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I personally think that if sellers want to model the clothes on their own is fine.

But please if you are a plus size, please get someone who can really fit the clothes to model them for you. with all due respect, i just think that sellers won't make as many sales as they will if the clothes are stretched. I know i won't want to buy any clothes that are stretched.

So please, you don't have to hire a skinny model, just get someone who can fit into the clothes without stretching them thus ruining the clothes consequently.


  1. I agree with the author. Not to be mean or anything, I once bought something from a blog. And the seller was a uk 12 or 14 and she modelled a jumpsuit which could fit max uk10. I think she gave me the one which was modelled coz When I got it,the seams were bursting already :(

  2. I agree with the author too. Some sellers model the clothes and at the description part can still state "too tight for me" so decided to sell it off. Like seriously, what the hell? Too tight for you still want to model and sell? -_-

  3. dont have to discriminate plus sizes rite?

  4. what the Hell? how you skinny bitches wanna talk about body shapes?

    modal for ya'll its wrong, dont modal also wrong,

    how do you define a plus size person? everybody's body is different, some the ass might be big and the bust is small and some might be the ass is small and the bust big, not every body is like a "PAPAN" so flat you cant even tell if your walking forward or backwards cause you have no shape?

    well i think we should hire people like that to model clothes, than only you people wont be so paranoid that the "plus size" girl will ruin you skinny clothes! if your gonna be so fussy then just don't buy the dam clothes.

    everybody is becoming so superficial!

  5. Not discriminating plus sizes ok! Just that if the dress / blouse is mend to fit for only petites and the owner might be a size 10 / 12, obviously cant FORCE themselves into that piece! 1stly it won't look nice and attracting with the look almost like exploding... and 2ndly... like what the author said... i wun want to buy sthing that is being stretch.... use a mannequin instead...

  6. hello? its not discrimimation.
    the author was merely pointing out a fact. as i bet you dont like it too, if the seams on your NEW clothes are loose.

  7. Anon #3 I don't think they are discriminating towards plus sizes.

    Same case scenario: if an M-sized seller squeezes herself into a dress only fit for an XS, she will stretch it.

    So imagine if you're buying an outfit and it is too loose or bursting at the seams, hardly seems fair right?

  8. i don't think the author is discriminating plus size women. i agree with the author. sellers who are plus size shouldn't model the clothes if they don't fit them. stretched clothes are bad for business.

    even if you go to some boutiques e.g those in bangsar, stretched clothes are sold with discounts if that's the last piece.

  9. Maybe it would be better to say, seller should not model clothes that does not fit their size. Easier kan then saying plus size or not plus size.

    And i agree with the author about selling modelled clothes that are loose at the seams already. usually sellers will keep one with them (the one they modelled) but if they sell, then make sure have to keep it proper la.

  10. complain so much don't buy lah. so many complains. just said the seller shudn't fit into clothes that wont fit into them instead of saying plus size or what.

    look at this line:
    But please if you are a plus size, please get someone who can really fit the clothes to model them for you.

    it already seem like it is. there are different type of plus size. it is true that the seller shudn't spoil the clothes. but pls la, be fair and pay respect to plus size too. dun say if you're plus size get someone else. like it hurts ur eyes. don't buy la. easy.