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I passed a not very well known blogshop but her stuff are really nice! And most of her stuff were sold out months ago. There was one skirt that caught my eye. It was branded and cheap!

So I immediately emailed her and waited for her reply. I commented on her chat box and told her that I've sent an email and asked her to check it, politely. I even texted her. Lol. After countless days, she finally replied me through email. Maybe I seemed desperate but that's only because there was another girl, who commented on her chat box regarding the same skirt I wanted. I felt so relieved to know that she would reserve it for me before the girl did.

I asked for her X bank, AS STATED on her blog but she told me she didn't have it and that she only have Y bank. Where did Y bank suddenly come from?? X bank is the most common and basic bank that everyone uses for online shopping. Y bank is just so random. Lol. Y bank was no where to be found in my area, I had to beg my dad to take me to one. I am underage to do any transactions online. In her blog, she clearly wrote that she uses X bank which was really close to my house. I could even walk over there! So whatever la, Y bank it is then.

I waited for her reply after I have made the payment. Emailed her and all, wondering why suddenly MIA.  After couple of days, she finally asked for my address. Err, only now you ask? Btw, I've given her my address more than 3 times already. So again, whatever la. Give again. I waited the whole day to hear any updates from her but result: nothing. So I made a move first to ask if she have posted it and she only replied, "dah." == Seriously, what is her problem? She doesn't need to be rude. Even if she wanted to say DAH, she could have put a smiley or something so it doesnt make people go WTF.

What a bad customer service!


  1. which blogshop is this? please let me know :)


  2. LOL. I've encountered this many times! Not to be racist...seriously...I think SOME malay sellers are just plain rude.
    They rarely say thank you when u inform them that u've made the payment or anything else.
    They only answer "yes" "dah".
    And they take their time to do things!


    I tot they are usually nice people?

  3. Tell me too please.

  4. plz mail me too :) thanks!

  5. To Anon Mar 24, 2010 1252am

    Of course you're being racist. People who start sentences with "Not to be racist ..." are, more often then not, being racist.

    To my recollection, I have never seen any particular race mentioned in this fab blog. The issue we all face as sellers and buyers is exactly that - buying and selling. Race does not matter. Well it shouldn't anyways but it obviously does to one who deems herself not being racist.

    The author of this post was complaining about an issue she had with a seller. It is assumed that because the seller replied with a "dah", the seller is Malay. But if the seller had replied with an "oredi lor", would you dear not-being-racist, have commented anything about her race?

    So of course you're being racist. I especially love the "I tot they are usually nice people?" comment. You just gotta laugh at the moronic way you hide your racism.

    But of course you'll try and justify not being racist by saying "I said SOME la." Yes, that makes it soooo much better. Not.

    Who cares what fracking race people are? I don't care if you're Malay, Chinese, Indian, it does NOT matter. People should just get over this race issue and deal with the person, not the colour of their skin. A rude person is a rude PERSON. Who cares if she/he is Malay, Chinese or Indian. She/he is still RUDE.

  6. Oh god. Anon2 is just trying to speak her mind. And here comes anon5 preaching long-windedly about anti-racism. This blog is meant for entertainment purposes, please don't be so uptight and anal! It's not even warranted in this case.
    Please la....

  7. WTH man..2nd anony..How sure are you the seller is Malay??because of the word DAH??

    Why you brought sensitive issue up la !!

    Please take back what you said..You are in online community..Everybody is here man..

    Like Micheal Jackson said "If you want to be my brother it don't matter if you black or white!!"

  8. Carly, anon2 is definitely being racist. i know she said "SOME", but why should put the word "malay" there?

    what if i said

    "LOL. I've encountered this many times! Not to be racist...seriously...I think SOME chinese/ indian sellers are just plain rude.
    They rarely say thank you when u inform them that u've made the payment or anything else.
    They only answer "yes" "ok" "yup" "done".
    And they take their time to do things!


    I tot they are usually nice people?"

    all these ignorant sellers are not only malays, but also chinese, indian, siamese, even mat salleh! so, pls dont put up any racist/ religion comments here..
    SMWDY, maybe u have to filter some comments a bit.

    i'm with the writer here, the seller might not intend to be rude, but she sounded rude. should put a smiley there.

    *smile* =D

    sorry, no heart feelings, yeah.

  9. Carly,

    Not warranted? So you're saying that that it's perfectly fine for someone to say "Some Malay/Chinese/Indian sellers are just plain rude"? In a blog read by all meant for entertainment purposes as you so rightly put, why bother stating a race at all? The "They" that Anon 1 keeps referring to another 4 times aren't just sellers, they're a particular race of sellers.

    Yeah, you're right, next time any race is being generalised, I should stop being "uptight & anal" and just let it ride. Ok what, we Malaysians always talk liddat one, not racist mah.

  10. @Uptight & Anal:
    Uptight + Anal + Sarcastic.
    I suppose now you're expecting an award of some sort?

    No hard feelings :) I think anon2 was just writing whatever crossed her mind at that time. And the word Malay was there coz in that case, the seller is presumed to be a Malay since she replied in BM. Anyway, I'm not anon2 so I won't know what she was thinking at that time. I was just pissed that Uptight & Anal wrote such a long comment just to fire someone. The issue isnt even about racism at the first place. She could just let it pass and this whole racism issue wont blow out of proportion.

  11. The issue was not about racism initially, but the 2nd anon has made it become a racist entry. and yes i agree with Anon #5 that Anon #2 is being racist. It is TOO OBVIOUS.

  12. anon 2,

    i'm a malay seller and i've never encountered such problems with my customers before. they're satisfied with the service i provided and i'm always right on time. perhaps its better if you said 'SOME SELLERS' instead of naming their race. don't judge malay sellers or malay buyers or malay whatsoever or even any other races. its better if you didn't even name any races if you wish NOT TO BE RACIST in the first place.

    'I tot they are usually nice people?'

    yes every seller should be nice. perhaps this one is not quite friendly. you can't force people to be friendly to you if they don't want to or maybe they have problems with it. right? everyone's different. don't expect them to be the PERFECT you! but not only Malays are supposed to be nice, it goes to everyone in this world without even bothering what their races are.

    and you call yourself a malaysian? pity you! you don't belong here. shooh shooh~!

    yeah SMWDY should filter such things so it won't be a huge issue.

  13. Actually Carly, the issue wasn't about racism but Anon2 turned it into one. So in this case, Uptight+Anal is doing what is right by pointing it out to Anon2 since it "was blown out of proportion".

    People should get their facts right when putting up a case upon someone. It does a lot of good (and avoid misunderstandings) by viewing cases in different perspectives before saying something.

  14. wokay... here's the thing.
    When I decided to open this blog, i was expecting lots of controversy. Be it political, bias, racist, everyone will be judgmental somehow.

    I had one post before that was racist and because it escalated to a messy argument, I deleted it. Then after that I thought to myself, was it right to sugarcoat the actual fact when I deleted the post. Was it right for me to mask the fact that there are people out there who cant see pass skin color?

    For every racist or bias comments made in this blog, I'm actually proud to see that the bigger majority comes out to stand for their rights and of whats right.

    We need not be argumentative. It doesnt need to be a big issue. We just need to know whats right & whats wrong and stick to it. The shame is on them anyway.

  15. Wa support lu la Miss Chubby!!

  16. miss chubby?? who is miss chubby?

  17. Haha... i think he was referring to me.

  18. Miss Chubby is My imaginary girlfriend!!
    Owner of this blog la yang..

  19. Miss Chubby is My imaginary girlfriend!!
    Owner of this blog la yang..

    it was just a question. answer normally cannot ah? why must adoiiyaii like its a burden to u? and perli2? although the owner has state that she is a plus size not everyone knows that. maybe a few others just started reading this blog and missed that post? come on lah, just answer like a normal person.

  20. what is your problem la..
    you read it wrongly girl..

    I'm a normal person..and thats how i answer people..
    relax la..
    small think you bring it like a big issue..
    world peace baby..

  21. we're not ur friends Hustler Vendor, we dont know thats how u normally speak. and do u mean if its the first time u meet someone and she asks u where is the toilet (for example) u'll go
    "behind there la yang, adoyai"
    wouldnt it give a bad impression? like u're tired of answering questions/the asker is so dumb not to know. its the same here. just answer like how u would answer in real life lah.

  22. do u mean thing and not think?

  23. which blogshop?> tell me, thanks..

  24. to ???..

    How old are you??
    are you under age??

    If you're not..pity your boyfriend..
    Too bad..too sad..

  25. suddenly side tracked by this issue on hustler vendor. but in all honesty,i think the way u answered was not the best way,and what ??? said is true,do u really say things like that to people u meet first time? and why saying too bad too sad to people? and talk bout bf all? no1 attacked u personally just askin u to answer nicely.touchy. same like before in all other posts.

  26. Wow Hustler Vendor, u honestly have tons of haters here. I feel sorry for u.

  27. don't be dear..
    coz i'm not..


  28. pls email me the blogshop link