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That's if I ever come back

I'd like to ask your readers to judge whether I was wrong in the following situation:

I ordered a maxi dress from this blog and asked for Pos Express. But when I got my price quotation, I was surprised to find out that it was RM 6 for postage. So I asked why and she replied saying that the dress would not fit the normal sized envelope, so she would have to use the RM6 box. (I was thinking most of my maxi could fit into the Pos Express, but maybe her maxi dress is thick or something). And so she suggested to use Poslaju. I was thinking okaay, since its the same price, I might as well just go for Poslaju.

So I expected the parcel to be big/thick. But when it arrived, the parcel was super small and the maxi dress was wrapped into a small size. And when I tried to put it into the normal-sized Pos Express envelope, it could, in fact, fit two or three of the same maxis!

So I felt a little cheated. I emailed the seller asking to explain to me why she said that it couldn't fit when it clearly could. But she replied a whole different story, she told me abt how Poslaju was safer and blablabla, saying that she had a history of missing Pos Express parcels. And she seem angry that i accused her of cheating/lying to me.

I got angry of course. Not only did she not explain to me why she lied to me, she even asked me to retract my words if I wanted good order deals in the future. WTF??!! Are u blackmailing me that you wont give me good service if I order from u again in the future???


  1. hmm, i thnk as long as your maxi arrived safely then ok d what.. and i dun understand the part where the seller is lying ?

  2. "I was thinking okaay, since its the same price, I might as well just go for Poslaju" - if she is not over charging you, what's the problem here? After all seller would prefer by all means to use Pos Ekpres as its more convenient & cheaper; then again seller is agreeing on same price for both but safe arrival.

    Its a win win situation, i don't understand what is it to shout about.

  3. yeah you're overreacting. She did not cheat you financially in any way, RM6 was paid, RM6 was used. People like make the world a hatred place.

    People like you lah, so cerewet. Chill la lady.

  4. actually i think the seller is right about pos laju is safer than post express.she got point there.i also found some blogshops will never use post express even for one scarf only due to safety of the item.its just rm2 something difference,dont think u should make any fuss here.sorry if u feel offended by my words.

  5. the seller the used poslaju and charge you RM6 for that and she did send it with poslaju and it arrived safely to you. no need to be so cranky about that. better what.

    but the seller is also wrong la to say that it won't fit the usual 4.50 pos express envelope since you tried it yourself and it fits right? RM6 pos express box is for jeans and all the thick stuffs so i think yeah, the seller should'nt lie with this one.

  6. the issue is that the seller lied to the buyer about the postage! the seller insisted that the dress couldn't in fact fit into a pos ekspress envelope but in fact, it did. of course, the seller didn't cheat the buyer in this case, but when asked, the seller gave some excuses which is totally not related to what the buyer was expecting. the seller could've just told the buyer in the first place that poslaju was recommended as she had many lost parcels nicely and i'm sure that this problem could've been avoided. it's the buyer's choice of what kind of postage to opt for anyway and i'm sure that the buyer is aware of the risks too since she sounds like a very reasonable person. point is, even i feel that the seller has some sort of attitude problem by asking the buyer to retract her words. if i were the buyer, i would also never go back to that blogshop again.

  7. im a seller and ive been scolded by the post officer fr putting the clothes inside the post express, because it meant for document only.
    i think no need to complain here, its not the seller's fault. and maxi dress could fit pos express env? hmm.

  8. is it anon march 31,9.59am is the writer of this post?because she backing up the buyer very much.yeah,like anon #1 said,as long as u got ur maxi safely,that's good enough.

  9. lol no, i'm not the writer of the post but i just didn't agree with the fact that the seller lied and said that the maxi couldn't even fit into the pos ekspress envelope when it actually could, and that the seller only revealed the reason why she preferred poslaju when questioned. and i'm wondering if you guys are the seller's friends.

  10. YA no, I'm her freaking husband. BOO =P

    But I'm a seller too, and sometimes like I use MailBox Services and they only offer Pos Laju and not Pos Ekspress. So it's really difficult when i have to drive to another location just to find the yellow post box to post out ONE item. So might as well send it out using Pos Laju right? I pay extra summore T_T

  11. Writer of the postMarch 31, 2010 at 4:16 PM

    The point is that REGARDLESS OF whether I received parcel safely, why cant the seller make the business honest and trustworthy. I personally preferred Pos Express. Because its cheaper (RM 4.50) and no signature required. So because she told me the wrong information about the maxi not being able to fit the normal sized envelope, then its not giving me much choices now is there?

  12. err so you're trying to say that the seller cheated your money ? o.O seriously, the dress alrdy arrived then fine lah. whats the big hoo-ha ? only RM 1.50 also wanna be so kiam sap -__-"
    totally agree with 1.51am anon.
    so cerewet..

  13. wondering how you mention 2-3 maxi dresses can fit into a RM4.50 pos ekspress env.

    i myself had a hard time stuffing 2 plain tees into a RM4.50 env wondering how the buyer can say that can fit 2-3 maxi since we all know how bulky maxi dresses could be.

    oh wait, isit barbie's maxi ? LOL
    doesnt make any sense. slap buyer !

  14. i personally feel biz should be based on trust from the start.
    Sumtimes people have their own reasons for opting pos ekspress.

  15. To the anon who asked this: "and maxi dress could fit pos express env?"

    Yes, it can! I just posted out a maxi using pos express. And can't you all see the point here? Its not about whether receiving the item safely or not. Its about trustworthiness.

    I don't think pos laju is all that safe and efficient lah srsly.

  16. hahaha wat a joke.. cos' of rm1.50 also wana make a fuss meh ?? ... hahahahaahha
    to be honest, as a buyer myself i dun mind paying more as long as the item arrive into my hands safely ...Lets say if u opt for the pos ekspress and the item goes missing, im sure u will be angry and bising2 at the seller ... tat time u wana blame who ? blame the seller oso cos ur item goes missing when using posekspress ?
    actually buying on9 is easy 1 as long as u dun make it complicated..
    if u think poslaju is a hassle cos of the signature required and expensive cos of the rm1.50 difference etc, then dun buy on9 lor ... go shoppin mall and buy urself least u can save on postage and no need to headache till like this ..

    Chill la .. dun so grumpy cos of petty2 things ok? .. im sure there's other buyers out there tat hv bigger probs like losing their items etc

    p/s : Not related to the seller, and am not the seller's friends oso ok .. juz my honest opinion since u wrote ur story here ..

  17. First, isnt RM 1.50 still considered money? Dont you ppl know how to value money?

    2nd, why are the readers here so oblivious of the main issue? The issue being discussed here is trustworthiness. Not items receiving safely. Geez.

    I pity the writer having to deal with stupid/blind readers, this applies for other posts as well. BOO YOU STUPID READERS!

  18. fyi guys, its true pos ekspress is meant only for documents and if seller still go ahead and break the rule by stuffing garment into the envelope and the package goes missing, don't think she's even able to complain properly with Pos Malaysia cos the postal service will ask why u put clothing into envelope meant for docs?

    secondly, the delivery requires no signature which means if the package goes missing, there is no proof of who received it etc. then who will bear the loss?

    to the anon who said poslaju is not that safe srsly, at least you know who had signed for the delivery as in the nric of the person and all that. and u can do sthg more concrete if anything is amiss.

    some buyers (the stubborn and kiam siap ones) will insist on pos ekspress eventhough u explain to them the various reasons why it should not be used. in that case seller should let buyer know that seller refused to be held resonsible for any loss in case shit happens since buyer insisting to use a less safe method.

  19. i think this buyer is so effing picky.

    1stly, i dont see the point whre the seller cheats ? first place, she alrd told you shes going to use poslaju what.
    2ndly, a maxi in a pos ekspress env? srsly ?!
    3rdly, if i were the seller, i definitely dont wanna deal with this type of gals. bunch of headaches onli.

    come on lah, over petty things also wanna get so tensed up for what. m sure you have much better things to deal with rather than this.

  20. omg!why so emo la u drama diva.its not that she lost her rm1.50 to somewhere unknown.its goes to her own postage fee.anyway,may i know the blogshop url cos i really wanna see how big is her maxi that could even fits into rm4.50 pos express

  21. drama diva damn psycho. everyone has their own opinion what, no need to get all mad and scold the readers stupid !
    srsly, dun tell me its the writer getting all mad alrdy ! :/

  22. uhm. am i the only one who finds it hard to stuff even a cardigan into a pos ekspress envelope? srsly. o.O

  23. yes u are the only one. i've gotten so many parcels thru pos express. dresses, cardigans, etc. it doesnt have to be a flat envelope. it might get a lil bumpy for thicker items.

    i think buyer and seller had a miscommunication

  24. to anon April 1, 2010 11:57 PM nope, you're not the only one. im a seller and even a top cant fix properly in the rm4.50 envelope. sometimes i have to add additional rm2.50 to get rm7 pos express box to put the item, coz the buyer said she has to use pos express because there's no one to pick it at home.
    i dont think that thick maxi dress can fix pos express env. even it can fix, can it fix into the yellow posexpress box?