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Oh maybe not...

There's this one buyer who enquired about a dress in my blog and I gave her almost all the details about the dress. That includes the measurement, color, material, etc besides whats already stated at my blog.

She was friendly too. I dont think she was fussy because she has the right what to ask me those stuff.

Then she opt for COD. not around my area. But fine, I made it possible and charged only like rm2 or so for the COD.

Then when we met, she belek2 the dress and told me that the dress is too short (hello i've already given u the measurements and I've said that its best worn with leggings or stockings)then she said she dunwan the dress anymore as she thinks she would never gonna wear it.

I was like WTF. But I didnt snap. Luckily I've another COD after that and thats why I was not that furious but can u imagine I had to arrange my time for that girl, going the place I've never been before to meet her, ...zzzzzz

Ok so most of CODs occur when the buyer are like 90% confirm buy ryte? but do they have the right to refuse to buy when they already meet up the seller during the COD?

When she gv me the RM2 for COD charge, i refuse to take it. come on man. RM2. SIGH.

From now on I think its best buyers pay half before meet sellers for COD to secure their order, no? SEE. face to face also got backout buyersssss worrrrr........


  1. i usually will ask the customer to make full payment before COD.
    isnt that like a risk when the buyer hasnt even paid and do meet ups ?
    just my opnion :)

  2. wrap the dress in a paper bag, tape it, hand it to her and ask for the payment. i think that might deter requests to scrutinize the item first.

  3. i thought COD is cash on delivery. asking buyers to make payment, regardless full or half defeats the purpose. so i think what anonymous 2 says is the best. because if i were to opt for COD then suddenly be told to make payment to the seller's account i'd just forget it altogether.
    i think the reason people COD is because its faster/buyers are far from atm/dont have particular bank's online banking etc. so if buyers still have pay first its like double the trouble. sorry just my opinion.

  4. i think they dont have to bank in the money first unless they choose to. but they certainly cannot back out when they see the items just because it's too short, dont like the color, etc. unless there's a defect on the dress. :)

  5. I agree with 3rd anonymous. I know sellers want to avoid back out buyers and such but asking buyers to bank in before COD is really doing the same thing twice. If the buyer can bank in or pay online then might as well opt for post. Whats the point of paying then 2moro meet the seller to take the things? Better just post.

  6. I do think it's unfair for the OP/writer in her/his case as they have already given so many details to the buyer. Slap buyer.

    But payment before COD really defeats the purpose and denying a buyer's right to examine the item only makes things worse.

    If a seller refuses to allow you to check, is that not suspicious, as if they have something to hide? Hence the horror stories of unethical sellers hiding defects and pretending it's not their fault.

    When I do COD, I always check the item thoroughly before accepting it. Any smart buyer would. And any honest seller would be fine with it.

    OP, perhaps you can add T&C on your COD services that requires them to pay first before you hand over the item but never disallow them from checking it.

    This way, you avoid backouts but at the same time, still show buyers that you are trustworthy.

  7. I disagree with paying before COD. As some of the comments before this says, it defeats the purpose. Cash On Delivery meaning to pay Cash at the time the item is Delivered. I opt for CODs because they're much more convenient whereby you don't have to go to the bank as well as track your item, unsure whether it'll arrive safely in 1 piece. It's just on the spot transaction.

    I'm fine with allowing the buyer to check the item, but what i'm not fine with is if because they check the defect-less and perfectly fine item and decide that it's not to their liking, too short for them, don't like the colour, not up to their expectation or whatever reason of that sort, they back out and decide not to buy. After reserving the item and precluding other customers from buying the item and making you make time out of your schedule and travel all the way, I think it's really unfair for the seller.

    I'm actually speaking from the perspective of a buyer. It's just my principle la.

    but dm,
    "OP, perhaps you can add T&C on your COD services that requires them to pay first before you hand over the item but never disallow them from checking it."
    Good suggestion! :)