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Why am I paying USD$?

About 2 year ago, I came upon this website selling gorgeous jewelries and going thru the contact list, this company was based in Singapore. Everything on its website was sold in USD$.

I decided to make a few purchases. A pendant USD$23 and a pair of earrings USD$10. Shipping cost was USD$4. Coming from Singapore I thought that was ok. Everything paid and the seller even sent a delivery notice to me.

When I got my package a few days later, this is one shocker... 50¢ Malaysian stamps with registered post. Postmarked from KELANA JAYA and I'm in TTDI!!

The damn seller had no courtesy to tell me the items were coming from so near my house and I was charged USD$ for a Malaysian transaction?? I wasted paypal fees and paid USD$4 for a PJ to PJ registered post! How unethical is that??

If that isnt bad enough... guess what? My friend told me this brand has a shop in BANGSAR!!! Imagine how cheated I felt. I made one hell of a ruckus but never heard from her again.

Prior to writing this post, I checked her website again and NOW everything is in USD$ and RM. Dont know when she changed it but i'm still pissed on how she could have kept quiet about being in Kelana Jaya and having a shop in Bangsar.


  1. WTF!! slap seller kao kao

  2. Boycott this shop!!
    Please let me know which blogshop it is pls.

  3. please email me her website at

  4. She has her site with RM now after dunno how long so forgive me if i do not reveal her website. I dont want to give her free publicity...

  5. Even though it shows RM currency. I do believe that when make payment, it will convert back to USD too.

  6. Yes its rather unethical for the seller to not inform you that she is based in Malaysia and that she has a store in bangsar. She has your address...
    She probably would get more business from you right if she did so.
    Classic case of 'not thinking of the long term'. sigh

  7. i wanna know too as I sometimes buy from sg blogs...

  8. Me too! Email me!

  9. Curious! Please mail me! catherhea[at]live[dot]com

  10. OMG! what an as*hole!!! =.=

  11. mail me pls.

  12. why slap the buyer?

    anyways, mail me the name of the blogshop pls!


  13. me too..

  14. mail me the blogshop

  15. mail mee too
    i want to beware

    thanks :)

  16. ya mail me the add of this bogus site pls

  17. Eek! let me know which blogshop is this!

  18. LOL!wtf punye story la!hahahah stupid seller.and buyer, u kene tipu mcm tu je??shitass btul.after that, did u do anything to the seller?