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Holey furballs!

I dont understand WHY this xxx preloved blogshop selling:

-stained clothes that can be clearly seen.
-clothes with noticeable holes
-clothes with 'cotton fur' sticking on it.
-clothes with many broken hems
-stuffs with broken zips/buckles/etc
(out of every 10 items, only 1 in good condition)

... if you dont even wanna wear those clothes, why should we then?

P/S: try to iron the clothes. it will look more presentable in the pictures!


  1. 'our junk might be your next treasure'. just recycling the clothes. there might be someone who likes it though. if you dont wanna buy that kind of item, just dont.

  2. who? do mail me :)

  3. LOL. I never trust preloved items. Some preloved sellers are just very dishonest. And please, people is paying for the item, don't sell broken stuff. Give it away if it's broken. Damn. Kurang ajar lah these sellers.

  4. Hahah i think i know which shop. It seems like almost every of her piece has defected parts. be it broken hems/ holes/ furring... ya and selling at low price doesn't help. please-la just use it for kain buruk or give away la.

  5. yeah.. i saw most of her stuff are pretty bad shape. almost unwearable. i think better just recycle it into 'kain buruk' than selling it off :P

  6. mail me the shop!

  7. which shop?

  8. hi, can u lemme know which blog is it?

  9. i feel bad bout spreading that blogshop name :P

    i think most buyers are smart enough not to buy any broken/bad junks right? no need to email eh cos i think you people can decide it yourself. :)

  10. hi writer,
    can you mail me which blgoshop pls? :)