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I'm pissed... can you tell?


we have a few answers to your questions which we know its always on your mind. its always on your crazy mind. spinning round and round. so why don't we answer it for you so you'll think logically? :)

don't have money?

don't want the item?

was only inquiring?

what's the purpose of order form?

so if you're only asking?

if i've confirmed my order?

why can't fill in order form first?

what if you don't pay after confirming your order?

why should i be blacklisted? i have a reason for backing out. i don't have money. sorry laaa!

why should i be blacklisted? i didn't read your mail my internet connection got problem. sorry laaa!

but if i don't reply?

but what if i don't pay?

.......... i'm so pissed mannn! i just opened a blogshop and lotsa buyers went MIA for no friggin' reason and some of them just use the same old reason to backout from their orders!!! why can't they just accept the fate that they don't have money though they really want the items that bad?

i know its hard, we're girls, and we love to shop. but no, you don't shop for free unless you're entitled to! and our time isn't free either! so don't shop with our time! WTF *i was just being sarcastic* okay it makes more sense to say don't shop as if our time is yours. yes, yes. sellers have their own life too.

we lose potential buyers by reserving the items to you :(

can you just please think about others and stop being so damn inconsiderate, stingy and selfish? we should've followed the FIRST PAY FIRST SERVE basis instead of first come first serve. though most buyers said it won't be fair. true. some buyers don't have online banking and its not fair for them to follow first pay first serve basis.

its all because of the backout buyers. we can't live everyday by handling backout buyers. we tried being fair, but you made us do this. some people might think its not a big deal since they get good sales. if some people back out they can get more buyers in no time. like the blogshop who usually update on sunday night. but we're new. and we don't get as much priority like the senior blogshops. reviewers don't really review us because its only our second/third update and we don't have much things in store yet. we don't get the fame yet.


time is golden though you only own an RM5 watch from pasar malam.

p/s : sorry if i was too harsh, i was just damn pissed.


  1. i feeeellllllllllllll uuuuuuuu...

  2. this is precisely the reason why shopping cart is the best way to conduct online transactions. i know uguys can't afford it yet, but if u can, go get it.

    there are only a handful of buyers out there who are serious about buying and will bother to read ur tnc. the reasons for back outs are endless.

    the worst is those who ask u 500 questions and then fill in the order form only to go missing. and u find out they too are running their own blogshops. u just feel like hunting them down and kicking their faces in.

    everything u said in ur post, is exactly how i feel on a daily basis. and i've been running a blogshop for close to 2 yrs now. just that we didn't have this website back then so no place to vent. now i am totally mellowed out and immuned to back outs. of course on bad days i still feel like smsing or calling these ppl up and confronting them (which i sometimes do). eventually u will learn from ur mistakes of being too lenient and nice, especially to new buyers. cos most of them will end up abusing ur generosity.

    anyways, try to chill and may the force be with u aight :)

  3. Download ZENCART la... its free. You only have to pay for a webhost which is only RM80 a year and your own domain is only RM40 a year. So hassle free =)
    Unless you want super canggih manggih shopping cart then pricey la.
    I use zencart, soooo useful.

  4. i feel you too!!

  5. i'm a seller too but i only own a preloved site. i know how she feels. handling a new blogshop and facing backout buyers? happened to me few years back when i started opening my blogshop. but don't give up, dear seller. you'll get used to it and you'll manage to handle it someway somehow. just be more patient and stop wasting your time replying those backout buyers emails anymore so you won't be facing the same situation again =)

    what's up with slapping sellers? must be all the backout buyers, LOL! hahaha stupid la you guys, so inconsiderate. put yourself in our shoes and you know how much we really want to slap all you backout sh*theads.

    anyway to realdeal & shopping maniac, can't they backout too if using shopping cart? if they don't pay, then what's the point anyway? and i think its not logical for the writer to make shopping cart since stated there "i just opened a blogshop and lotsa buyers went MIA for no friggin' reason...." which means she's new.

    i'd like to know your opinion too cuz i'm looking forward to open a new blogshop soon =)

  6. I feel like telling them:"I don't want to sell them to you!"

  7. Not saying the shopping cart eliminates backout buyers but they do make life so much easier.

    1. You get the buyer's every bit of details when they place orders cos they have to open accounts. Also those with no intention of paying usually dont go thru the registration process.
    2. Shopping carts keeps all orders according to pending, processing & delivered. You dont have to go thru messy emails. Everything is updated with just one click.
    3. From all the dates, you know which payment is overdue and for me, if I have not heard from the buyer at all in extending the 2 days reservation time, I automatically mark the buyer with an X. Doing so prevents this buyer from ever coming back to buy anything from my site. And when I do that, it automatically updates my site back with the item as available. Just one click. No need to open so many windows and click here & there, retype etc...
    3. I also have a wishlist in my cart if the item is reserved or sold out. If there is a backout buyer, it automatically tells me who else is interested in the item and I can send a notification to that buyer. All preset. No need to type here type there.

    Many benefits to shopping cart but this is just the ones for backout buyer dramas. I dont get so stressed out anymore like when I had a blogshop.

    Just my 2¢ worth la...

  8. think maybe i'll try out carts for my blog..hurmmm

  9. hi people :) thank you so much for your feedbacks, i really appreciate the advices and solutions. i should really take note on this. i'm sorry if i hurt anyone's feeling because i wrote this when i was just damn pissed. just imagine, i got 3 backout buyers once i opened my mail today, two with the reason don't have money, one with the reason she got the same thing which arrived yesterday *how can that be possible*. i mean, come on, don't do this to me la. you're really breaking my heart, i just opened a blogshop and only updated a few updates but then these things happened. haih.

    as for now i don't think i'll make my own domain site with shopping carts, though i really wish to own a domain site myself T.T but its a bit over my budget cuz i'm still new and i think blogger is free and easier for me to start off a blogshop. so i chose to use blogger. and as you know we sellers don't get that much profit from our first three or four sales because we're beginners and we wanna attract customers. all about strategies and skills.

    still, though we put the prices reasonably, some buyers even asked me to nego the prices. i really don't get it, what's really their problem. even after i tried nego a bit, she didn't even bother to make payment. am i just way too kind? hmm. i'm afraid of losing customers since i'm still new and my blogshop is still considered as newbie, not famous and all.

    things like these makes me feel like closing my blogshop. i'm still studying and people like these bothers me a lot. bussiness is not my life, i have other things to do. my studies are more important. i handle the blogshop on my own, everything from taking stocks to posting. which is quite tiring but i really love doing all these and it doesn't seem to be a problem at all. got tired after doing something fun is just an awesome feeling for me. weird but true. but in these situations, i just have to keep track of them who backs out and all so its too much things to do which made me feel like giving up. and fed up at the same time.

    having a second thought on that, it was only my third/fourth update and i think by closing down my blogshop, handling a clearance sale, won't really make my blogshop look good. as if i failed. i didn't, but the customers failed me. so yeah. hmm. i have no idea how to handle backout buyers. i don't think i can own a domain site now, what should i do? blacklisting doesn't seem to work at all!

    help me :(

  10. backed out buyers are something we sellers have to get used to, in my opinion. no matter how much we threaten to blacklist them, they JUST WON'T stop their habit of backing out. its really annoying! i don't mind those who cancel their order but at least have the courtesy to INFORM us sellers.

  11. I also a blogshop seller and I have hundreds of backout buyers. But don't feel frustrated when u have one of them.. It's one of your challenges if u want to success in your business.

    If you don't want backout buyers, use laa babe.. it's free.. also got shopping cart. Sellers who have more money can use - really recommend that.

  12. Dear writer,
    In the real business world, there are ppl who go back on their words on business deals and who do not pay after services/goods have been provided. So don't get so dissapointed. It is really something business ppl have to put up with. All I can say is that there will always be a small handful of 'buyers' who are fickle, impulsive and
    who just do not put much thought into anything they do. I'm not a blogshop owner but I run a business in real life and I have to be honest, you meet ppl like these everywhere. More so,online because ppl can remain anonymous. They think they can do whatever they want because their identities are protected and they do not have to suffer any repercussions (such as legal action etc.) I'm sorry I can't really offer you a solution to your problem. Just wanna tell you to persevere and that dealing with these type of buyers come with experience. Hang in there, babe

  13. Dear writer,

    I totally agreed to the last anonymous comment. In short, if you can't handle backout buyers, just stop your blogshop, makes life more simple.

    I think the money u saved up from shop spaces' rent and other equipments such as hangers and racks and workers to look over the shop have to be substitute by your time. It’s a well balance situation. Customer couldn't look at your goods so it is reasonable if they have more questions. Well sure there is a lot of customer abusing their power but hey, that's how it is, not everything goes the way you want. If you ever worked with others before, I’m sure you’d have known you have to handle your manager's and/or customers tantrum. Money don't fall down from the sky, you have to go thru hurdles and obstacles to get it from the society, that, is how it is, and that, is real business world. So stop whining and grit your teeth and work through it, or if u couldn't then just stop the business. No pain no gain. Don’t just start a ‘business’ after observing how well other peoples do when you yourself are not mentally and physically prepare to commit for it.

    From someone who thinks this is a bias post.

  14. to the person who thinks this is a bias post:

    thanks for the advice though. i don't give up easily, i once had a preloved blogshop before and i just opened a brand new blogshop months ago. and it was doing so good, just a few backout buyers which i can still stand. until last week, which was a horrible week for my blogshop. lotsalotsa buyers backout. i get backout buyers almost everyday. tell me how do you feel when you tried to make sure your customers are satisfied with your service. someone even asked me to COD at damansara while i'm only at cheras, and i have the urge to take a cab til there, with only charging her RM3, and she complained about the dress when i was in front of her. she said the colour looks darker while in picture is lighter. i take close up pictures for the material and colour with and without flash and put at my site, i think she didn't even bother to see it. and she's blaming me for that. hmph. i was just so full of patience and til that day i opened my mail and got three backout buyers with the same old excuse i always get. don't you just feel like you can't accept it? reading posts at SMWDY regarding sellers getting many backout buyers. truth be told one of them who backs out was a seller. how do i know? because of her email add. and she told me she received the same thing which had just arrived yesterday. mind you, i gave her 4 days to make payment instead of 3 and during that time she can place her order or even get something similar? why didn't she just tell me at the first place? i lose potential buyers and that was it. no apology, no nothing at all from her. and i didn't open up this blogshop by seeing how well others do in their bussiness. i'm really into it, and i know it'll be hard at times. i was too emotional when i wrote this post, that i admit -.- but yeah, don't simply judge me that way. just put yourself in my shoes and tell me how can you stand this.

    come on, i really don't wanna make the sellers look bad. well to that seller, if you're reading this, no offence but do you really LOVE backout buyers? that's why you're acting like one of them. right? you're a seller, so am i. still have no idea how i feel?

  15. what i hate the most is
    backout buyer = blogshop owner !!

  16. yes.. due this situation, you should always be strict about your T&C.

    I personally think reservation for 1-2 days is sufficient. Anymore then you have the right to move on to the next customer. Don't kesian them for not able to bank in n stuff... it's business, not charity.

    And for any back out buyers, just politely tell them next time to carefully think before placing order. whatever reasons they give. acknowledge their back out. and do keep their emails for future reference so you will know which buyer has a higher chance of backing out.

    I've faced some buyers who i know is a backout buyer from blogshops but do purchase from me. You just need to keep tabs on these kind of buyers, once they start delaying payment just move on. No excuse.

    As for COD. Please just say you cant and be firm about it. It's not worth the time for go from cheras all the way to damansara when you will only earn a small profit for 1 item. this is very important.

    As for order form. If buyer doesnt get back to you within 2 days max, just delete it and move on. No point waiting, if not you could remind them once regarding their order. that's it.

    Buyers asking for discount, be firm with your prices. Some buyers are trying their luck for discounts, you never know. however some do take advantage of this, if they feel you're easy to bargain to, they will demand for super low price. Just ignore these buyers.

    I hope you do well, as in this business, starting is freaking hard! yes, I've been through it starting with lousy photos and crap layout. After almost 2 years, Now i cant fairly say i have a large number of frequent buyers and many new ones too. Shopping cart is not really nessesary. So just learn to improve. and be patient.

    Good luck!

  17. weyy have a pity on the seller la... she must feel so jinxed that week! yeaa... imagine urself in her place, u must feel very upset abt it.. so magical la, blogshop owners can oso backout meh?? not afraid if their reputation will be bad?? sakai laa ppl like dis..

    neway seller, dont give up, may the force be with u n u always feel strong yeaa =))

    ur friends n family will definitely support u!

    n i understand why u were harsh on this post when u wrote it because stated there its bcoz ure pissed.. normal la.. volcano expolded d ryte.. hoho. mayb bcoz of that lotsa ppl slap sellers.. or they all slapping the backout seller??

    damn so funny la these ppl nowadays..

  18. to the person who thinks this is a bias post =
    go and eff yourself :)the seller has to handle back out buyers, coz its a b'ness. she's just venting & voicing her views. dun ask her to shut down her b'ness if she can't handle it.

  19. dear writer,

    just my 2 cents.. im a seller too and have been "hurt" by incidences like back out buyers, back stabber fellow sellers and so on. i guess the key is to not put your emotions into your business. dont know if it sounds logical to you but just like in the working world, certain colleagues/bosses you really just can't be "friends" with them. you can just be colleagues. less emotions involved => less possibility of getting hurt and disappointed.
    in the same way, in doing business, we have to treat our customers well, as if they are our friends, but not have the same expectations towards them as we would to our true friends that we trust. this way, buyers won't be able to hurt you when they back out/disappoint you.

    no one can hurt you if you don't let them to :)

    take care!