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Email means Email

I really dont get it why sometimes when i leave a message at chatbox asking for availability and stated PLEASE EMAIL ME, most sellers tend to just reply my message in the chatbox only saying sold out, and leave the buyer stupidly waiting for their email.

Mind you, there's a reason why i leave a message instead of emailing myself okay. most sellers here uses Gmail or Yahoo. and i dont know why everytime i email gmail or yahoo emails it will end up in junk/spam mails. MOST sellers dont check their junk/spam mails too! or by the time they check, the item i wanted would be sold out.

so sellers: PLEASE EMAIL THE FELLA IF THEY SAY PLEASE EMAIL THEM. Or just check your junk/spam mails often, please lah.


  1. There is a reason why sellers are sometimes not able to email to their customers one by one...

    it is really extremely hard to see the customers' email address and it is also extremely extremely time consuming to type one by one...

    its just like the post before complaining about sellers' email address not being able to be copy and paste easily...same goes to this case with buyers....we arent an elite group of ppl...we're also humans prone to error...


  2. i agree that the sellers are to check their junk/spam box often. and this also applies to buyers.