if the seller has drinking problems or loves to club, it definitely hurts to lose someone she's close to and obviously it doesn't help to read all these in the eyes of assumed victim.

  90. hurm..

    1st of is blind..don't call her skank or whatever you call her..tepuk sebelah tangan x berbunyi ma...if its happen to you/friends or family..what you gonna say about that..they just BF/GF only anyway..relax la..

    2nd even thou his ex got drinking prob..or she love clubbing..doesn't mean she's bad..Gurls..we all love to have fun..!!different people enjoying theirself different way ma..

    3rd..this page owned by SMWDY.You should just let her/him do what she/he wants to do with this page baca gak is sharing online xpriance..!all post also like that calling..insulting..arguments..defending.
    don't say like that hurts!!I'm a SMWDY's huge fan..don't play play kay!I know you just saying..same goes to me..

    peace out!

  91. Dear author,

    Well, I'm sure you're writing this just to get your attention from everyone and including your bf's ex gf and I'm sure she's reading this.

    I totally agree with others that you're so full of yourself. I think your story is funny and pathetic. But I personally don't find that's something that you should be proud of? You're warning every seller not to send their bf to do the COD. And I personally think you're very childish, maybe more than that. And it sounds like you're encouraging other BUYERS to follow your footstep? No? Like "hey you know what, flirting with your seller's boyfriend (if the seller sends her boyfriend to do COD) is fun! Try it and you might get yourself a hunk and say goodbye to your single life?"

    "We drove over and one thing lead to another. (Starbucks, movies, dinner, shopping, phone calls)" - Well author, you can always say no. But I think you're somewhat a promiscuous girl. Sorry no offense. The way you 'portray' yourself in your story makes you more than a big flirt.

    Others give you names like slut/skank/whatever it is, I think it's a normal response from them.
    What do you expect? You expect others to say "hey you are awesome" or "hey you're so cool."? LOL.

    Anyway, all I can say is "what goes around comes around." May god bless you and I hope your boyfriend will "KEEP" you for "GOOD".

  92. What lah you people,she is just sharing her story lah.Why so serious?
    And never was her intention to steal the blogowner's boyfriend.
    and if you guys were in her shoes,and if it happened to you,and people keep on calling you names blablabla,would you be angry?because it was not your intention.
    it happened naturally!so chill lah.Dont remind her of karma,this is fate.Karma will do the work later,so let it be lah.aiyooo.
    and is she cheap?i dont think so.if so,same goes to those who accepts strangers in myspace or facebook.those strangers may be using fake photos,but atleast she met this guy in person.DUH.people,stop being shallow minded,let her be.

  93. kudos to the author for keeping her cool :)
    but SLAP anyways and a good big LOL for a funny story teehee x

  94. Hello, im a blogshop owner, I did ask my bf to help me COD before, but lucky enough, the girl was not free also & she sent her bf for COD also :) Peace!


  96. hey, this is for you author and your dog boyfriend! well for e, you gusy are just like DOG! you know DOG? or do you need e to explain more?? HAHAH!! you'r really a BITCH!! why dot you just go home and face yourself in the mirror to see if there's anything special bout yourself!! for me, since your snatched over bf can even do this to his EX, then i think you better not let him out!i bet one day he goes out he'll meet this untie or whoever he thinks that is his "TRUE LOVE"?? hahaahhahah!!! i wonder what jampi or any special spell you gave him the day you guys met???did you opened your smelly big hole??or what?? eventhough i never see you, i can already predict that you'r a SLUT? or are you really one?? @#*# U!!

  97. i know this post maybe old story, but i had to say something!

    i think its wrong that the author got close to a guy she knows is involved. its wrong. its mean! it hurts! TRUST ME i know! (1st hand experienced! whats more, the girl was a close friend!) so i know how it hurts! but ive never called the girl names! yes i dislike her now and will NEVER have a good impression on her anymore..but i never call her names! for all i know its either the guy's doing or simply they are better suited than i ever was.
    (im pretty sure most of u have watched some triangle love story drama and see that sometimes though one side maybe involved with another, the other girl/boy seemed better suited with the other person!)

    from what i see here..
    > the bf and the seller prolly arent stable seeing as its only 3 months & already he is looking at other girls! its either he is a player OR that the relationship was already rocky! Hey 3 months is still the 'honeymoon' period!

    > if the author and the bf really had such a DEEP connection as she said they did! there is no harm in being friendly!

    there is always 2 sides to a story! i get the anger! i hate 3rd parties, cheaters and liars! but like i said, its easy to say unless uve been in that situation (just for the record, ive never been)
    also, i think it also depends on one's INTENTION! i mean if the author had ALL intention to steal the bf! then yes by all means! but if the outcome of it was in due course..i guess its more acceptable! THOUGH still wrong!

    i dont know what im saying anymore..i guess im saying its not wrong for the author to like the guy and the guy to like her back (it happens). its not wrong for the bf to leave his ex if its not working out, AND tells her the truth and not lead her on, at least he has the courtesy to break it off (good or bad decision he'd have to live with it) before he started a new one! he broke it off (from what i gather) before the author and him started!
    it would be VERY wrong if the guy hasnt broke it off with his ex and started a thing with the author and she knows about it! THEN THIS I WONT BACK HER UP!


    and as most of u have pointed out that karma will come around, so let it run its course and come around..
    there is no need for the rude words! as wrong as she may seem (and the guy deserves some as well!), there is no need for rude comments!

  98. If i were the ex gf, i would be darn darn hurt but at the same time glad that the bf showed his colours after 3 months and NOT THREE YEARS!!

    As for the author, you cant control fate. It wasnt your intention to seduce him neither did you throw yourself on him. If there's one person to be slapped hard, it has definitely got to be the boyfriend.

    But NO ONE has the right to judge you , author. Because what goes on in a relationship is really just between two persons and although the nature of your love story isnt good or something to be proud of, nevertheless it is certainly a heart-warming love story and I wish you luck and the both of you happiness.

    Despite having said all that, I still think you owe an apology to the ex-gf.

  99. I think, this happened due to the lack of respect between women/girls. If women/girls would just respect each other, this can be avoided. By doing that, they will know their limits and boundaries and not to touch another's belongings (in this case, a boy) -- whether or not it's a 3-month or 3-year thing.

  100. "if you don't want your boyfriends to get stolen by your customers, don't send them off to do your CODs. Just a little piece of advice."

    Hell, it's not her fault for sending her bf okay and I don't understand why you still got the cheek to post this out? this is seriously not a joke. why don't you stop being a b*tch and vanish from the surface of the Earth, you cheapskate.

    anyways what goes around comes around, hope you enjoy your days when karma hits. :)

  101. the 1st place...why you wanna post this kind of story here? just curios... you stole her bf and now u wanna talk about it in public proudly...just move on with you n ur new bf's life la...haiyo...

    seriously just tell all the seller u r the girl who stole ppl's gf and never ask for COD in the future again please?

    this is not a joke like u might think it is,
    a year or 3 months, so u think he is a loyal bf now? feel proud about what u n he did to that owner? cool stuff for both u huh?

    since u post it here i guess we all have the right to talk bad about what u wrote since u r enjoying with what u n ur 'loyal' bf did to that owner.

    little piece of advice for u instead :


    Of yea, no offense yea. What i write here is not as bad as what you bloody did to that owner.

    as for the owner, congratz!!! you got rid one more useless person in your life now!! Cheers for you babe!!! ^^

  102. i think u people shouldnt judge the author as the seller's bf HIMSELF SAID HE IS THE SELLERS FRIEND...NOT BF okies so yeah the bf here is the SLUT!!

  103. I really wish to meet YOUR/author parents & the 'WORTH NOTHING CON BF' parents . From the comment you deserved for submitting your post here, free to have a look of YOUR 'SELF' looking in front of the mirror ? nice or not so pretty ? if you are pretty or nice, think about > your behaviour & attitude ? YOU KNOW BETTER HOW YOU LOOK LIKE SINCE YOUR PARENTS give birth to you. THINK AGAIN & AGAIN IN FRONT OF THE mirror both you & your ? BF ? behaviour & attitude ? Your parents taught you/both this ?

    WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW ? TO OTHERS ? TO YOUR PARENTS ? TO YOURSELF ? SELLER ? SELLER BF/FRIEND/YOUR BF ? EVERYONE WHO COMMENT HERE, FOR YOU? STUDY MORE, in front the mirror & ASK YOURSELF , GOD know or you know ? in heaven or hell you are heading to ? Before you HAS been send to.. UP there or DOWN there you go.
    Care for your parents image before do or say anything to others or your 'OWN' self if you see The One Above watching you same as you~looking of yourself in front the mirror. Dont forget, The One Above see' clearer picture of you at all time.


  104. seller is still single as she's still waiting for the perfect one..not like you, just snatch whoever comes in your way..if u didnt respond to him u probably saved a relationship

  105. haha. semoga bahagia ke anak cucu.

  106. they should not call dis COD...i think it should name it as BOD = Boyfriend On Delivery...........hahahaha!!! LMAO